Priyanka & Nick’s Wedding Tonight, We Dance!!! Family vs. Family … Bollywood-Style

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have a lock on the award for Most Fun Celeb Wedding Ever — and you’ll agree after seeing this video … it ain’t even close.

The Sunday celebration included a Hindu tradition called Sangeet, which is — as Priyanka described it — “a fierce song & dance competition between families.” The video is insane … the Chopras and Jonases put on a full production that looked like a Bollywood set.

The idea is for the families to tell the story of Nick and Priyanka’s romance through musical production. You might think the Jonases had the edge — Nick’s bros were all on stage — but remember, they’re on the Chopra’s turf.

The Sangeet is just the latest stage of a full weekend celebration. Nick and Pri officially tied the knot on Saturday with a traditional Christian wedding ceremony — officiated by Nick’s dad, Paul Kevin Jonas Sr. They had a laugh-riot pre-party for that one, too.

Sunday is for the traditional Indian wedding, and the Sangeet is, basically, the pre-reception for that ceremony.

Neither sides saying who won the competition, BTW. Priyanka says it ended as “a huge celebration of love.” Hard to argue with the bride on that.

Priyanka & Nick’s Wedding Big Family Laughs, Traditions … And Fireworks, Of Course!!!

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are husband and wife — they tied the knot Saturday in a celebration that went for several hours … kicking off with tons of family and booze, and ended with a blast.

The couple walked down the aisle in the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India. They both wore Ralph Lauren, according to People … which is totally on point considering they were both rocking RL for their “first date” at the 2017 Met Gala.

But before they said “I do” … they partied hard during an Indian tradition called the Mehendi. It’s like a pre-reception, and based on these pics it was a laugh riot. Priyanka was a rocking a vibrant, flowing dress as she and Nick kicked off the celebration with close friends and family … including Nick’s bros and Joe Jonas‘ fianceé, “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner.

Priyanka said, “One of the most special things our relationship has given us is a merging of families who love and respect each other’s faiths and cultures.”

After the palace ceremony, the couple arranged for a massive fireworks display above the palace.

By the way, all the Jonas Bros — Frankie, Kevin and Joe were Nick’s groomsman, as well as Priyanka’s brother, Siddharth.

They’re ALL in the family now. Congrats!!

Bride Secretly Fattened Up Bridesmaid Sisters Before Her Wedding

Most bridezillas fill their loved ones with terror and dread. This one is very different.

This monster bride sabotaged her own sisters with a smile — and they never even knew.

A woman has come forward to reveal that she secretly fattened up her sisters so that they’d look worse on her wedding day.

wedding photo with yellow bridesmaid dresses from IG 03

“My sisters and I have always been competitive with each other,” the woman calling herself “Penny” confesses online.

She shares that she has two sisters, and “we’re all super close.”

“Except when we drive each other nuts and then we can’t stand each other.”

She says that these fights never last long, and expects that other women with sisters will automatically understand what she means.

“We all live together, along with my fiance,” she shares. “When I announced we were getting married, it was my sisters I told first.”

wedding photo with yellow bridesmaid dresses from IG 01

It will not surprise you to learn that “Penny” is the middle sibling.

Her older sister, she says, is a music teacher and a perfectionist who seems totally on top of things.

Penny is convinced that her elder sister was secretly fuming with jealousy that she wasn’t the first to marry.

The younger sister is apparently “fun and flirty,” complains that men never take her seriously, and works as an artist and illustrator.

Penny then admits that she has always felt a little less beautiful than either of her sisters.

So when it came down to preparing for her wedding day, she decided to make sure that no one would steal her spotlight.

wedding photo with yellow bridesmaid dresses from IG 02

Penny did the usual — going all out on her own appearance.

She also insisted that her bridesmaids wear yellow, easily one of the worst colors, in the hopes that it made them look “slightly ill.”

Her hopes were realized, and her blonde sisters looked “washed out.”

