Joy-Anna Duggar: FINALLY Addressing Shotgun Wedding Rumors?!

From the time Joy-Anna Duggar announced that she’s expecting her first child, fans have suspected that she’s not being entirely honest about the date of her conception.

According to her timeline, Joy-Anna got pregnant just days after she married Austin Forsyth back in May.

Many are convinced that Joy got pregnant before saying “I do” and has been going to great lengths to conceal that fact ever since.

There are several reasons for these “shotgun wedding” rumors, not the least of which is that Joy and Austin moved their wedding date up by several months and have repeatedly dodged questions about why they made that decision.

The conception date theorists were further encouraged during the first months of Joy’s pregnancy when she kept a low profile and refused to follow in the footsteps of her sisters, who posted frequent updates and selfies during their pregnancies.

The assumption was that she was putting as little information as possible out into the world so that fans wouldn’t realize she was further along than she claimed.

But now, it’s looking more and more like Joy was being truthful about getting pregnant on her honeymoon and decided to keep a low profile for the sole reason that she’s under no obligation to fans to update them on every single aspect of her life.

Joy posted the above photo earlier this week after attending a car auction with Austin.

“Well, we didn’t end up buying anything today, but it’s always fun going to the auto auction! #9daystillduedate,” she captioned the pic.

As usual, fans went nuts analyzing her baby bump.

“Such a big bump. Must be more than one,” wrote one follower.

“I’m thinking twins … wow,” another fan commented.

“She’s popping out twins end of story,” remarked a third.

Yes, Duggar obsessives have changed tacks, and the new rumor about Joy’s uterus is that she’s carrying twins.

All this time, we had no idea that every anonymour Instagram commenter is a medical professional.

To our minds, the most interesting part of this post is the caption, as Joy is talking about the specifics of her due date for the first time in a long time.

Now it looks like she’ll be welcoming a bundle of joy before the month is through, and as a bonus, she’ll get to prove the haters wrong!

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Amy Schumer Wedding Pics: Here Comes the Funny Bride!

It's a sentence we never thought we'd write, but here we go:

Amy Schumer is a married woman.

The comedian got hitched on February 13, 2018 to celebrity chef Chris Fischer, surprising fans by exchanging vows in Malibu on a Tuesday evening.

Approximately 80 guests were in attendance, including a few familiar faces featured here.

Indeed, Schumer has uploaded a number of beautiful, romantic and flat-out funny photos from her big day to Instagram.

We've collected them all below. Check each one out now and then send Schumer and Fischer your very best wishes!

1. Her Wedding Morning

Her wedding morning
What was so special about this date for Amy Schumer? It was the date on which she got married! And here’s a photo of her in the morning.

2. Making Up Amy

Making up amy
Amy Schumer shared this photo of her styling team from the day on which she became a married woman.

3. About to Be Hitched

About to be hitched
She does, people! She really does! We’d like to thank Amy Schumer for sharing this photo from her big day.

4. Chris Fischer and His Bride

Chris fischer and his bride
How sweet of a photo is this?!? Nick Fischer gives a little kiss on the forehead to his brand new bride.

5. We’re Newlyweds!

Were newlyweds
They look pretty happy, don’t they? We really hope things work out well for Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer.

6. Yup!

Amy schumer wedding pic
They sure are married! Amy summed that up here with one single word.

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Sister Wives Season 9 Episode 5 Recap: PolygaMexicamist Wedding

It was finally time for the big day!

On Sister Wives Season 9 Episode 5, Mykelti and Tony tied the knot, but the day was not without its fair share of drama. 

The episode kicked off with the family meeting up at the Country Club to get things sorted for the wedding.  

Mykelti decided to keep Kodi away from the early preparation. The reason?

Because she did not want her overbearing father complaining about every single thing she did. Weddings are stressful enough, so we are inclined to agree with Mykelti on this one. 

This wedding has been talked about for quite some time now. If you watch Sister Wives online, you will know that the family balked at the idea initially. 

That’s because both Mykelti and Tony did not know enough about each other to be getting that close so swiftly. 

While the wedding was scheduled to go ahead outdoors, they were forced to rethink that because the weather was just not going in their favor. 

They would have benefited from running through all of the possible things that could go wrong on the day, so they were prepared, but they did not. 

Luckily, the duo managed to find ways to keep everyone warm despite the horrific weather. They did the best they could with what little time they had. 

Just when it seemed like everything was going well, we got the revelation that Christine had forgotten Kody’s shirts. Yes, you would think these people would be more prepared. 

Kody needed to be at the event on time because he was the one to walk Mykelti down the aisle. In short, the day could not have gone any worse. 

The wedding kicked off, and all seemed right in the world. They quickly got the wedding over and done with, but there was drama afoot. 

Kody was worried about any of the kids getting sick due to the adverse weather and made his thoughts known to Mykelti. 

Even though it seemed like everyone but Toni was worrying initially, we later found out that Toni was petrified of them running out of food. 

You can’t have a wedding without food, right?

Christine later got to belt her heart out to a song that her grandfather would sing to her grandmother. It was sentimental for sure, and it gave Mykelti a good feeling. 

Christine has been critical of the union for some time now. It was her way of confirming she was good with it. Christine had been battling anxiety over the performance for weeks. 

It took a lot from her, and she was happy she followed through with it. 

The rest of the day seemed perfect. It may have seemed like the whole day was going to be as horrible as Kodi’s relationship with Meri, but it all came together in the end. 

What did you think of it?

Sound off below!

Sister Wives continues Sunday on TLC!


Royal Wedding 2.0: Get ALL the New Details!

About three months prior to one of the most anticipated says in British history, Kensington Palace came out and made an announcement.

Several announcements, actually.

Along with confirming the wedding date for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the Royal Family provided the public with an endless array of important details regarding what's to come for the couple on their HUGE day.

When should you set your alarm? Where will Meghan and Harry go immediately after exchanging vows?

Find out below!

1. The Date

The date
May 19, 2018. The Palace confirmed this date not long after the stars got engaged.

2. The Location

Meghan markle and prince harry in love
St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, England. It’s hard to imagine a much more romantic venue.

3. The Time

Meghan markle engagement photo
The service will begin at 12 p.m. U.K. time, which is 7 a.m. EST/4 a.m. PST. Set your alarms early, West Coast residents!

4. The First Act as Newlyweds

Prince harry and meghan markle 4 eva
After getting married, Markle and her prince will ride in a horse-carriage through the streets of Windsor. The carriage procession will depart an hour later after they exchange vows, at 8 a.m. EST/5 a.m. PST.

5. Side/Related Note

Side slash related note
Remember when Kate Middleton and Prince William took a carriage ride on their wedding day? Who could ever forget?!?

6. The New Names

Prince harry shakes
The stars will be married by the Archbishop of Canterbury The Most Revd. and Rt Hon. Justin Welby. He will conduct the marriage ceremony itself, but the full service at the chapel will be led by The Rt Revd. David Conner, the Dean of Windsor.

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Lady Gaga & Christian Carino: Wedding Plans Revealed?!

Back in November, several media outlets (including this one) reported on the widespread rumor that Lady Gaga and Christian Carino are engaged.

The couple has yet to confirm those claims, but it looks more and more like they’re letting their silence do the talking.

Gaga has never been shy about refuting inaccurate reports about her private life, so it seems she has no problem with the public believing that she’s soon to be married.

And she certainly didn’t seem shy about rocking a massive oval-shaped pink diamond on her commitment finger at this year’s Grammys.

So either she really said yes, or she’s just messing with her Little Monster’s minds at this point.

As best we can tell, Gaga’s breakup with Taylor Kinney and the ensuing media circus left a lasting mark on the singer, and this time around, she’s keeping a much tighter lid on her prenuptial preparations.

Of course, no one as obsessed-over as Gaga can really keep a secret for very long.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Life & Style claims to have uncovered the mystery of where and when Gaga and Carino are planning to tie the knot.

“Gaga and Christian are planning to wed in Italy this summer,” a source exclusively tells the tabloid.

“It will be an over-the-top affair combined with classic Italian traditions.”

Yes, Lady Gaga’s wedding ceremony will combine the outlandish with the traditionally Italian.

In other news, water remains wet; Pope Francis has no plans to convert to Judaism, etc.

Christian Carino

The insider goes on to reveal that guests will enjoy an “Italian-inspired menu,” which frankly, doesn’t feel like much of a bombshell following the revelation that the wedding will actually take place in Italy.

Of course, it would be hilarious to have your family and friends arrive by gondola at a Lake Como villa just to be like, “Gotcha, bitches! Hot Pockets!”

Sadly, most brides aren’t big on punking their guests. Go figure.

Carino, 48, is an agent at CAA, and despite counting Justin Bieber and Harry Styles among his A-list clients, he maintains a relatively low-profile and seems to enjoy the civilian life.

Which is good, because while there are occasional exceptions (Jay and Bey, Posh and Becks), there’s generally only room for one superstar as big as Gaga in a marriage.


