Josiah Duggar Reveals How He Practiced Kissing Before the Wedding

These days, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are all over each other. But just a few months ago, they had never even kissed.

In the restrictive world of the Duggars, the first kiss is very public — because it's at your wedding, in front of everyone you know.

Josiah is revealing how he prepared for his very first kiss: he practiced on his hand. See the video:

In the teaser for Monday night's Counting On finale, Josiah is just hours away from marrying Lauren Swanson.

23-year-old Joseph Duggar is a married man himself.

He figured that he should pass on some advice to his brother about what he learned from tying the knot with Kendra Caldwell.

"As far as the first kiss goes," Joseph says. "I mean, I’m sure you can figure it out"

"It’s not really that complicated," he assures his slightly younger brother.

"I asked her just to stay … kinda as still as she could … and then kind of go with it," Josiah says awkwardly.

"That’s what we did," Joseph replies.

"Either one side or the other," Joseph adds. "But it looks better when the guy goes, I think."

"I don’t think you’re going to have a problem," Joseph suspects.

He credits his optimism to communication, because: "y’all probably already talked about it."

Witha  little prompting from a producer, Josiah reveals a little more to the Counting On cameras.

"I was thinking, you know what? I wonder what it feels like," Josiah shares.

To be clear, he's talking about kissing — not the wedding night.

"So I practiced on my hand," Josiah reveals. "I think practicing on my hand was just to see what it felt like from her side."

"You can’t kiss a tree and expect to see what it’s going to feel like for her," Josiah reasons.

Well … he's not wrong. Lauren is not a tree.

"So if you kiss on your hand, you can feel … like, ‘Okay, maybe I should make my lips more full,’ or whatever," Josiah continues.

That helped him, Josiah explains, to practice "and kind of think of it from that perspective."

"You’ve got to think about it!" Josiah explains.

Obviously, practicing for something like the wedding night using his hand would be strictly forbidden in the Duggar household.

We suppose that kissing his hand must be okay. We hope.

Still speaking to the camera, Josiah gushes about this major life milestone.

"It is interesting to think this is the first day in my life I get to kiss a girl," Josiah says.

He clarifies that he will be kissing Lauren "right smack dab on the lips."

"I mean, it’s special," Josiah shares. "It really is a special moment for us."

"And I’ll try to make sure it’s not just a peck," Josiah promises. "I’ll make sure it’s good."

Most of us have probably seen one viral video or another of a fundamentalist wedding where the bride and groom had never kissed.

These videos go viral because, well, the first kiss ends up being painfully awkward to watch.

While it's a shame that the Duggars aren't raised with real choices and personal freedoms, Josiah has seen a lot of weddings.

At 22, his first kiss was probably a little more prepared than a normal person's at 12 or 15 or 19 or whatever.

We'll find out on Monday night's Counting On season finale!

Josiah duggar admits he practiced kissing his hand before the we

Bristol Palin Ditches Sister’s Wedding, Humiliates Famous Family

It remains very hard to believe, but it’s true:

Bristol Palin is now part of the Teen Mom OG family.

And the timing seemingly could not be better for the controversial mother of three, considering she may now be persona non grata within her own family!

According to Radar Online, Bristol’s younger sister, Willow, got married this past Saturday to someone named Ricky Bailey in Alaska.

Mother Sarah Palin wrote on Instagram that the ceremony and reception “couldn’t be more perfect!!!” because the bride and groom were surrounded by “so much love ~ and surrounded by the mutual love & support of cherished friends & family… just PERFECT.”

But was it? Was it really?

Maybe not.

An insider tells Radar that Bristol actually no-showed the big day after getting into a massive fight with Willow.

What would have caused one sister to miss the wedding of another sister?

In this case, the dangerous past of a different sibling.

Bristol started a huge fight with Willow because her kids aren’t supposed to be around Track,” *a source close to the Palins told Radar, referencing Bristol and Willow’s 29-year old brother.

He was arrested last month for domestic violence, making the third time in as many years he’d been booked on this same awful charge.

(*Yes, these are the real names of actual people.)

