Catelynn Lowell: I’m Done With Drugs & I’m Gonna Lose Weight!

Back in November, Catelynn Lowell checked into rehab to be treated for emotional issues and recurrent suicidal thoughts.

It was Catelynn’s second stint in a treatment facility, and just like the first time, she’s being admirably candid about her struggles.

“Well today I thought of every way to kill myself.. so I’m going to treatment,” she tweeted just hours before she checked in.

According to Radar Online, Catelynn recently returned home after a six-week stay, and she’s resolved to change several habits that she’s learned are detrimental to her mental health.

The last time that she sought treatment, Catelynn decided that she had an unhealthy dependence on marijuana and decided to swear it off.

This time, she’s also decided to forgo alcohol and commit herself to a healthier lifestyle.

Fortunately, it seems Lowell has the full support of her husband, Tyler Baltierra.

“He said he’s going to be with her every step of the way in terms of her working the steps, staying on top of her therapy session and not missing any days of her outpatient treatment,” a source close to the couple tells Radar Online.

“He said he’s going to be with her every step of the way in terms of her working the steps, staying on top of her therapy sessions and not missing any days of her outpatient treatment.”

Apparently, Baltierra has decided to make some changes of his own.

“Tyler will be joining her when it comes to losing weight! He’s admittedly gained a bit of weight over the past year and he’s unhappy with his appearance. He’s been wanting to lose weight for a while now, so they’re making major changes as a family.”

In the past, Tyler has been accused of fat-shaming Catelynn and being unsupportive of her efforts to lose weight.

Tyler visited Catelynn in rehab several times, so her decision to get sober likely didn’t come as a surprise to him.

Fans were concerned when Lowell ended her treatment ahead of schedule, but those who know her best say the reality star is fully committed to maintaining her physical and mental health.

Most importantly, she’s reportedly self-aware enough to know when she needs treatment.

And she’s aware that there’s no shame in seeking further help.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more on Catelynn’s courageous struggle.


June Shannon Offers Weight Loss Advice, Gets SLAMMED!

Season 2 of Mama June: From Hot to Not premieres on January 12th. 

As you know, June Shannon is going to be a beauty queen. The first season documented the steps that she took to lose weight. so the second season will show her trying to make the most of it.

But how, exactly, does she keep the weight off? June Shannon shared how … and she’s getting roasted over it.

Mama June Shannon spoke to People about how she’s retained her significantly trimmer figure since she first underwent her body transformation.

“It’s all about portion control for me.”

That’s a common, if not fun, answer. Nobody wants to hear that their fondness for eating a “family size” meal themselves might be what’s keeping them back from attaining their dream body.

“It’s not easy to eat like you’re ‘supposed to’ and hit the gym all the time, but I’m just trying to maintain it the best I can.”

Mama June also shares that she sleeps until 1pm and, in the process, skips breakfast — cutting out an entire meal’s calories while also relishing in the comfort of her bed.

“This sounds bad. But I’m more of a snacker.”

Snacking can be fine — or even, for some metabolisms, ideal — depending on what the snack is.

June says that a normal snack for her is grapes and cheese.

For dinner, she prefers “baked chicken and quinoa” or “baked pork chops, corn and beans.”

“If I’m craving something sweet, Little Debbie jelly cakes are my favorite cheat snack.”

Those do sound good.

Just as when news broke of a June Shannon workout video, people were quick to point out that June’s “advice” seemed … less than helpful.

And possibly inherently dishonest.

“Her secret to weight loss?” One commenter replied. “I’m pretty sure it was the gastric sleeve which physically prevented her from eating.”

Another took even harsher aim at Mama June, writing:

“I hate when people say they have lost all that weight. No you had it surgically removed. There is a difference between someone busting their ass to lose weight and having the fat sucked out.”

(Honestly, that seems silly to us — weight loss is weight loss)

Another comment, however, cut right to the point:

“I’m pretty sure if someone paid for all my expenses for weight loss surgery, excess skin removal, a personal trainer, and chef that I’d be able to lose weight and keep it off too!”

That’s a fair point — there’s much more at work for Mama June than “portion control” and sleeping in.

That same commenter went a little overboard with their next jab, however, writing:

“She’s still a hillbilly skank no matter what her weight!”

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” another commenter wrote. “And I’m pretty sure she had surgery to lose all that weight.”

She sure did have surgery. (Honestly, though, who has time to eat breakfast? Do people really still do that?)

“What a horrible woman! So into herself. How about getting up at a normal time and teaching your kids to eat properly.”

If you don’t have a job or pets or young children to get you up, 1pm is a perfectly normal time to get up. (Why get up before noon if you don’t have to?)

“If we could all be lazy pieces of [excrement] and sleep until 1pm,” laments another judgmental commenter. “Kids have school, have a job, and why waste half a good day being worthless?”

