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FSU’s Khalan Laborn Cuts Deal In Weed Case … Avoids Jail Time


FSU running back Khalan Laborn — the No. 1 RB recruit out of H.S. — just cut a deal in his weed possession case that will keep him out of jail … TMZ Sports has learned.

The former 5-star recruit was arrested at 1:30 AM on Nov. 19 in Leon County, Florida, after he was pulled over for driving on an expired vehicle registration with no headlights on.

When cops spoke with the 19-year-old running back … they say he reeked of weed — and after they searched his FSU backpack — they found a glass jar containing the sticky icky.

Laborn was arrested for possession of marijuana less than 20 grams … which, if convicted — carries a 1-year jail sentence AND a $ 1,000 fine.

FOR WEED! (Now legal for recreational use in 10 states and D.C. for people over the age of 21). 

But, Khalan copped a plea deal with the state attorney in court Thursday … and is now off the hook once he completes a diversion program.

We’re told Laborn has 90 days to pay a $ 100 fine and complete either 15 hours of community service or 1 day of Leon County work.

Khalan is one of the highest-rated recruits to ever enroll at FSU … and flashed promise until a knee injury knocked him out for the 2018 season.

He’s expected to be a huge part of the Noles’ offense in 2019.

Stephen Jackson Blasts ‘Cokehead’ Darryl Strawberry … Over Weed Comments

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Stephen Jackson just ripped Darryl Strawberry for saying weed is a gateway drug … blasting the ex-MLB superstar as a “cokehead” who’s “weak-minded.”

ICYMI … Strawberry told TMZ Sports earlier this week that marijuana is SUPER dangerous and is “just the beginning” of the path to way more serious drugs.

Enter Jackson … a staunch marijuana advocate who heard the comments — and just had to tear into the former outfielder for making the bold claim.

“You a whole cokehead out here, bruh,” Jackson says.

“Asking you for advice about weed is like asking somebody who went broke on how to stay rich. You a whole cokehead out here, bruh!!”

Jackson later apologized for the comments … saying he didn’t mean to disrespect the ex-Yankee who’s tried to turn around his life after being suspended 3 times for cocaine during his baseball career.

But, Stephen didn’t back off his initial opinion at all … doubling down and saying, “If you think weed is a gateway drug, then you weak-minded.”

Jackson added, “It’s a gateway for weak-minded people. That’s just what it is. So if you weak-minded, don’t smoke weed because it’s going to make you try coke and crack.”

Dr. Drew Josh Gordon Is Abusing Serious Drugs … Gotta Be More Than Weed


Josh Gordon‘s substance abuse issues run deeper than weed … so says Dr. Drew, who tells TMZ Sports he believes the WR is dealing with something far more serious than pot.

Gordon announced Thursday he’s stepping away from football to focus on his mental health — but the NFL says he violated the league’s substance abuse policy, once again.

Dr. Drew says it just can’t be a weed issue that the Patriots WR is dealing with … telling us Josh is most likely hooked on something much more powerful.

“I’m certain a lot of people think, ‘Could this be cannabis? Could this be pot?’ There’s no way they’d be this harsh with him if it were.”

“It’s gotta be something more here. What he’s talking about and the way he’s talking about it, it sounds like he’s really struggling with something more serious.”

Dr. Drew says he’s happy Josh is taking time away from the game to get sober … but warns if Gordon returns too soon — it could be dire for the superstar wideout.

“It’s a high-risk game for him to be in the NFL. If he returns to work too early, it’s definitely a risk to his sobriety.”

BTW … Dr. Drew also ripped the NFL for it’s handling of players with mental illnesses — telling us Roger Goodell and co. need to learn a lesson from the NBA.