90 Day Fiance Feud: Jon Walters Calls Jesse Meester a Small-Dicked, Abusive Beta!!

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Jon Walters is super in love with Rachel Bear. In fact, Jon and Rachel are married.

But while Jon may be happy with his relationship, he doesn’t think anything at all of another couple on the show — Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester.

Jon told fans exactly what he thinks of Jesse. Normally you have to wait for the reunion to see one star destroy another like this.

So, context: Jon and Rachel took baby Lucy to Stonehenge on last year’s Winter Solstice.

Often seen as a secular holiday, it is also a religious one, and Stonehenge is made available for druids and other people of faith for whom the day and site are sacred.

When Jon and Rachel shared this photo with their Instagram followers, fans praised the picture and the couple … and began to discuss how they feel tired of Darcey and Jesse’s storyline.

While fans seemed to agree that they don’t care for the couple, they were divided over whether Darcey or Jesse is to blame.

Jon shared his own opinion within the comments, and he had no uncertainty.

“If she had a man she who builds her up, loved her and treated her with respect, she wouldn’t be nearly as broken,” Jon asserts.

“Jesse is an abusive man with huge insecurities,” Jon declares.

He is referring to Jesse’s behavior, which many fans and viewers have said is emotionally abusive.

He then speculates that this is “probably because he skinny, used to have acne, and has a tiny d–k.”

Jon concludes his disparaging assessment by announcing: “He’s a pathetic beta.” Wow.

The alleged size of Jesse Meester’s penis notwithstanding, Jon is far from the only one disgusted with the Dutch model’s behavior.

Darcey and Jesse’s trip the United States should have been a romantic visit to the place that they both hoped they’ll one day live as husband and wife.

Instead, the two of them seemed to spend every waking moment arguing.

They argued over grocery lists, how to correctly cut a steak, and debated whether Darcey stepped on Jesse’s sneakers on purpose or it was an accident.

We know that it’s a reality show, and that producers can be selective and only show the worst moments. But no couple should be arguing like this. Period.

Many believe that Jesse’s youth and good looks are behind his rudeness — that he doesn’t respect Darcey because she’s older. Others think that he’s just … like this.

Entertainingly, TLC shaded Jesse earlier this month with a tweet about his trip back to the airport.

“During the ride to JFK, Darcey had to slam the brakes,” TLC’s tweet reads. “Jesse hit his face against the sun visor because he was checking himself out in the mirror.”

Despite their deeply toxic arguments, the two of them left things on a good note when Darcey sent Jesse on his way at the airport.

They hugged and, for worse or for worst, seem to be very much in love.

Some 90 Day Fiance viewers are not quite aware of how deep these arguments run.

Jesse and Darcey have been seen quarreling on social media, and even appeared to break up a few times only to, days later, insist that they were still a couple.

Even if you believe that Darcey is just as much to blame as Jesse, these two seem to be a toxic combination — like bleach and vinegar.

We’re glad that Jon didn’t mince words about Jesse. Jon and Rachel seem to have found their happily ever after and fans really like them as a couple.

Who says that a couple has to be dramatic to be popular with viewers? Sometimes, people want to see a success story.


Barbara Walters: On Her Death Bed?!?

According to a new report, the end may be near for one of journalism’s most respected voices.

Barbara Walters may not have a lot of time left.

The long-time reporter and former co-host on The View has not been seen in public for about a year and a half.

The last recorded sighting of Walters took place in July of 2016, after two months after she left The View.

At 88 years old, Walters is allegedly confined to a wheelchair and almost never leaves her apartment in New York City, a friend tells Radar Online.

This isn’t stunning news for someone of her advanced age, but the insider is reportedly distressed because Walters is living such an isolated existence.

“No one is allowed access into her apartment,” this unnamed person tells Radar Online, adding:

“Friends have been trying to see Barbara since the summer, but the doormen keep turning everyone away.”

This same celebrity gossip website has claimed in the past that Walters is suffering from a touch of hearing loss and heart disease; she’s supposedly been showing signs of serious dementia for months.

This is very sad if it’s true.

In 1976, Walters became the first woman to host a national news program, doing so for ABC and earning a then-unprecedented paycheck of $ 1 million annually for her work.

From 1979 to 2004, she worked as co-host and a producer for the ABC news magazine 20/20.

She still serves as an executive producer on The View.

But Walters no longer goes into work, which is understandable for an 88-year old.

The problem here is that she doesn’t appear to be enjoying a well-earned retirement at all.

“Barbara broke her hip a few months ago, and she’s in a wheelchair now 24/7,” writes Radar, quoting its source on the story.

“She sits propped up in it in her library overlooking Central Park all day. She stares at the same page of a newspaper for hours.”

Continues the source:

“All she does is go from the bed to her wheelchair and back again.

“She hasn’t seen her beloved hairdresser or makeup artist, Lori, in over a year. Her house staff washes her hair and pulls it back in a ponytail.”

Someone close to the situation thinks Walters has Alzheimer’s Disease, Radar reports.

What does bring her joy on a daily basis?

Tuning in to watch her friends and former colleagues on The View, according to the website.

It’s unclear for how much longer she’ll be able to do this, however.

“Friends just want to say goodbye,” this source eerily says. “They simply want to see that she’s well taken care of.”


Nicole Walters: Rants About “Fancy” Bus Stop Moms, Wins Our Hearts

If you haven't yet seen this suburban mom's viral rant about "bus stop moms," then you're missing out an on experience.

As you can see in the video below, Nicole Walters is funny. She's just funny. Her viral rant isn't angry or defamatory, and countless people find it relatable.

In related news, where can we get an "Oprah Wasn't Built In A Day" shirt?

Bus mom nicole walters 1

So, Nicole Walters went on a Facebook video rant about the "fancy" moms (her words) at her child's bust stop.

Nicole is a married mother of three, and she and her family have only recently moved to the affluent suburban neighborhood.

Her "rant" isn't vicious or heated as some of the "rant videos" that we've seen recently floating around the interwebs.

Instead, her video reads more like stand-up comedy, but set in the environment that she describes.

It's 8am, so she hasn't showered yet or dressed for the day. She sent her nanny to walk her child to the bus.

(The nanny bit might not be relatable to everyone, but pretty much everything else about this should resonate with anyone familiar with suburban living)

Sporting a shirt that reads: "Oprah Wasn't Built In A Day," Nicole tells you exactly what she thinks of the other neighborhood moms.

Bus mom nicole walters 2

First, she's very direct and honest about her outfit.

She's wearing a bonnet, she hasn't showered (she has washed her face though, which is more than most of us do before showering).

She's wearing a loose-fitting, on brand tee shirt.

She also looks great, honestly. She really knows how to work a camera, and we don't just mean operate one.

The way that Nicole emotes throughout this video is pretty fantastic.

It was, you see, her 6-year-old's first day of kindergarten.

(Keep in mind that many kindergarten classes start two weeks later than fellow elementary schoolers)

And Nicole just could not bring herself to go out and deal with the other moms at the bus stop.

Bus mom nicole walters 3

(Nicole points her camera at the "fancy" mom and at her own nanny as they return from the bus stop after seeing the children off)

The bus stop moms are, you see, entirely too "fancy."

As she continues, you realize that it's not exactly the case that she's intimidated, though you'd understand it if someone did find these women intimidating.

Nicole singles out one neighborhood mom in particular.

"You don’t know how perfect she is. She’s so fancy. She’s so fancy. She’s skinny. She wears tennis clothes every day. Tennis clothes and a visor every day."

"Every day she wears that.”

Nicole says that this unnamed woman “is just so good at life. She’s just so good at life."

Rather than being intimidated, though, it seems clear that Nicole is annoyed by their superficial conversations.

Bus mom nicole walters 4

She mocks the use of vocal fry in some of the other moms' voices, but mostly her teasing seems to be in good fun.

We'll be honest, actually turning the camera on one of the moms, even from that distance, seemed a little invasive to us, right?

The woman's not a public figure; she's just a mom seeing her kid off to school.

But we have no idea who she is and, quite frankly, this funny video is a gift and we're glad to have gotten to witness it.

See it for yourself:

Nicole walters rants about fancy bus stop moms wins our hearts