Tyler Baltierra Shows Off Jaw-Dropping, 43-Pound Weight Loss!

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra has flaunted his wild weight loss before, but this time, his thirst trap is accompanied by a before photo.

In case the powerful visual of his body’s transformation isn’t enough, he reveals exactly how much weight he’s lost.

Take a look:

Tyler Baltierra posted a pair of shirtless photos of himself.

In the first, he looks overweight. It’s not an especially flattering image for a few reasons.

His body type in the pic could be described as “soft” or even, dare we say it, “dad bod.”

Tyler wants fans to know how much weight he’s lost, so he starts his captions with his stats.

“208lbs to 165lbs!” Tyler announces. 

That makes for a weight difference of 43 pounds. Wow!

“I’ve been eating healthy for about 7 months,” Tyler reveals about his lifestyle transformation.

Tyler then clarifies what he means by healthy food, since everybody has their own definition.

He explains: “(no processed foods/low carbs/no sugar)”

Different diets have different effects, but you can’t argue with his results!

Tyler Baltierra selfie

Tyler has been eating like this for more than half a year.

“But,” he says. “I’ve only been working out for 3 of those months.”

Diet and exercise combined are radically transforming his body.

“And,” Tyler writes. “I’m finally starting to see results from it!”

Um, we’re all seeing those results.

“#ReachingGoals,” Tyler tagged his post. “#SelfLove.”

Learning to love yourself is a great first step to taking measures to improve your health.

He followed that up with the tags: “#Dedication #NaturalEndorphins.”

Exercise may be miserable, but the release of natural endorphins is part of the reward.

Finally, Tyler tags: “#IAmMyOnlyCompetition”

That sounds like a very healthy mindset.

He’s not competing for Catelynn’s heart — he won that a long time ago.

He’s comparing his body and his current weight to his old body and his old weight.

Tyler Baltierra working out and posting these thirst traps has been great for his self esteem.

It has also, some cynical fans fear, been a warning that Tyler and Catelynn will get divorced.

Some people worry when one spouse suddenly starts working hard on getting hot.

While Catelynn obviously enjoys his new hot body, some fans fear that he’s preparing to leave her or at least step out on her.

If, they say, he has not done so already.

But Tyler isn’t getting hot so that he can bang other women.

He’s getting hot for himself. He is working to better his physical health, his mental health, and his emotional health.

Tyler has been open and honest about his struggles, but improving his health from without and within can really help him — in conjunction with proper medication and therapy.

By sharing his journey with fans and followers, Tyler is showing that they can follow in his footsteps.

Plus, he’s also showing off a little. That’s okay. He has more than earned those bragging rights.


Khloe Kardashian: Help! I Can’t Shed This Baby Weight!

It's been several months since Khloe Kardashian gave birth to precious baby True Thompson.

Khloe has been a fitness nut for years and she is famous for how she transformed her body. 

But now she is turning to fans for help on how to shed those final post-baby pounds. She says that she has lost a lot already, but has stumbled into what she calls a plateau.

It sounds like she's desperate for tips, or maybe she just wants to talk about it for motivation.

Either way, telling women what to do with their bodies is the internet's absolute favorite thing, so Khloe's plea for advice received no shortage of replies.

Take a look:

1. Khloe needs help!

Khloe kardashian post pregnancy
Khloe’s post-baby body may look great to our eyes, but she has taken to social media to share that she’s hit a roadblock on her weight loss journey.

2. Khloe asks the question

Khloe weight loss question tweets 01 khloe asks
First of all, she’s lost 30 pounds in just a few months! That’s no small feat, especially if you just gave birth.

3. One fan says she should ask someone else

Khloe weight loss question tweets 02 ask kim
Kim is, of course, famous for her body. Even more so than her sisters.

4. Khloe knows better than most

Khloe weight loss question tweets 03 beast
But it sounds like Kim’s thing doesn’t work for Khloe, and that’s okay.

5. But Kim’s body secret is no recipe

Kim kardashian flaunts her legs and weight loss
She recently revealed that she has been working out with a bodybuilder and that she has lost 20 pounds in the past year as a result. But a huge factor in weight loss is genetics, and Kim and Khloe may be siblings, but they’re not identical. Maybe that won’t work for Khloe.

6. Khloe received words of comfort

Khloe weight loss question tweets 04 twins are 2
It is totally normal for people to never regain their pre-baby weight, especially when they’re older.

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Kim Kardashian Reveals Her INSANE Weight Loss!

Though fans say that Kourtney is still hotter than Kim, there are few bodies on the planet more legendary than Kim Kardashian and her internet-breaking booty.

But Kim’s body has had some changes lately. And she has come forward to reveal that she is proud to have lost 20 pounds.

Kim is even revealing how she pulled it off. And no, feuding with Kourtney does not burn calories.