(I say this as an extremely fair-skinned white person: yellow is not a flattering color on 99% of white people)

But her real secret, and the place where this story takes a turn from normal sabotage to being truly heinous, was her smoothies.

smoothie photo from Instagram

“But by far the worst thing I did was to fatten up my sisters in the months leading up to the wedding,” Penny confesses.

“Every morning,” she writes. “I was a picture of sunshine and morning glow as I insisted on making breakfast smoothies for everyone.”

“I told them I wanted us all to look our best on the big day,” she explains. “So I was making them this special slimming smoothie.”

The smoothies were instead designed to help her sisters pack on weight.

“I even went as far as buying a weight loss shake and emptying the contents,” Penny shares.

She kept the weight loss shake container, “filling it instead with a mega-weight gain protein powder I found in a body building shop.”

“At first I went easy,” Penny says. “But by the month before the wedding I was adding triple the prescribed amount.”

wedding photo with yellow bridesmaid dresses from IG 04

Her own smoothies were simple — fruit and coconut water.

Penny shares that her evil plan to sabotage her sisters “worked like a charm,” and that they even had to have their dresses altered to accommodate weight gain.

Her wedding herself, she boasts, went beautifully, and she says that she never doubted for a moment that she was the center of attention.

She says that she sometimes feels guilty about what she did to her sisters, but that she mostly feels happy.

She no longer makes the smoothies for them, and claimed to them that the smoothie company went ouf of business.

This sabotage was similar to part of the plotline in Mean Girls. In real life, it is horrendous.

Though her sisters did lose the weight that they gained, she altered their bodies to address her insecurities.

There are depraved people in this world and sometimes, they seem almost proud of it.


Meghan Markle: How She Got Owned by The Queen on Her Wedding Day

According to a new report, someone out there thinks Meghan Markle has a pretty serious attitude problem.

And here’s the thing:

That someone is NOT Meghan Markle’s half-sister.

And it’s not Meghan Markle’s father, either.

An insider tells The Sun that Markle wanted to wear a tiara with emeralds on her big wedding day back in May, but she was told this was an unacceptable choice.

Meghan had her “heart set” on this accessory, writes Robert Jobson in his new book, and she “hit the roof” when the Palace denied the request.

“The provenance of the tiara could not be established. There were concerns it could have come from Russia originally,” explains a source on why Markle was unable to don the item.

This same source adds that Queen Elizabeth herself was none too pleased with her pending daughter-in-law’s reaction to the flap.

“There was a very heated exchange that prompted the Queen to speak to Harry,” claims this report.

“She said, ‘Meghan cannot have whatever she wants. She gets what tiara she’s given by me.'”

This is how Markle ending up rocking a diamond and platinum bandeau tiara when she exchanged her vows on May 19.

The book goes on to detail how the Queen also wondered why Meghan needed a veil for the wedding, given it was to be her second marriage.

“The message from the Queen was very much Meghan needed to think about how she speaks to staff members and be careful to follow family protocols,” alleges this insider, who says Markle has been accused on numerous occasions of mistreating employees at the Palace:

“Meghan can be difficult. She has very high standards and is used to working in a Hollywood environment.”

Allow us to pause here and say: LOL!!!!!

The implication is somehow that the environment on the set of the USA Network drama Suits, on which Markle starred for seven seaons, was more professional/formal than the environment at Kensington Palace.

Throughout her time in the spotlight as Prince Harry’s girlfriend, fiance and now wife, Markle has mostly received rave reviews.

She seems very respectful and comes across as a very positive presence in general.

But she has run in to a few problems of late, from accusations that she sucks at bowing on a national stage to allegations that she far too often thumbs her nose Royal Protocol.

And her terrible relatives, of course, think she’s a phony liar.

Jobson’s book is titled “Charles at 70” and mostly focuses on the life of Prince Charles.

But it does touch on the relationship between the Queen and Markle and says while they clash on occasion, as documented above, they get along at other times because they both love dogs.

That’s pretty cute to note, isn’t it?


Abbie Burnett Melts Over John-David Duggar’s “Tender” Wedding Kiss

They do, folks.

Actually, correction: They already did.

This past Saturday, John-David Duggar and Abbie Burnett completed their whirlwind romance by exchanging vows and getting married.