So, some of the backlash seems unwarranted — why do some people get so worked up over when someone else gets out of bed? (Especially since, you know, someone who gets up late was probably up late also)

But some of these seemed to have a point. Mama June’s “secrets” to success seemed to have a lot to do with some massively expensive procedures and luxuries that few can afford.


I Am Jazz: Season 4 Trailer: Jazz Jennings Tackles Dating, Weight Gain, and Haters

Despite Derick Dillard's worst effortsI Am Jazz returns next month, continuing to document the life of well-spoken trans teen, Jazz Jennings.

We've seen a lot about her, her family, and her activism. It looks like this season is going to focus on some personal decisions and struggles: getting a tattoo, dating a girl for the first time, her weight, activism, and being in the path of Hurricane Irma.

In the first trailer, which we have for you below, you'll see that and more as Jazz 

Jazz jennings at 17

Jazz Jennings' hit reality series is continuing to succeed where Caitlyn Jenner's failed. Why?

Well, probably because Jazz is a better representative of the LGBT+ community. I Am Cait lost a lot of viewers, and you can't help but wonder how much her affection for people like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump had to do with that.

Also, Jazz is in many ways more relatable to viewers, whether they're trans or cis. Most of us can't relate to being a millionaire Olympian. But a teenager with a teenager's struggles?

We've all been there.

So, the first thing that we really get to see in the trailer is Jazz getting a tattoo.

Jazz only turned 17 last October, so we imagine that for at least most of this upcoming season of I Am Jazz, she'll be 16.

For those of you concerned about a 16-year-old getting a tattoo, Florida law is fine with a 16- or 17-year-old getting a tattoo so long as it is with the permission of a present.

Here's the tat!

Jazz jennings tattoo

Jazz shared that photo in November, so she may have only gotten it when she was 17 — we're not sure.

It's of a mermaid (and it's beautifully colorful!), and we should note that mermaids — in addition to being, you know, neat in general — are sometimes symbolic for members of the LGBT+ community (particularly for trans folks).

In fact, when Hans Christian Andersen wrote The Little Mermaid, it was apparently symbolic of his desire to transform himself to be with the man whom he loved but did not love him back (Edvard Collin).

So a mermaid is an appropriate symbol for her.

And speaking of romantic feelings, the next item covered in the trailer is Jazz Jennings' love life.

In the video below, you'll see her get set up with another girl and even go on what looks like a double-date.

Though Jazz came out as pansexual in 2014, revealing that she's attracted to people regardless of their gender, she's previously dated boys. This will be a big, exciting step for her!

Jazz jennings for tlc

(There is an awkward line about "now is a good time to experiment with bisexuality." While some people use bi and pan as interchangeable labels, it's rude to use one label for someone who prefers another. Common courtesy, folks)

The next topic is a little tricky, because it's Jazz's weight.

It looks like she's put on a few pounds (really just a few!); you'll have to see for yourself in the video below if you agree with some of the voices describing Jazz as 'fat."

While weight fluctuation is normal, especially for teens, it's not a bad time to start getting into the habit of a daily exercise routine (we know that it's hard at first and it's never fun, but life is full of suffering anyway so you might at least be healthy while you suffer).

The line about Jazz's unhealthy relationship with food is going to be almost painfully relatable to some viewers.

It looks like the brief montage of exercises that we see in the trailer are going to pay off, because recent photos of her show her having shed weight.

Jazz jennings 00

Her exercise isn't just for the sake of a trim figure, however.

We see her nervously discussing gender confirmation surgery with her doctor. And apparently she needed to lose a few pounds in preparation for that.

It sounds like the doctors are discussing top surgery — what Jazz does or does not do to her genitals is absolutely none of our business (even if she weren't a minor!).

After the surgery talk, we get to a much less comfortable subject: transphobes.

Facing bigots who think that you shouldn't exist cannot be an easy task, but we're glad that Jazz has a support system in place of family and medical experts.

Also, we should remember that Jazz first became famous at an extremely young age for being so well-spoken about her gender in an interview with Barbara Walters.

At 16 and 17, she's been answering questions — some of them hateful — for almost all of her life. She shouldn't have to face this kind of hate, but she's totally got this.

Jazz jennings with caitlyn jenner candis cayne

The final portion of the trailer deals with Jazz dealing with her entire family being in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Jazz lives in Florida, folks. (Shall we joke and say that it's her one big shortcoming, or is Florida too easy of a target?)

With all of the devastation in Puerto Rico — from which they are still recovering — and with fires raging in and around L.A. right at this very moment, you might almost forget about the damage and destruction wrought by hurricanes like Irma and Harvey.

It looks like we're going to see the toll that Irma took, up close and personally.

At least we know that Jazz herself is okay.

I am jazz season 4 trailer released jazz jennings tackles dating

Kylie Jenner: Ashamed of Weight Gain? Planning Emergency Surgery?!?

Kylie Jenner has scarcely been seen in public since numerous outlets confirmed she’s pregnant.

