Abbie Burnett and John David Duggar Wedding Date: Revealed!

Attention, Counting On fans:

You can stop sending Abbie Burnett and John David Duggar congratulations now on their engagement…

… and start sending them wedding gifts instead.

If you think you’ll be snagging an invite to their big day, that is.

Just a few weeks after Burnett and Duggar surprised followers by announcing their plans to marry, we think we now know the date on which they will exchange vows (and kiss for the first time ever).

A few astute Internet users have actually tracked down Abbie and John David’s wedding registery, which includes a few items at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

If you look at the top-left corner in the screen shot below, you’ll see that the “event” at which this gift is meant to be presented is…

… January 19, 2019!

bed gift

That seems to be it. That appears to be the John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett wedding date.

Makes sense, right?

The couple got engaged in July and will now be getting hitched in January, which is just about the usual short period of time members of this famous family usually wait between proposal and wedding.

Duggar and Burnett confirmed to the world that they were courting back in late June.

Many fans had been concerned about John David because he’s ancient by Duggar standards (28 years old) and had not yet settled down with a mate.

But that has all changed now.

Abbie works as a nurse and lives in Oklahoma.

She says she “connected” with the reality star at a church event in her home state… and things blossomed from there.

“It’s been a wonderful journey thus far,” John David said back upon revealing his courtship to critics and supporters.

Fast forward just one month and Duggar and Burnett had the following to say:

“Wow! We are engaged! This feels even more real than before! It was a special moment to share together.

“The proposal and the ‘YES’ really solidified that we want to spend the rest of our lives together. One of the most amazing things about following Christ is being able to trust Him to direct your path and lead your life.

“We are so thankful that He led us to one another. Now we need to start thinking about a wedding!”

Aside from going straight from courting to planning a wedding, Burnett and Duggar have been making headlines of late for breaking a ton of rules lately.

For example, they’ve been caught going on unchaperoned dates and even grabbing each other’s butts at Walmart.

They’ve also been skipping church and Abbie has been far more active on social media than is typically allowed within the confines of the Duggar family rules.

But whatever it takes to get John David married off and procreating, right?

How else will this cult keep its bloodline going?


Mackenzie Standifer Wants to Plan Your Wedding For Some Reason

Last month, in news that was both shocking yet not at all shocking, we learned that Ryan Edwards is leaving Teen Mom OG.

That doesn’t mean he’s leaving the public eye, though, because this is 2018, and fool’s gotta support his kid(s) somehow.

Ryan and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, are expecting their first child together (it will be the second for both of them overall).

What would’ve been a heartwarming storyline on the MTV reality show that made him famous won’t be happening, though.

Edwards’ ex, Maci Bookout, reportedly demanded he be nixed from the show because of his struggles with drug addiction.

Maci, who cited the potential impact on their son Bentley, even said she wishes Ryan were still in jail … where he’s safer.

The sad part is she may have a point.

After Edwards’ latest arrest, the 30-year-old’s capacity to handle parenting (or just life, in general) has never been more in doubt.

Being out of work with a baby on the way and looking at prison time for violating probation is not a good position, to say the least.

Well, Mackenzie is – despite shady Ryan’s Tinder history and heroin use – trying to make lemonade out of her lemon of a husband.

She’s moving on to a new career, announced on an official website this week, as “MACKENZIE EDWARDS WEDDING AND EVENTS.”

That’s right, she’s a wedding planner!!

What are you waiting for, couples? She’s currently booking weddings for the fall of 2018, and is ready to make your dreams a reality.

“My name is Mackenzie, and I love all things wedding and events,” Mackenzie says on her official site, Mackenzie Edwards (dot) org.

“My personal mission is to see your dreams come to fruition,” Standifer says, acknowledging that this is no easy task!

“Sometimes it can be hard to take all of the thoughts, dreams, and visions in your head and turn them into a reality.”

“That is where I step in.”

“From start to finish, whatever your needs may be, I will be here to help and guide you every step of the way,” she adds.

“The stress of planning your own wedding can take a toll on ones self and really take away from the whole experience.”

“With my help, we can partner together to create you the wedding of your dreams and alleviate the stress factor.”

Definitely sounds like a good pitch … but how’s she going to do that with a baby at home? Or after she gives birth for that matter??


“When I am not compulsively planning, you can find me hanging out with my family at our fave hot spot, the lake,” she says.

“I have a family FULL of boys (including the dog) so being able to express my femme, creative side is such a breath of fresh air.”

Ranging in prices from $ 150 to $ 1,500, Mackenzie has what it takes to meet your needs at any price point. Super convenient.

For the premium rate, you get two in-person 1-hour consults (up to a maximum of four) plus unlimited contact via email/text & phone.


Weddings are stressful, sure, but no one needs 24-7 access to Mackenzie. Even Ryan needs to go on Tinder now and then.

Sorry. We’ll stop, we promise.

Beyond event and rehearsal coordination, venue selection, handling of payments and the like, you get access to her “little black book.”

[We’ll pass on the jokes.]

All in all, you can expect white glove service planning the event of a lifetime … if you think she’s the best person to do the job, of course.

Would you consider hiring Standifer as your wedding planner … especially after the bizarre parking lot wedding she personally had?

Or the fact that she is, you know, involved with Ryan Edwards? That sort of casts a pall over one’s decision-making … just saying.



Meghan Markle Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction at Friend’s Wedding

Wardrobe malfunction.

It’s a phrase that was first popularized by Justin Timberlake to describe the public misfortune that befell Janet Jackson at Super Bowl …

In the years since, the term has entered popular usage, as celebrities and peasants alike have fallen victim to nip slips, open flies, and other sartorial calamities.

Yes, even royals aren’t immune to unintentional nudity. 

It’s a lesson that at the wedding of Prince Harry’s longtime friends Charlie van Straubenzee and Daisy Jenks.

Yes, apparently those are real people and not characters from a lost F. Scott Fitzgeerald novel.

Anyway, the nuptials took place on August 4, which happened to be Meghan’s 37th birthday.

And it seems the Duchess decided to combine the two celebrations by attending the ceremony in her birthday suit.

Okay, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration.

According to a report in OK! magazine — an outlet that tends to be about as trustworthy as Alex Jones on these matters — Meghan “accidentally flashed her bra” as she arrived at the wedding.

Onlookers who witnessed the “wardrobe malfunction” claim that Meg “left the top button of her dress undone, the see-through lace could be seen underneath.”

Scandalous stuff, obviously.

Don’t be surprised if the Brits try to pin this one on America resulting in a second Revolutionary War that should be a bit shorter than the first one, as our $ 600 billion now has the capacity to carpet bomb the British Isles into oblivion several hundred times over.

We kid of course, but it turns out this wedding was one of the major social events of the summer across the pond.

Yes, as it turns out, Van Straubenzee is more than just the proud owner of a Bond villain last name.

In fact, he’s so close with the Royals that he’s godfather to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s daughter, Princess Charlotte.

Speaking of Kate, if there’s anyone who knows Meg’s pain, it’s her.

As you may recall, there was a time when Kate Middleton topless pics were screamed about in all-caps headlines in every tabloid in America.

Obviously, meg didn’t show nearly as much skin, so this thing should blow over pretty quickly.

Of course, there’s still the matter of Meghan breaching royal protocol yet again.

Will she be criticized by the Queen for flashing a quarter inch of Victoria’s Secret lace?

Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for next week’s installment of The World’s Most Boring-Ass Rich People.


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Prince Harry and Meghan’s Wedding Bishop Michael Curry Fighting Cancer

Bishop Michael Curry — the man who told Prince Harry and Meghan “love is the way” — is now dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Bishop Curry says he found out a few months ago, during an annual exam, he has prostate cancer … and he’s now decided on…