In an interview with E! that aired on Wednesday, Kim shares the new routine that helped her to lose 20 pounds.

“I work out about an hour-and-a-half every single day,” Kim reveals, sharing that she practices using “heavy weights.”

A lot of exercise intended to result in weight loss focuses upon sustained activity to burn calories, but Kim’s approach is a little different.

“I don’t do a lot of cardio,” Kim shares.

She teases that even her family has been marveling at the results.

“But honestly,” Kim says. “Like even my mom pulled me aside maybe a week ago and pulls me in a closet and is like, ‘What are you doing?’”

Why … why did this conversation need to take place in a closet?

Kim continues her anecdote about her mother’s desperate question: “She says, ‘I don’t care what, I just need to know.’”

That is … a phenomenally Kris Jenner way to ask something. Beautiful.

“I’ve been working out really hardcore with a bodybuilder for one year,” Kim announces.

“September,” Kim continues. “Is our one-year anniversary.”

In under one year, Kim has managed to sculpt her body beyond its already enviable shape.

“I’ve lost 20 pounds,” Kim reveals. “And I’m really proud of that.”

That’s impressive! Especially for someone so small who had so little, body-wise, to lose.

Kim shares her previous stats, saying: “I was almost 140 forever.”

140 and under is not a lot for a human being to weigh, but, at 5-foot-3, Kim is so very tiny that she felt heavy.

“And now,” Kim divulges. “I’m like 116 and it just feels good.”

Kim shares that this fitness habit is not the kind that boasts instant results.

“I didn’t see results right away,” she admits.

Very few sustainable workouts do see much initial change — unless you just shed water weight.

“But when you stick with something and you’re consistent,” Kim promises. “You will.”

“So,” Kim continues. “I love it.”

Kim notes that she has also made some adjustments to her diet that have contributed to her weight loss.

“I don’t really eat sugar the way that I used to,” Kim admits. “It doesn’t really do it for me.”

Different people crave different tastes. Though it is of course possible that Kim has just managed to convince herself that sweet things don’t taste as good as her new figure feels.

“I’ve kind of been trained to just eat a lot healthier than I used to,” Kim shares. “I used to just eat anything and everything and I loved it.”

One day, when medical science allows people to pop a $ 10 pill and lose 10 pounds of fat with zero consequences, maybe the whole world will be able to eat like that.

Kim explains that she has devoted herself to regulating what she eats and how much.

“And so I really do control that now,” Kim expresses. “I don’t want to ruin it by just stuffing my face.”

Some would say that the whole point of an exercise routine is to allow you to eat more of what you would like to eat.

Kim does reveal her cheat food: “I love Häagen-Dazs ice cream. That’s like my one go-to.”

Obviously, training with a bodybuilder and even eating healthy can be difficult or impossible if you’re not, you know, a millionaire. But it’s good of her to share her story with fans.


Emmy Rossum Reveals Her Weight as Part of “I Weigh” Movement

Emmy Rossum is beautiful and talented, and has starred on television and in films.

In the past, she has used her voice to scold anti-Semitic Trump supporters. Now, she is lending her fame and platform to a very powerful movement.

She is sharing her weight, and the answer may surprise you.

Emmy took to Instagram to ask her fans and followers: “Want to know what I weigh?”

In case you’re thinking no thanks, I’m not that intrusive, know that she’s posting this herself.

And that second of all, there’s much more to this than a number on the scale. In fact, that is the whole point.

“Click on my stories,” Emmy encourages her followers. “@i_weigh BECAUSE YOU AE SO MUCH MORE THAN A NUMBER”

She tags I Weigh, which is a powerful campaign. And as you see her posts, you understand what the campaign is all about.

Emmy Rossum I Weigh posts 01

Emmy tells her followers that the scale, though a useful tool, does not reveal the be all and end all of a person’s value.

“During my life,” Emmy writes. “The scale has told me that I’ve gained and lost and gained and lost.”

It is, for everyone, an endless cycle of both gains and losses.

Emmy reveals that she has oscillated “somewhere in the range of 20 pounds. But that piece of metal doesn’t really know.”

“Here,” Emmy writes. “Is what I ACTUALLY WEIGH.”

Emmy Rossum I Weigh posts 02

Emmy then shares an image that lists her qualities — the substance of wh she is.

“3 best friends since kindergarten, drive, kindness, empathy,” Emmy lists.

“Makes friends with strangers, Jewish and proud, Daughter,” Emmy adds. “100+ hours of television.”

That’s not about watching TV — that means that she has appeared on 100 hours of television, which is true — honestly, her role on Shameless covered almost that much.

“The courage it takes everyday to overcome ptsd, one happy marriage, 3 episodes of television directed,” Emmy continues.

Emmy adds: “countless hours of therapy, one finished screenplay, and animal rescuer.”