The source explained that Bristol’s ex-husband, Dakota Meyer, prohibited their kids from speaking with Track many months ago.

He ended up missing out on the wedidng himself due to his arrest the evening prior, but the mere invitation was enough to set Bristol off.

“Bristol was supposed to give a speech at the wedding,” the insider said. “Instead she packed up her kids and left, leaving Willow behind.”


Talk about awkward, huh?

On Sunday, Bristol shared videos of her kids running around a soccer field and titled the footage “My world.”

Then, earlier today, she shared a picture of herself and Meyer in the car (both looking mighty perturbed) and teased this evening’s Teen Mom OG Season 8 premiere in the caption.

“My story begins tonight. don’t miss the 90-minute premiere… and my FIRST EPISODE of #TeenMomOG starting at 9/8c on @MTV,” she wrote, acting as if the wedding snub never happened.”

Bristol was announced as a Teen Mom OG cast addition several weeks ago — but fans of the franchise remain in shock.

The daughter of the former Vice Presidential candidate is really now on Teen Mom OG?!?

Tyler Baltierra recently acknowledged that this situation is more than just a little unusual.

Do I think it’s weird as hell? Absolutely. Do I think it’s a really, like, not a good decision for the franchise? Yeah. But that’s out of my control,” Tyler said on a podcast.

For the most part, however, Palin’s upcoming co-stars have taken some issue with how MTV never informed them of the decision to hire Bristol until the network also informed the public.

But they have also said Bristol herself seems totally cool.

Check out a few of their initial reactions below:


Alaskan Bush People Finale Trailer Teases Fire, Ami’s Health, and a Wedding!

In real time, Matt Brown has checked into rehab. That is a brave and smart decision. On television, the Browns have other concerns.

Alaskan Bush People Season 8 has scarcely begun … but it is almost over. This season ends on Sunday.

But we have the season finale promo trailer for you, promising danger, medical news, and a wedding.

Alaskan bush people season 8 finale preview 04

The official Twitter account for Discovery's Alaskan Bush People tweeted this promo for the season finale.

"We're not ready to say goodbye," the tweet laments.

No one is — like we said, we're only a few episodes into the season.

"Join us for the season finale," the tweet invites fans and followers. "Sunday at 9p on Discovery and Discovery GO."

Time passes so quickly these days.

Alaskan bush people season 8 finale preview 03

Within the promo trailer itself, the family faces a new menace as they battle the elements in Washington.

"We've had floods," Gabe lists.

Gabe continues, saying: "We've had road issues."

"And now," he laments. "Fire."

Alaskan bush people season 8 finale preview 01

"The fire seems very serious," viewers hear.

"I've never seen that much smoke," Bird confesses.

Those of us who have been around massive wildfires can attest — it's a unique experience. And it is not a fun one.

Bird explains: "The fires are just that close."

Watching the trailer, fans can see that for themselves.

We just hope that Ami Brown was in California. That much smoke is not good for a lung cancer patient.

Alaskan bush people season 8 finale preview 05

Speaking of Ami, the finale shows her return from her checkup.

"How'd it go?" the family asks.

"We finally got the results in," Billy begins.

His voice sounds a little uneasy. Whether it's genuine emotion or played up for the cameras (or both) is difficult to say.

"Everything is, uh …" Billy continues.

Naturally, this is a teaser trailer., so his words cut off there.

Alaskan bush people season 8 finale preview 06

Fans do not get to hear those results until they watch the episode.

That said, Ami's cancer was reportedly in remission as of last July.

We expect that they'll deliver good news after the show plays up the tension.

Ami's health is not the only (hopefully) good news to which viewers will be treated.

"And a new Brown joins the family," one of the trailer's internal cards teases.

Alaskan bush people season 8 finale preview 02

We know, of course, that Noah Brown married Rhain Alisha back in August.

At the time, we had hoped that viewers would get to see this special occasion. Clearly, they will.

Additionally, that card's phrasing — referring to Rhain as another Brown — is further confirmation that Rhain will take Noah's last name.

Hopefully, that will lay those nastily persistent fan rumors to rest.

Not every family, even on reality television, has to be consumed by feuding just because that is more entertaining to viewers.

We look forward to the finale — and to even more of the Brown family.

Alaskan bush people finale trailer teases fire amis health and a

Mike Sorrentino & Lauren Pesce: Planning a PRISON Wedding?!

On the current season of Jersey Shore (Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold, or whatever they’re calling it), most of the drama has revolved around the ongoing conflict between Ronnie and his baby mama.

But there’s another story that has just as much potential for tragedy that’s being mostly glossed over, presumably because it’s just too depressing for the reality sitcom vibe of Shore‘s second iteration.

We’re talking, of course, about the possibility that Mike Sorrentino might go to prison for a very long time.

Back in January, Sorrentino pled guilty to tax fraud, and he now faces up to five years in prison.

The fact that The Situation has sobered up and has mostly been on his best behavior (with plenty of video evidence to show to the sentencing judge) will probably help his cause, but it still seems unlikely that he’ll be able to avoid prison altogether.

Which is what makes the latest news about his upcoming wedding so surprising:

At first, it was widely reported that Sorrentino and Lauren Pesce were rushing the wedding planning process so that they could be safely hitched by the time Mike mike gets shipped off to the pokey.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Mike and Lauren are planning to get hitched in November — several weeks after Sorrentino’s October 2 sentencing date.

The news led to a social media rumor that Mike and Lauren had arranged to get married in prison.

These reports led to widespread confusion, as it’s tough to imagine that the future Mr. and Mrs. Sorrentino will be able to host the traditional Italian wedding of their dreams in Attica 

After all, it’s not like you can smuggle an 80-gallon barrel of soup and 14 cousins named Marie in a trench coat.

Fortunately, it seems Mike and Lauren did their research, and they’re confident that no matter what happens on sentencing day, they’ll be able to say “I do” in the presence of all their family and friends.

“Ordinarily in federal court, a defendant is given a period of time (30 to 60 days) to surrender voluntarily to begin a prison sentence after the sentence is imposed,” Sorrentino’s lawyer Henry Klingeman told Radar.

Klingeman goes on to say that Mike and Lauren have “worked out all the logistics.”

We guess it makes sense that Mike’s not considered a flight risk.

After all, he’s been jetting all over the country filming JSFV, and he seems to have no inclination to skip the country.

So it looks like we’re in for a televised Shore wedding, complete with DJ Pauly D on the ones and twos.

Hopefully, Ronnie won’t steal the spotlight again.


Becca Kufrin: STILL Not Making Wedding Plans with Garrett Yrigoyen

We’re all entitled to make catastrophic, life-altering choices, and Becca Kufrin made hers. His name is Garrett Yrigoyen.

While debate rages over whether Becca and Garrett will really marry, they are still engaged.

And now Becca has come forward to share what that is like, and what the two have planned for the future.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, Becca Kufrin gushes about her engagement to Garrett Yrigoyen.

Becca says that “life has been a fun adventure” with Garrett by her side.

She admits that this (new) engagement has been “a huge adjustment” right after The Bachelorette and Arie before that and The Bachelor before that.

Just being normal has been wonderful,” Becca says.

“We were just so ready for the show to be done airing,” Becca reveals. “Where we could finally be out in public.

Recently, Becca and Garrett have been visiting Becca’s friends and family in Minnesota.

Garrett takes his turn to gush, saying that “her friends are a lot of fun.”

He shares that among their activities has been a Minnesota Twins game, the state fair, and a fishing trip on the Mississippi River.

“I caught my first walleye and smallmouth bass,” Garrett shares with pride. “It was fun.”

Garrett is such an avid fisherman that, though we don’t have a photo of that moment, it’s not difficult to find a fish photo.

Becca says that her hometown has welcomed her fiancee “with open arms.”

Sometimes, even a controversial man can find acceptance if he has a popular, likable woman on his arm.

But while the two have enjoyed visiting loved ones, they haven’t picked a spot to settle down.

I don’t want to make a decision without exploring our options,” Becca explains.

That is a very sensible attitude!

The couple has also spent time Garrett’s hometown of Reno, Nevada.

And the two of them have discussed the idea of a potential move to L.A.

“I’m hoping by November or December we’ll have nailed down a place,” Becca admits.

That said, deciding on a place to live is not the same thing as making wedding plans.:

As Becca explains: “We really are still getting to know each other.”

It’s smart of her to be cautious. Clearly, from what she saw on The Bachelorette, she would never have guessed Garrett’s bigoted social media history.

As many entertainment news outlets pointed out when Garrett’s Instagram scandal broke, it wasn’t that he liked “conservative” posts contrary to Becca’s views.

The posts that he had “liked” on Instagram were outside of the bounds of decency. The posts were racist, transphobic, and misogynistic — among other things.

Garrett has apologised (for getting caught), but fans hope that Becca can come to understand who he truly is before it’s too late for them both to find partners compatible with their respective values.

Becca received a lot of sympathy from the Bachelor Nation after Arie Luyendyk Jr. humiliated her on television. A lot of fans feel for her and hope that she finds a better, less problematic man.

Others hope that Garrett really has changed his tune.


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott: Planning a HUGE $30 Million Wedding?!

Publicly, Kylie Jenner helped boost Travis Scott’s album sales to #1. She’s happy to use her brand to give her baby daddy a boost.

A new report says that, privately, Kylie and Travis are putting their heads together and planning their wedding.

It’s said that Kylie is prepared to spend a not-so-small fortune, making it a $ 30 million dream wedding.

As Gossip Cop points out, InTouch‘s headline is: “Travis & Kylie’s $ 30 Million Wedding!”

That sounds like it is certainly (and easily!) within the price range of near-billionaire Kylie Jenner. But is it true?

InTouch reports that Kylie and Travis started making plans after “quietly getting engaged” during Kylie’s 21st birthday party last month.

(As you may recall, there were rumors at the time that Kylie’s birthday party was complicated by an engagement)

In addition to being parents, Kylie and Travis are reportedly “already busy planning their nuptials.”

Kylie may have been shockingly quiet about her pregnancy, but she reportedly has very different feelings about her wedding.

The tabloid says that Kylie is “planning to go all out” on her wedding “in true Kardashian style.”

According to InTouch: “It will be bigger and better than her sisters’ weddings.”

So, kind of like her butt, we suppose.

The report goes on to say that Kylie is “ready to splash down as much as $ 30 million for a days-long destination wedding.”

Destination weddings are, famously, the second-worst type of wedding. (The first worst type of wedding is a dry wedding, we’re not being mean, that’s just public consensus)

“She wants to tie the knot on a tropical island,” the tabloid explains.

Specifically, InTouch reports: “Turks and Caicos is at the top of the list.”

The good news is that, even though it’s a destination wedding, Kylie allegedly isn’t planning on inconveniencing people beyond, you know, demanding that they uproot their entire lives so that she can feel like a princess for a few days.

“They’ll fly all their family and friends in by private jet,” the tabloid reports. “And the wedding will last for an entire weekend.”

“The only hitch so far is whether or not to televise the lavish affair on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” the report claims. 

It goes on to say that it’s the decision of whether or not to televise the wedding “which has Kylie’s mom, Kris Jenner, butting heads with Travis.”

“Kris desperately wants to air her daughter’s big day to increase viewership,” InTouch says. “But Travis is strongly against it.”

If this isn’t what you hope to see from Kylie whenever she finally decides to get married, don’t worry.

Gossip Cop reports that they’re skeptical at best about this whole story.

Folks, secret celebrity marriages that happen even before an engagement is announced are very much a real thing. Just look at Cardi B’s secret wedding.

But when stories that lack veracity surface, there is generally a checklist of elements of the story — starting, of course, with a total lack of confirmation.

After the alleged details, we so often see familiar details sprinkled in. 

In this case, the proposed venue of Turks and Caicos, since they’ve been there, and Kris Jenner wanting it on camera, since that’s a very Kris Jenner thing to want.

But unless we get some kind of confirmation of even part of this story, we’re not prepared to believe that it’s the real deal. Sorry.