At 28 years old, John-David was ancient by the typical standards of Duggar children by the time they took this step, but he clearly was just waiting for the right person.

And then Burnett, a nurse who lives in Oklahoma, came along… and that was it.

The two (who did know each other a bit for years prior to getting all lovey dovey) started courting in June, got engaged in July and were husband and wife mere months later.

What was their wedding day like?

How did John-David feel upon seeing his bride-to-be walking down that aisle?

“It little surreal because I’ve dreamed about that ever since I met Abbie,” he said in a video the newlyweds filmed prior to even taking off their wedding attire.

In this same TLC-sponsored footage, Burnett said it was “wonderful” to be Duggar’s wife and added:

“Two of my favorite moments was the opening song, just welcoming in God’s presence and John’s tender kiss at the end.”

Whoa there, Abbie! Take it down a notch, will ya?!?

She actually won’t, and she really hasn’t ever since she and John-David confirmed their courtship.

The two were spotted holding hands and showing public displays of affection long before making their relationship legal, both of which are major no-no’s according to the heads of the Duggar cult, Jim Bob and Michelle.

Both Abbie and John-David have made it pretty clear just what they think of these Duggar courtship rules.

And Burnett continued to show a saucy side in this post-wedding interview with TLC cameras.

Toward the end, John-David said he and his wife had no real plans over the next few weeks aside from “serving God together and spending time together,” to which Abbie replied.”

“And the honeymoon.”

She said so with eyebrows raised, basically blurting out for all to hear:


Said the couple to Us Weekly after getting hitched:

“We are so excited to be married!

“It was a beautiful moment and we so appreciate our friends and family for sharing this day with us. Most of all we are thankful to Christ for bringing us together.

“This is going to be an amazing journey!”

The official Duggar blog, meanwhile, used the nuptials as a chance to both congratulate Abbie and John-David — and also promote a couple programs on TLC.

This is what the blog entry read:

John-David Duggar and Abbie Burnett are husband and wife!

They tied the knot this afternoon in Abbie’s home state of Oklahoma. This Duggar wedding is the 8th for Jim Bob and Michelle, and they now have an equal number of married daughters and sons

After a church ceremony, John and Abbie hosted their reception at an airplane hanger located at a regional airport. Guests were treated to a breakfast buffet.

Did the newlyweds leave in a getaway car or plane?

Find out in just a few weeks, when their wedding airs on TLC (Tuesday, November 27th, at 10pm ET/9pm CT).

On the 20th, the network will share a first look video. We will let you know when it’s available.


Josiah Duggar Reveals How He Practiced Kissing Before the Wedding

These days, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are all over each other. But just a few months ago, they had never even kissed.

In the restrictive world of the Duggars, the first kiss is very public — because it's at your wedding, in front of everyone you know.

Josiah is revealing how he prepared for his very first kiss: he practiced on his hand. See the video:

In the teaser for Monday night's Counting On finale, Josiah is just hours away from marrying Lauren Swanson.

23-year-old Joseph Duggar is a married man himself.

He figured that he should pass on some advice to his brother about what he learned from tying the knot with Kendra Caldwell.

"As far as the first kiss goes," Joseph says. "I mean, I’m sure you can figure it out"

"It’s not really that complicated," he assures his slightly younger brother.

"I asked her just to stay … kinda as still as she could … and then kind of go with it," Josiah says awkwardly.

"That’s what we did," Joseph replies.

"Either one side or the other," Joseph adds. "But it looks better when the guy goes, I think."

"I don’t think you’re going to have a problem," Joseph suspects.

He credits his optimism to communication, because: "y’all probably already talked about it."

Witha  little prompting from a producer, Josiah reveals a little more to the Counting On cameras.

"I was thinking, you know what? I wonder what it feels like," Josiah shares.

To be clear, he's talking about kissing — not the wedding night.

"So I practiced on my hand," Josiah reveals. "I think practicing on my hand was just to see what it felt like from her side."

"You can’t kiss a tree and expect to see what it’s going to feel like for her," Josiah reasons.