Emmy Rossum I Weigh posts 03

She then shares an image that adds to that.

“See,” Emmy writes. “When you add up everything you are??”

You’re a lot more than how hard this planet’s gravity pulls you towards its center, that’s for sure.

Emmy writes: “The size of your thighs don’t really matter anymore do they?!”

“So join me in this,” Emmy says. “Show people what you are actually made of. Because you are so much more than a f–king number.”

Obviously, it is normal for weight to go up and down — but several pounds.

Factors like when you last ate, when you last went to the bathroom, how hydrated you are, and even the weather that day can change what the scale says about you.

Emmy and the I Weigh campaign are exactly right — that number on the scale does not tell you your value.

Some may cynically point out that Emmy Rossum is a famously gorgeous woman who has never in her life weighed anything outside of what society considers “extremely good” or “perfect.”

But she is lending her voice to a very good campaign, and her voice matters. Some people would sadly refuse to hear this from a woman twice her size.


Kathryn Dennis Demolishes Ashley Jacobs’ Weight Loss Claims!

At the moment, Ashley Jacobs has left Thomas Ravenel … but they are not officially broken up. Yet.

In the mean time, a number of viewers have been deeply alarmed by what they perceive as rapid weight loss on Ashley’s part.

Ashley explains why she lost weight, but Kathryn Dennis isn’t buying it. She says that Ashley is just an a–hole.

“I know a lot of people on social media have been concerned about your weight loss,” Andy Cohen said to Ashley during the show’s reunion special. “You look different than you look on the show.”

“Yes,” Ashley acknowledges. “The pressure of filming made me nervous.”

Some people respond to anxiety by stress eating. Others respond with a total lack of appetite.

Neither of those are the worst coping mechanisms, but they’re also not healthy.

“It would be hard for me to eat before,” Ashley explains. “Because I would be so nervous about what to expect.”

The effects have transformed Ashley pretty noticeably. Fans are concerned.

Ashley Jacobs Southern Charm Weight Loss Comparison

Ashley has muddied the waters on Instagram by controlling which photos get posted (and stay posted) and also uploading throwback pics, but the change is still hard to miss.

“And then,” Ashley explains. “Afterward, I had such a hard time even eating, going, ‘I shouldn’t have said that. I shouldn’t have said this.’”

So she would get nervous before filming … and then work herself up into an anxious mess after filming, too.

“And it caused a lot of stress,” Ashley admits. “I put a lot of pressure on myself.”

Ashley then went on to imply that perhaps the multiple rape accusations against Thomas Ravenel and Ashley’s own portrayal as the season’s villain contributed to her unhealthy habits.

“Girl,” Kathryn writes on Twitter in response to Ashley’s statements. “This is your first year and you’re an a–hole.”

Ashley did seem to be rude and confrontational towards a number of Southern Charm stars — and on Kathryn in particular.

“Sorry to be blunt,” Kathryn continues. “But there’s no excuse.”

Kathryn reminds Ashley that “the original cast has been through a helluva lot more.” They’ve been filming the series for years, remember?

“Get yourself together and move on. Be an asshole in private,” Kathryn advises. “Truth hurts. Bye”

Though Ashley seemed determined to make enemies — whether by feuding or flirting — her castmates clearly do not wish her ill.

In fact, during the second part of the reunion special, which aired last week, Andy Cohen mentioned that someone had allegedly seen Thomas Ravenel throw something at Ashley.

Ashley had paused and then tried to take the blame, claiming that she had been “a brat” and that it was her fault.

Shock and concern, at the alleged incident and at Ashley’s response, was impossible for the Southern Charm stars to hide.

Multiple costars referred to Ashley making excuses for Thomas as a “red flag.”

Ashley may have been the season’s villain, but the more that fans and viewers have heard about Thomas, the more people doubt that he’ll be returning to the screen.

In fact, some have speculated that though there is no real defense for Ashley’s behavior on camera, that it seemed that Thomas was baiting her.

Even some of the Southern Charm stars themselves pointed out that Thomas liked to compare Ashley to Kathryn, but only where Ashley failed to measure up.

Ashley is an adult woman who is responsible for her own behavior, but that does not mean that no one else contributed to her behavior.

And it may be that her terror and anxiety over filming the show was also exacerbated by her relationship with Thomas.

Either way … not everyone is able to accept being a reality star, no matter how badly they may have wanted it.

It may be that all of Ashley’s famewhoring was for nothing.


Jenna Jameson Flaunts Astonishing 57 Pound Weight Loss!

Jenna Jameson has been retired from porn for over ten years now, but she’s still one of the handful household names to emerge from the adult industry in the ’90s and early 2000s.

While she raked in a ton of cash during her career, Jameson’s life has deteriorated recently into the sort of cautionary tale that the porn world produces so consistently.

In the past few years, Jameson has been arrested; she’s been involved in multiple unhealthy relationships; and she’s appeared intoxicated and incoherent in numerous relationships.

She’s been both a victim and a perpetrator of awful behavior.

She’s lied; she’s cheated; she’s said horrible, racist things on television and blamed others when she was called out for her comments.

In other words, she’s what 60 million or so Americans would consider presidential material.

But despite the many times Jenna has let us down, we’re still rooting for her.

We’re mostly rooting for her to stop being racist, but maybe a more positive worldview come more naturally now that she’s taking care of herself.

As you can see, Jenna has shed quite a few pounds in recent months — 57 pounds to be exact.

She posted the before-and-after pics above to her Instagram page this week along with a caption describing her process:

“Thought I’d post a #motivationmonday #beforeandafter of my total weight loss,” Jameson wrote.

“On the right I weight 187. On the left I’m a strong 130. I was lethargic and struggled with the easiest of tasks like walking in the beach sand with Batelli.

“I felt slow mentally and physically. I took the pic on the right for a body positive post I was going to do and decided against it because I felt anything but fucking positive,” she added.

“I’m now a little under 4 months on the #ketodiet and it’s not only given me physical results, I feel happier, smarter, and much more confident.”:

Jameson also posted a second before-and-after pic, this time offering 

This has been a strong week for my Keto lifestyle results. I’m no longer really losing fat, I’m tightening,” she wrote.

“I see and feel the biggest difference in my arms and back.

“When I was out of shape, I felt really thick through my core and trap and arm area. That’s finally starting to go.”

Yes, the keto diet is working wonders for lots of people these days.

But until they invent carb-free french fry sandwiches, it simply won’t be for us.

Anyway, congrats to Jenna on her remarkable transformation.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go bury our shame in an avalanche of empty calories.


Tyler Baltierra Flaunts WILD Weight Loss in New Thirst Trap!

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra has shown off his insane weight loss in recent weeks, but he’s been working to do more than just shed some pounds.

He’s working hard to tone his body and regain his abs. And, as you can see below, it is clearly working.

There’s a fine line between sharing your body transformation progress and posting a thirst trap, and Tyler may have just crossed it.

It’s not #TransformationThursday yet, but clearly Tyler Baltierra was happy to share his extraordinary progress with his fans and followers.

“Five months ago, I was 208” pounds, Tyler Baltierra shares in the caption of the photo that he shared with Snapchat followers.

208 can be a lot or a little, depending upon your height and build. At only 5-foot-11, he was feeling a little to large at that size.

“… Today?” he continues. “163! #BOOM.”

That’s a 45 pound weight loss in only 5 months. That’s 9 pounds a month! And just look at the results:

Like we said, he isn’t just walking the line between a fitness pic and a thirst trap. He crossed it.

But why shouldn’t he? He’s really transformed his look this year.

His pecs and abs are looking top notch. His hard work is obviously paying off, and he has every right to flaunt the results to the world.

This is a great reminder that all of this is about more than just shedding some unwanted pounds.

Tyler has detailed his mental health struggles online. He’s also sharing his efforts to improve his physical health.

Beside the side-by-side ab pics below, Tyler writes: “1 month before (LEFT) & after! (RIGHT)”

“Finally making some progress on this goal of mine,” he proudly shares with his fans and followers.

“I think It’s important to document your journey,” Tyler says. “Even if you don’t ever decide to share it.”

For some people pursuing weight loss, the photos at the start of their efforts aren’t the sort that they would ever want to share. That’s fine.

But Tyler explains why it’s important to keep a personal photo journal.

What he’s describing here is what fitness folks refer to as personal accountability photos. Some share them daily.

“Because the days you don’t feel like putting in the work because either you don’t feel like you’re seeing results or you’re just feeling lazy as hell,” Tyler explains. 

He continues, saying that: “those are the days those pics come in handy to motivate & prove to yourself what you are doing & why!”

“40lbs down & only 2 months of consistently working out…BOOM!” he announces.

And that’s up to 45, now.

“For once in my life,” Tyler says. “I’m actually pumped & pretty proud of myself!”

He has a lot of reason to be proud!

Unfortunately, some naysayers are already claiming that all of this body-sculpting is going to lead Tyler Baltierra to leave Catelynn Lowell.

They say that Catelynn might enjoy Tyler’s new body now, but that we’re only a few months away from news of a separation.

Though working out can be a red flag for an affair or an impending breakup, it can also just mean that someone wants to improve their health or self esteem.

And while it’s true that one partner suddenly changing their lifestyle can lead to a split, that doesn’t mean that it always happens.

Tyler and Catelynn have been together since they were twelve years old. It’s hard to imagine that some abs, however nice, are going to break them up.

Besides, as we said, Catelynn really likes what Tyler’s done with himself.