Bridezillas: The Trashiest Wedding Show is Back and Better Than Ever!

Do you remember Bridezillas?

If you were a fan of trashy reality shows about ten years ago, there's no way you don't remember Bridezillas.

But just in case you were never fortunate enough to witness this gem of a television program, Bridezillas was a show that aired on WEtv from 2004 to 2013.

Each episode featured a couple of women preparing for their wedding days in the most dramatic way possible. They threw fits over everything and anything, and it was just an absolute joy to watch.

Remember the bride who lost her mind on her poor fiancé and her family members when they were just trying to help her? Remember how she screamed and cried and made herself look like an unbelievable brat?

Trick question: that kind of thing happened with literally all of the brides.

As we said, Bridezillas stopped airing in 2013 for reasons we still don't understand. It was there, and then suddenly it was not, and it was a tough loss to handle.


But we don't have to be sad anymore, because in what has to be the best news we've heard in a long, long time, Bridezillas is returning to WEtv for its 11th season!

In March!!!

And just in case you think it's too good to be true, fear not, because the trailer for the new season is proof that we're about to be blessed with more reality trash than we know what to do with.

The trailer begins with a woman all decked out in her bridal gear, screaming "It's my wedding day!", and we're off to a very, very good start.

We see a bride kicking a kid's bicycle, a bride looking furious in a surgical mask, a bride walking down the street with her hair in curlers screaming about other brides.

It feels like coming home, honestly.

Let's see, one woman throws her wedding cake to the ground, one cocks a shotgun in her dress, one has a breakdown over a veil.

There are two different fights at two different weddings — physical ones between some male guests — and a grandma tells a bride that she should have gotten a boob job so her dress would fit better.

We don't know what we did to deserve this kind of magic, but we'll certainly take it.

Watch the full trailer below!

Bridezillas the trashiest wedding show is back and better than e

Joy-Anna Duggar Cradles Baby Bump, Shotgun Wedding Rumors Won’t Die

Joy-Anna Duggar, her husband and two of her brothers posed for a cute pic this week, but all eyes were on the unborn member of the family.

Check out Joy’s burgeoning baby bump, people!

As always, her belly created an online firestorm.

Talk of Joy-Anna getting pregnant before marriage has circulated since … well, before her marriage, and especially after she got pregnant.

There had already been chatter about them breaking courtship rules, and they started a family in a hurry even by Duggar standards.

Joy announced she was expecting almost exactly 12 weeks after her wedding in late May of last year, and looked even further along.

Was it really a shotgun wedding to Austin Forsyth? We don’t know for sure, and likely never will, but the great due date debate continues.

Some fans say Joy-Anna Duggar’s due date is February 22, based on an online registry attributed to the 20-year-old Counting On star.

The family has only revealed that she’s due in late February or early March, while others insist that they have never officially said anything.

(There’s also a theory going around that Joy already gave birth, though the above photo would appear to have shot that nonsense down.)

In any case, the Forsyths, who share a joint Instagram account, posted the image of Joy-Anna on the far left cradling her growing bump.

She’s wearing a tight t-shirt and a smile, while husband Austin and two of Joy-Anna’s brothers also look to be having a good time.

They captioned the pic, “Hanging with the bros!”

That they are. Though almost no one seemed to think much about the other two guys (sorry, John David) in the comment section.

Joy also raised eyebrows when she remarked that the pregnant Jinger Duggar would be giving birth just six months after her.

That math doesn’t quite match up with the timeline offered by the Duggars and their end-of-February-or-start-of-March claims.

As for the registry date? Assuming that’s her “official” due date, it’s less than nine months after her wedding, but not by much.

The simple fact that she’s pregnant at this moment pretty much disproves the shotgun wedding theory, as we’re now in February.

It’s almost certain that there was no rescheduling of her nuptials, as rumored, although certain skeptics still remain unconvinced.

From a numerical aspect, February 22 is 37 weeks from her wedding night, and a typical pregnancy is approximately 40 weeks.

However, that 40-week date is typically calculated from the date of the woman’s previous period, so it could very well be the case.

In any case, the matter is far from resolved, and the couple has not commented on any shotgun wedding/premarital sex chatter.

Obviously, the only reason this is even a story is the fact that the Duggars pride themselves on their courtship rules and restraint.

There are no full-frontal hugs allowed before engagement, let alone sex; Joy and Austin would be breaking family protocol hard.

Only time will tell if the birth of their first child sheds any light on this debate, or if it remains an ambiguous mystery long afterward.