The reality star has shared the occasional photo on social media, but rarely of her belly.

And she certainly hasn’t confirmed the VERY strong rumor at any point, either.

Will we even see Kylie again before she gives birth to her first child?

One would have to imagine so, although recent reports have suggested Jenner really is going to lay as low as possible until she becomes a mother.

“Kylie wants to disappear and be out of the spotlight and focus on her health and happiness,” an insider recently told People Magazine, claiming Jenner won’t even “address her pregnancy” until it’s over with.

For what reason?

Multiple sources have said Kylie thinks she’s an ugly pregnant person.

Considering she’s sky-rocketed to Instagram fame largely due to her revealing pictures, it’s not hard to understand why a new, significantly larger figure may be difficult for the star to digest.

This is why Kylie supposedly has a master plan to get rid of said figure as quickly as she can.

According to Radar Online, the 20-year old is “very insecure with her weight gain” and, as a result, her loved ones are “trying to make her feel better.”

But to no avail.

The pregnant star has been asking “if it’s possible get [liposuction] immediately” after giving birth, this same report alleges.

This, of course, is frowned upon in the United States. Or in nearly any first world country, really.

It’s dangerous to go under the knife after your body goes through some as traumatic as squeezing a human being out of your vagina.

Having had her request denied, Radar writes that Kylie “asked if she could to another country” for the weight loss procedure.

Thankfully, there are apparently a few voices of reason here.

For all the issues one could understandably take with Kim, Khloe or Kim Kardashian, this Radar source says the sisters advised Kylie against such a terrible idea.

They told her she would have to shed the weight “naturally,” as Kim blogged about non-stop shortly after giving birth to her two kids.

Why cutting pounds so darn important to this family?

We wish we knew.

The sisters are setting a pretty terrible example by so constantly bringing up their bodies and their work out routines and their supposed need to weigh a certain amount.

We mean…come on now!

Kylie Jenner is about to be a mother!

She ought to be excited about the bundle of joy that’s about to enter her life, not what she looks like when she steps in front of a mirror.


Teen Shares Epic “Weight Loss” Photo After Breakup: I Lost 200 Pounds!

There are bad dates and there are worse dates. And not all of those are first dates, either.

Well, a teenager named Miranda had a particularly bad date … and celebrated the ensuing break-up with a triumphant weight loss announcement.

And a before-and-after photo that rocketed to viral fame.

Miranda Baker is a beautiful young woman.

She’s certainly not someone whom we would describe as “disgusting” or “unattractive.”

But that is apparently exactly how her (now ex-)boyfriend described her just before their breakup.

See, Miranda is an 18-year-old student at Iowa State University. And on Sunday, she tweeted two (now-deleted) photos, which we have for you below.

Using some simple photo cropping, she turned the single photo into a before-and-after picture, along with the caption:

“After getting called disgusting last night, I successfully dropped 200lbs! (Before and after pics)”

Before you start to worry about her health or grow concerned that this is an endorsement of fat-shaming as a weight loss technique, take a look:

Miranda Baker, Viral "Weight Loss" Photo Split

That’s great.

Obviously, this is neither the first nor the most original use of the “I just lost x pounds” line often employed by the newly divorced.

But the fact that she included photos and actively photoshopped her former boyfriend out of them so that they could be “before and after” photos really wins you over.

Miranda told The Daily Mail that she and her ex had been seeing each other for about 5 weeks before the ugly incident and breakup.

On Saturday, the pair spent the afternoon tailgating and even had lunch with Miranda’s parents.

They then went to her boyfriend’s fraternity formal together. Apparently, it was when they arrived that her date had some alarming things to say about her.

“‘He said to me, “The way you were acting today was disgusting and unattractive.'”

We have no idea what he could have meant, but … yikes.

Unless she was rolling around in excrement or eating a kitten alive or endorsing Roy Moore or ordering mushrooms on her pizza, those comments sound entirely unwarranted.

Basically, that’s an unacceptable way to talk to another human being, let alone to your girlfriend.

Miranda realized that and ended up leaving the formal and meeting up with some friends. Good for her.

She says that her ex later called her, and not to apologize.

“About an hour later he called me, yelling at me to apologize for leaving him! I said, “I will not apologize for leaving you after you called me disgusting and unattractive.'”

That sounds very fair. If he’d broken up with her over her alleged behavior, that would have been his choice.

There was no need to speak to her the way that he reportedly did.

Miranda’s post ended up getting retweeted by just the right people, and became an overnight sensation within the Twittersphere.

She received outpourings of support for her decision to end the relationship. She also got a lot of laughs for her lighthearted “weight loss” photos.

There are worse ways to handle a breakup.

At least one person used the opportunity to ask her out, asking if she was looking to gain “165 pounds.” Funny, though perhaps not the time.

And at least one person took to her ex’s defense, saying that none of the people enjoying the tweets knew what “actually” happened … but also not offering an alternative version of the story.

Social media is amazing, folks.