Well … he's not wrong. Lauren is not a tree.

"So if you kiss on your hand, you can feel … like, ‘Okay, maybe I should make my lips more full,’ or whatever," Josiah continues.

That helped him, Josiah explains, to practice "and kind of think of it from that perspective."

"You’ve got to think about it!" Josiah explains.

Obviously, practicing for something like the wedding night using his hand would be strictly forbidden in the Duggar household.

We suppose that kissing his hand must be okay. We hope.

Still speaking to the camera, Josiah gushes about this major life milestone.

"It is interesting to think this is the first day in my life I get to kiss a girl," Josiah says.

He clarifies that he will be kissing Lauren "right smack dab on the lips."

"I mean, it’s special," Josiah shares. "It really is a special moment for us."

"And I’ll try to make sure it’s not just a peck," Josiah promises. "I’ll make sure it’s good."

Most of us have probably seen one viral video or another of a fundamentalist wedding where the bride and groom had never kissed.

These videos go viral because, well, the first kiss ends up being painfully awkward to watch.

While it's a shame that the Duggars aren't raised with real choices and personal freedoms, Josiah has seen a lot of weddings.

At 22, his first kiss was probably a little more prepared than a normal person's at 12 or 15 or 19 or whatever.

We'll find out on Monday night's Counting On season finale!

Josiah duggar admits he practiced kissing his hand before the we

Bristol Palin Ditches Sister’s Wedding, Humiliates Famous Family

It remains very hard to believe, but it’s true:

Bristol Palin is now part of the Teen Mom OG family.

And the timing seemingly could not be better for the controversial mother of three, considering she may now be persona non grata within her own family!

According to Radar Online, Bristol’s younger sister, Willow, got married this past Saturday to someone named Ricky Bailey in Alaska.

Mother Sarah Palin wrote on Instagram that the ceremony and reception “couldn’t be more perfect!!!” because the bride and groom were surrounded by “so much love ~ and surrounded by the mutual love & support of cherished friends & family… just PERFECT.”

But was it? Was it really?

Maybe not.

An insider tells Radar that Bristol actually no-showed the big day after getting into a massive fight with Willow.

What would have caused one sister to miss the wedding of another sister?

In this case, the dangerous past of a different sibling.

Bristol started a huge fight with Willow because her kids aren’t supposed to be around Track,” *a source close to the Palins told Radar, referencing Bristol and Willow’s 29-year old brother.

He was arrested last month for domestic violence, making the third time in as many years he’d been booked on this same awful charge.

(*Yes, these are the real names of actual people.)

The source explained that Bristol’s ex-husband, Dakota Meyer, prohibited their kids from speaking with Track many months ago.

He ended up missing out on the wedidng himself due to his arrest the evening prior, but the mere invitation was enough to set Bristol off.

“Bristol was supposed to give a speech at the wedding,” the insider said. “Instead she packed up her kids and left, leaving Willow behind.”


Talk about awkward, huh?

On Sunday, Bristol shared videos of her kids running around a soccer field and titled the footage “My world.”

Then, earlier today, she shared a picture of herself and Meyer in the car (both looking mighty perturbed) and teased this evening’s Teen Mom OG Season 8 premiere in the caption.

“My story begins tonight. don’t miss the 90-minute premiere… and my FIRST EPISODE of #TeenMomOG starting at 9/8c on @MTV,” she wrote, acting as if the wedding snub never happened.”

Bristol was announced as a Teen Mom OG cast addition several weeks ago — but fans of the franchise remain in shock.

The daughter of the former Vice Presidential candidate is really now on Teen Mom OG?!?

Tyler Baltierra recently acknowledged that this situation is more than just a little unusual.

Do I think it’s weird as hell? Absolutely. Do I think it’s a really, like, not a good decision for the franchise? Yeah. But that’s out of my control,” Tyler said on a podcast.

For the most part, however, Palin’s upcoming co-stars have taken some issue with how MTV never informed them of the decision to hire Bristol until the network also informed the public.

But they have also said Bristol herself seems totally cool.

Check out a few of their initial reactions below: