Mother Apologizes After Her Young Son Wears Lewd McDonald’s Parody Shirt to School

The video that you are about to watch might be the best, and most adorably innocent, thing that you'll see all day.

An elementary school student wore what he thought at the time to be a McDonald's shirt. Honestly, he was probably just sleepy and grabbed a shirt that fit.

Unfortunately, the intensely lewd shirt was a parody … one that went right over his head.

Inappropriate mcdonalds shirt child 01

Texas mom Shelly McCullar was stunned after her son wore a shirt designed to parody the McDonald's logo in a deeply inappropriate manner.

Not only did she not realize that he wore it to school, but he didn't realize that it was anything but a McDonald's shirt.

Unfortunately, though the shirt does read "I'm lovin' it," which is McDonald's irritating slogan …

(Nothing against McDonald's, but they've never had a good slogan during my lifetime)

… It does not actually show the golden arches.

Instead, it shows the silhouette of a woman's spread legs. One might infer that the implied woman is wearing nothing save a pair of heels.

In other words, the shirt advertises sex with a woman.

Inappropriate mcdonalds shirt child 02

McCullar offers an apology — and an explanation.

"Once again, my sincere apologies to the teachers and staff at Travis Elementary. I promise from now on to monitor what my kids are wearing!"

Obviously, some parents go overboard when it comes to rigidly controlling what their children (who are people!) wear. But, in this case, this is not a shirt that should be worn by an elementary school student.

"I had no idea Anthony wore this to school!!"

Of course. Plenty of parents are busy. And if it's cold, you might never see their undershirt.

"Just to clarify, I would never let my kid wear something like this."

Few parents would.

Inappropriate mcdonalds shirt child 03

She explains how this came to pass.

"A friend had given me some hand me down clothes for Anthony."

Clearly, this boy is not the only one who didn't notice that the shirt was inappropriate.

"I haven’t had the chance to completely go through them. I will tonight though!!"

We're sure that she did.

"Through my embarrassment, I did [laugh my ass off]!!"

She finished that with a couple of tags:

"#ithoughtitwaslikemcdonslds #notthegoldenarches"

Mcd image

Our favorite part about this story might be that … no one seemed to notice.

The boy didn't notice, because even if he thinks about girls in that context, he's just not old enough to immediately connect his shirt's logo to sex.

But it seems that no teacher noticed, either.

We live in a world where girls are sent home because their sleeves are too short, flaunting their sinful shoulders which will surely leave boys too enthralled to concentrate in class.

And yet … not one teacher commented on this boy's shirt.

There are two possible explanations.

The first is heuristics. It's how the human mind processes sensory information, valuing efficiency over accuracy. His shirt has the colors and general shape of a McDonald's logo, so it may register automatically as that to a teacher who has twenty-plus other students.

As the child says, "they thought it was like McDonald’s too."

Mcdonalds image

That said … it's also possible that a teacher noticed but was simply too embarrassed to call attention to it.

Teachers and administrators will absolutely do that. They'll see something that violates school policy but they'll make a judgment call to pretend that they didn't see it.

This child is clearly so innocent that he had no idea what he was wearing. A teacher didn't want to be the one to explain sex to a kid without his parent's permission.

Also, calling attention to it would mean that other students would be involved. There's no good solution there … except to pretend that you never noticed.

See Anthony's awkward, adorable explanation in the video:

Mother apologizes after her young son wears lewd mcdonalds parod

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Jill Duggar Sticks It to Jim Bob, Wears Pants on Facebook

Jill Duggar is many things – a daughter, a wife, a mother, a reality star, but until recently, no one would’ve described her as a rebel.

That all changed when the world laid eyes on Jill wearing pants.

Yes, like Jinger before her, Jill has taken to flouting her family’s strict dress code by eschewing floor-length skirts in favor of the devil’s denim.

And in some ways, she’s being even bolder in her defiance than her trailblazing sister ever was.

First, fans were stunned to see Jill wearing pants while addressing a group of female students.

Now, she’s sporting Levi’s in an environment that might be even more conservative than a Christian middle school.

We’re talking, of course, about Facebook:

Yes, in a new video posted by Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, the mother of two can be seen playing with her kids while sporting a pair of jeans.

Obviously, that’s the attire that makes the most sense for sitting on the floor, but since when do the Duggars worry about logic?

Based on the comments, fans seemed surprised but were mostly supportive of Jill’s attire.

“I get so happy every time I see one of these girls wear pants. Modesty can still be represented in something other than a skirt,” wrote fan, adding:

“I know I shouldn’t focus on that particular aspect of their attire, but…Yay for ya’ll!”

“I am glad they can wear and truly do as they please. It shows JimBob is not the control freak haters want to insist he is,” another commenter remarked.

In a way, it proves the opposite of that, since none of the women began wearing pants until they were out from under Jim Bob’s authority – but we digress.

So will the Duggar sisters be engaging in any additional acts of sartorial insurrection?

We wouldn’t count on it.

Skirts are apparently the most flexible aspect of the Duggar dress code, which was outlined by the girls in themselves in their 2014 memoir Growing Up Duggar.

“We avoid low-cut, cleavage-showing, gaping, or bare-shouldered tops; and when needed, we were an undershirt. We try to make it a habit to always cover the top of our shirt with our hand when we bend over,” the sisters wrote.

“We don’t want to play the peek-a-boo game with our neckline.”

In other words – jeans are probably about as rebellious as the Duggar sisters will be getting … for now, at least.

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Jill Duggar Wears “Sexy” Outfit to Wedding, Fans Lose Their Minds

Jinger Duggar has won raves for wearing shorts, pants and other traditionally non-Duggar fashion choices since she got married.

She may have some familial competition, though.

At a wedding last Saturday, Jill Duggar sported an ensemble that included high heels – and Instagram followers lost their minds.

Jill’s good friend Rachel (above) tied the knot in Texas, and both she and husband Derick Dillard were on hand for the nuptials.

What Jill wore to the special occasion may not have stood out much, or even at all, in certain crowds. But among Duggar fans? 

You could say this was a major head-turner.

Her little black dress, cut above-the-knee, and gold high heels – a cut-out design with a skinny heel – drew quite a response.

“Sexy shoes Jill!” remarked one fan, while another wrote to Derick, “Your wifey looks so HOT!!! GOD BLESS U TWO!!!”

SO hot. See Duggar’s sexy look below …

While there were many more positive reactions, these are the Duggars we’re talking about, so there were detractors as well.

Not everyone was happy with Jill’s attire, as it deviates somewhat from the family’s famously conservative, pious dress code.

“Those shoes look like she borrowed them from a stripper,” wrote one hater who’s apparently never seen a real strip club.

“Do you always let your conservative wife wear f–k-me pumps?” another Instagram follower crudely asked Derick Dillard.

F–k me pumps? Think that’s what she’s going for here?

Granted, it’s not a look typically seen on one of the Duggar girls, but is it really so eye-popping or offensive to conservative sensibilities?

Derick might have been thinking it, but the idea that this screams “f–k me” to strange men wary of temptation seems like a stretch. 

Sorry for that gross imagery. Let’s just move on now.

(Some also took issue with the pumps for a different reason, criticizing Jill and Derick’s lavish lifestyle, but that’s a separate conversation.)

Duggar fans are keenly aware that the girls don’t wear pants, ever, and even dresses this short are something of a rarity.

Their footwear policies are slightly less clear, though.

Michelle Duggar said in 2015 that one of her rules is to “never wear a heel,” though this may have been more of a personal preference.

“I just can’t do heels,” she said in that interview.

In any case, it’s Jill’s choice – or more accurately, her husband’s. Once they’re married off, Jim Bob no longer calls the shots.

Jinger, the first Duggar daughter to wow fans by stepping out in unconventional attire, offers a case study in this transition.

Because her husband Jeremy Vuolo says she can wear pants, she may do so; Jill’s husband likely gave this the okay too.

Jill recently followed in Jinger’s footsteps when she was spotted wearing pants (above) at a recent speaking engagement.

Many believe that the positive response to Jinger’s new look had everything to do with Jill’s decision to embrace the same.

As for Jill Duggar’s nose piercing, even Jinger hasn’t taken it that far … there’s also been chatter about Jill getting a tattoo.

In any event, daring to try something different with her look is something the majority of Duggar fans seem to embrace.

Check out more of their raciest looks below!


Jill Duggar Stuns Fans, Wears PANTS to Speak at School!

Back in July of 2017, Jinger Duggar stunned fans of her family by wearing pants in an Instagram photo.

Up to that point, Duggar women of Jinger’s generation had exclusively worn long skirts, and the pants pic was widely viewed as an act of defiance.

To the chagrin of Jim Bob and the utter joy of many Duggar fans, Jinger sparked a rebellion–and started a trend.

Not long after her sister posted the photo, Jill Duggar began wearing pants, and once again, fans rejoiced.

Jill was the first of her sisters to marry and have kids of her own.

She’s often regarded as the spitting image of her mother, a doting wife and dedicated stay-at-home mom who lives to cater to her family’s needs and obey her husband.

So when Jill tossed the family dress code in the trash, it served as an indication that the new rules are here to stay.

And a new photo of the 26-year-old that appeared on her husband’s Instagram page this week might send the strongest message yet:

Derick Dillard posted the above photo, along with a caption reading:

“My beautiful wife speaking to a group of young ladies at a school today about God-centered relationships!”

Jill has been wearing pants in public for several months, but the fact that she neglected her family’s well-known dress code in an environment such as a school speaking engagement is being viewed by many as a bold rejection of her strict upbringing.

As In Touch Weekly points out, the response from fans has been ecstatically supportive.

“Yesss with the pants free the legs ladies!” commented one fan.

“Omgggggggg I am deceased. It’s not even a super long shirt!!!” wrote another.

“They have finally realized they can have their own freedoms. You can be modest and still wear pants. Clearly shown,” said a third Instagram follower. 

Jill and her sisters are still stuck in a bygone era in the sense that they strictly adhere to rules set by their husbands, but fortunately, the new men in their lives are far more lenient than their father.

Derick might not be as progressive as Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, but it seems he’s come around to the idea that there’s nothing blasphemous about a pair of pants.

It’s a minor step forward, but it represents a whole new world of freedom for the Duggar women.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.