Wendy Williams on Kylie Jenner: She’s Not Even a MOTHER!

So hey, you know that thing that Wendy Williams has been doing for the past few months where she keeps talking about Kylie Jenner and her baby?

It’s pretty weird, right?

On one hand, it is Wendy’s job to discuss all the latest in celebrity gossip, so it’s not like she could just avoid the topic.

But on the other hand … she really has been a little extra about the whole thing.

Back in January, just before Kylie gave birth to Stormi, she did a whole segment about how Kylie is only 20 but she’s already had enough plastic surgery to make her look 35.

Which is pure speculation, of course — Kylie’s only ever admitted to lip injections.

Wendy brought that up in the first place to get across her message that Kylie’s baby would look like her old self, and a lot of people took that to mean that she believed the baby wouldn’t be cute.

So basically, she trash talked a baby that hadn’t even been born.

Classic Wendy Williams, really.

Then, while Kylie was still silent leading up to Stormi’s birth, Wendy speculated heavily that Travis Scott had left her and his responsibilities as a father.

We know now that’s not what happened, and since they became parents, Travis has definitely been around.

We saw how involved he was during the pregnancy in that adorable video Kylie shared, but that still wasn’t good enough for Wendy.

Even after seeing that seriously precious footage, she speculated that Travis would be gone by summer, and that he may even have a side chick right now.

Gossip is fun, that’s true, but come on, girl.

This week, Wendy’s on a new thing about Kylie — gone are the days of mocking her baby or theorizing on all the ways her boyfriend has left or will leave her!

Nope, this tie around she’s actually kind of defending her.

Kind of.

She began her Hot Topics segment by talking about Kylie, and to lead into the subject, she said that “this thing about mom-shaming at some point has got to stop.”

Immediately after saying that, she said that Kylie is “too young to be a mom,” so we guess the point at which mom-shaming has got to stop is not this point.

Her point though about Kylie and mom-shaming has to do with the littlest Jenner’s trip to Coachella last weekend, and how lots of people thought she shouldn’t have gone because of Stormi.

Wendy actually thinks that going to the festival was no big deal, and that mothers should take time for themselves.

But you know she couldn’t have just been nice about it.

She said that because Kylie captioned one of her Coachella selfies “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom,” the whole thing became a bigger deal than it really was.

She seemed to miss the Mean Girls reference and instead hit back with “you’re a child!”

“You’re not even in the club,” she continued to great applause. “If I was 35 years old and I had a couple of kids and a relationship going on and I walked into the mom club and there’s a 20-year-old child there with a baby …”

In that scenario that barely makes sense, she said that she’d “resign from this mom club,” that she wants “like-minded moms around me.”

… Then don’t hang around the people you’re not interested in being around? Why is this even a conversation point?

Kylie is definitely very young, but she’s an adult, and the fact is that she is a mother. Whether or not Wendy thinks she should be is irrelevant at this point.

Like we said though, Wendy’s point is ultimately positive — she said that there’s “nothing wrong with moms having fun,” and that since Stormi is only two months old, she’s sleeping most of the time anyway.

“She’s probably a good mom,” she admitted. “She may be a bad mom, I have no idea … the baby entered your life, you didn’t enter the baby’s life.”

In conclusion, she said that she’s “Team Moms Go Out and Have Fun,” and that’s why she felt the need to defend Kylie here.

How … sweet? Kind? Not awful?

It’s hard to say — Wendy Williams is so rarely any of those things.


Wendy Willams: Please, I Don’t Feel Bad for Khloe Kardashian

Wendy Willams has responded to the Tristan Thompson cheating by scandal by throwing some serious shade…

… at Khloe Kardashian?

Yes, at Khloe Kardashian.

Indeed, most folks out there who have been reading about the multiple times Thompson stepped out on Khloe think the Cleveland Cavaliers rebounding machine is a dirtbag.

They think he’s a no good lying jerk. A total douche canoe.

Considering Khloe was more than eight months pregnant at the time of Tristan’s most recent sexual escapade, these same people feel very sorry for Kardashian.

Seriously, can you imagine what she’s going through?!?

But not Williams.

The talk show host – who makes a living by spouting one misguided and cruel opinion after another about various celebrities – said on Thursday morning that Khloe has basically dug her own grave here.

“Hearing all this stuff, I felt bad for Khloé at first, until I realized, wait a minute. Wasn’t Tristan expecting a baby with his girlfriend Jordan Craig?” Williams asked on air.

As background to this question:

Yes, Thompson was dating a lifestyle blogger named Jordan Craig when he met Khloe.

She was pregnant with their son.

Thompson and Kardashian got together around September of 2016 and Craig gave birth in December of that same year.

As a result, Williams figures Khloe deserves all the pain she’s experiencing right now.

“The only person I feel bad for is the baby,” Wendy added, making it clear:

“I don’t feel bad for Khloe. Khloe, you knew when you pulled up on him that he had a girlfriend named Jordy Craig and Jordy was 5 months pregnant.”

This is one way to look at the situation, of course.

One mean and cold-hearted way.

Another version would be that Thompson truly fell in love with Khloe and that he could not pretend otherwise.

Another version would be that Thompson and Craig weren’t really together at the time he met Khloe, so he didn’t actually cheat on her, she was simply pregnant with their baby.

Another version would be that Khloe wanted to believe things were real between her and Tristan and that the latter had learned from his previous mistake and even if she was blinded by love or a desire to start a family…

… whatever. Who cares?!? Why kick the new mother when she’s down?!?

Because Khloe is now officially a mother.

She welcomed a little girl into the world early Thursday, with Thompson allegedly in the room throughout the process.

Does this mean Khloe has forgiven Thompson and all is well?

We doubt it.

She probably just figured Tristan still is the baby’s father and deserved to see his child be born.

Or that all of this has exploded in her face rather quickly, while she was on the verge of giving birth, and she can’t exactly think too far ahead at the moment.

Either way, Williams is sure she knows what is best and that Kardashian should have known so much better from Day One.

“Just a little note to women out there, when you’re dating and you know a guy is expecting a baby with a woman, here’s the thing.

“It might be over but the fact is – and only people who have babies know – when a baby enters the world, everyone goes to mush,” explained Williams yesterday, concluding:

“Khloe, you jumped in some mess you didn’t need to be involved with from the beginning.”

We don’t even know what this means.

We’re pretty sure it doesn’t apply at all to what’s going on.

But, by this logic, wouldn’t Thompson therefore by loyal and committed and true to Khloe going forward, now that the pair themselves have a baby together?


Wendy Williams to Cardi B: You’ll Be Raising That Kid Alone!

Upon learning that Cardi B is pregnant, most people reacted with a mixture of surprise and happiness.

The popular artist made this reveal by rocking a tight white dress while performing on Saturday Night Live this weekend, making her sizable baby bump noticeable to all.

Here. See for yourself:

But while those with a heart gladly sent their best wishes to Cardi B and her fiance, Offset, Wendy Williams did the exact opposite.

She chose the occasion of this pregnancy announcement to hurl cruel and ignorant shade in the direction of the famous couple instead.

She did what she does best and most frequently, in other words.

“Now I don’t know if you know this, but Cardi’s engagement ring wasn’t on while she was performing [on SNL],” Williams said on air this morning, providing expert in-depth analysis and adding:

“You would think that a baby and an engagement ring would go hand in hand, especially at a time like this, you’re about to do the big reveal!”

Wendy is clearly on to something here.

There’s no reason at all why a woman would not wear an engagement ring while at her job, other than her having questions about the long-term prospects of her engagement.

Williams then went on speculate wildly, just as she did upon saying Travis Scott would leave Kylie Jenner.

“If she’s happy, fine,” Williams said about Cardi B, who she doesn’t know at all of course.

“I don’t think she and Offset will get married,” the terrible talk show host continued. “I think it’s what hip hop/rock and roll people do these days, they just have babies and move along with their lives.”

Got any examples of this, Wendy?

None at all? Okay then!

Williams also pointed out that while this will be Cardi’s first child, it’s Offset’s “fourth baby with four [different] moms.”

She even cited an unverified gossip item and added:

“There might be an alleged 5th on the way, as we speak.”

Sheesh, Wendy!

Yes, it’s true that a woman named Celina Powell came forward to claim that Offset is the father of her child in late December of 2017.

We even wrote about how Offset is supposedly avoiding taking paternity tests to prove whether he is, indeed, this young person’s biological dad.

But we aren’t going on national television to talk about and/or to make baseless accusations!

Especially not when Cardi B has acknowledged her fiance’s infidelity, while also saying she doesn’t exactly have a clean record in this department herself.

We’re pretty sure the status of Cardi B and Offset’s relationship is none of our business.

We’re pretty sure a new life is about to enter the world and we’re definitely sure Cardi is excited about it.

Oh, and we’re even more sure that Wendy Williams is an awful person.


Wendy Williams Drags Rob Kardashian Over His Blac Chyna Complaints: She’s Still Winning!

After Easter weekend's throw-down fight between Blac Chyna and an almost random stranger at Six Flags, Rob Kardashian worries that Chyna is too unstable.

Or that's what his lawyers are reportedly going to argue in yet another court battle to amend the custody agreement.

Wendy Williams, as you'll see in the clip below, thinks that this is hogwash and that Rob should just accept that he's lost and that Chyna won.


It might be an oversimplification to say that Rob worries that Blac Chyna is too dangerous to be around Dream.

Many believe that Rob's alleged push to set new rules on Chyna's behavior has less to do with fatherly concern — Chyna was, after all, defending Dream (sort of) and there's no sign that Dream or King witnessed her stroller shenanigans — and more to do with money.

Specifically, he's been paying her $ 20,000 a month in child support.

Some wonder if he's angling for a reduction in these payments, perhaps by claiming that Chyna isn't using those funds properly — for example, she didn't pay for a VIP escort around Six Flags.

But it's been widely reported that Rob is planning on using this occasion to demand that Chyna not introduce Dream to any boyfriend of hers unless she's been dating him for at least 6 months.

Even though, as far as the Six Flags incident goes, Chyna's young, hot 18-year-old boyfriend wasn't the problem.

Blac chyna fight gif

Well, Wendy Williams thinks that this is a bunch of malarkey.

She starts off her segment on Rob and Chyna by openly questioning Rob's parenting skills.

Mostly, it sounds like she's just body-shaming Rob … and at times it sounds like she's implying that his weight makes him physically unable to act as a father.

(Point of order, folks: Rob recently showed off massive weight loss. That said, it's hard to see a realistic way that his weight, even in the past, would impact his ability to care for his daughter)

She also suggests that Rob might need a woman — such as one of his maternally experienced sisters or his mother — to tell him what to do in order to be the best parent for Dream.

That … is something that fewer people find objectionable.

Wendy williams in black

Wendy gets into the six-month rule that Rob is rumored to be pushing to impose upon Chyna.

"Their relationships only last for six months," she exclaims.

She says that she likes that for more "normal" couples, in Hollywood or beyond. That seems like a common-sense policy, to keep children from growing attached to a carousel of short-term partners.

"That's what decent people do," Wendy continues.

After a pause, she follows that up with: "I'm not saying that Rob and Chyna aren't decent."

Isn't she, though?

Rob kardashian blue hat

Wendy then slams Rob for having hooked up with a stripper in the first place, and for her lacking a backbone.

In fact, it doesn't seem that Wendy has a very high opinion of sex workers of any kind, which is sad. That's a stigma that needs to end.

"You are stuck, Rob," Wendy says to the camera. "You are stuck with a stripper who is running circles around you."

Honestly, like many people, Wendy sounds impressed by how Chyna is perceived to have used Rob Kardashian.

"You know what? Chyna … you're still winning. She's still winning."

It's possible that her winning streak will end in court after her Six Flags outburst, but that remains to be seen.

Rob kardashian with dream on his birthday

Wendy also lays into Rob's sock line, talking about how expensive each pair of socks is and how she imagines that they would sell better under a couple of situations.

One, if Rob were to lower the price to, you know, a level that a person would be willing to pay for the novelty of Kardashian socks.

Two, if Rob were more like "the old Rob" (we think that she just means if he shed his excess weight), and stopped dressing like a "slob," as she terms it.

Specifically, Wendy says: "Nobody wants a sock after this slob!"

As unfair as it may sound that Rob needs to dress nicely and improve public perception if he wants his socks to sell better, that is usually how a personal brand of clothing works.

But a man of Rob's means can probably afford to get nice suits tailored to him, at any size.

And if Rob's having trouble budgeting it, we're sure that any of his sisters and certainly his mother would be thrilled to help him visit a tailor and tidy up his look.

Wendy williams drags rob kardashian over his blac chyna complain

Wendy Williams Slams The Weeknd: He’s a Fake Who USED Selena Gomez for Fame!

Wendy Williams is digging into the lyrics of The Weeknd's new, sad music and into all that was said of his past relationship with Selena Gomez.

And she thinks that The Weeknd is making himself seem more tender and vulnerable than he actually is in order to endear himself to fans.

We don't normally say this, but … Wendy may be right about this. You'll have to watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Wendy williams on her set

Even though Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up — to some degree — Selena hasn't gone running back to The Weeknd.

In fact, she headed down to go yachting in Australia.

The Weeknd, in the mean time, released a new EP, titled My Dear Melancholy

In it, he appears to confess a lot of tender feelings, a lot of vulnerabilities, and … that he almost gave Selena Gomez his kidney.

Wendy Williams believes that this is an act.

"I do not believe that in a 10-month relationship, The Weeknd was all goo-goo-ga-ga over Selena Gomez."

It's not that Wendy doesn't believe that Selena is lovable. It's just that she doesn't think that The Weeknd is all that emotional.

And she has other doubts.

"And I do not believe for a minute he was about to give her his kidney."

To be clear, he doesn't explicitly state that he offered his kidney … but his lyrics seem to imply that he was willing to undergo a transplant.

"You [The Weeknd] pull on the heartstrings of lonely girls [with your music] who actually believe a man would actually fall in love and give up a kidney and all that stuff."

Wendy Williams doesn't seem to have a very optimistic view of men. But you know what? That's fair.

And she sees what he has to gain from all of this.

"That is great album sales for The Weekend, and it makes him seem like this guy you want to throw your panties at."

Wendy williams shares her thoughts

Wendy goes on to accuse The Weeknd of having used Selena as a stepping stone to increase his own fame.

"The Weeknd, you used this relationship for exactly what it was."

"Because a lot of people did not know exactly who you were before you got with her…"

That is true. Sure, his music played on the radio and he has fans who've been with him so long that they still call him by his real name, Abel.

But his star is brighter than ever now that he just spent 10 months dating one of the most famous, talented women on the planet — and after having his photos featured on the world's most followed Instagram account.

"You got the best end of this deal particularly, The Weekend."

Selena gomez and the weeknd date night

Wendy cites what she sees as another problem with the fallout from The Weeknd's relationship with Selena.

"And Selena ended up going back to Justin Bieber, and her mother isn’t happy about it."

While Wendy doesn't seem to know Mandy Teefey's name, and even refers to her as "Ms. Gomez" at one point …

(Admittedly, it's possible that some of us are more invested in Selena Gomez than others)

… Wendy is very complimentary towards Mandy, and plays a brief blurb in which Mandy disavows any knowledge of Selena's current love life.

As we all know, Selena and her mother were feuding about her rekindled romance with Justin, but Selena and Mandy are getting along better than they were when they first came into conflict.

Wendy williams is aghast

Wendy may be a little unfair to The Weeknd, here.

But many people find it hard to believe that there was ever any real chance that he'd give Selena his kidney. (But, hey, sometimes complete strangers donate organs to each other)

And it's difficult to dispute that his relationship with Selena helped him.

It's similarly hard to disagree with the fact that his perceived emotional sensitivity and tenderness is going to, as Wendy says, get girls to want to throw their panties at him.

Watch this video and decide for yourself if Wendy is actually right about this.

Wendy williams slams the weeknd hes a fake who used selena gomez

Wendy Williams to Stormy Daniels: Just Go Away Already!

Wendy Williams is back from her health-related hiatus

… and she’s better than ever before.

By which we mean the following:

She’s better than ever at having misguided, mean-spirited, uneducated opinions about other celebrities in the news.

Two celebrities making headlines these days are doing so for similar reasons:

They carried on an extramarital affair with a member of The First Family.

But is Williams attacking Donald Trump Jr. for sleeping with Aubrey O’Day while his wife was pregnant with the couple’s third child?

Or going after President Donald Trump for getting it on with Stormy Daniels, despite his wife having just given birth to a son?

Nope and nope.

Williams has instead chosen to slam the women at the center of these scandals.

Guess we can’t really be surprised when this is the same talk show host who has said she’s sick of the #MeToo movement.

“This Stormy can go away as far as I’m concerned,” Williams said on air this morning, the day after Daniels opened up about her Trump affair on 60 Minutes.

Wendy then went directly after Daniels’ appearance.

Because Williams is a terrible person.

“You know, she’s got a few more miles left on her face where she could be at the hoedown.

“The strip clubs love featured performers, so she could be a featured performer at seven strip clubs across the country just on the basis of Stormy Daniels. But she can go away.”

That’s funny, Wendy.

We’ve had the same thought about you every single time we hear a word come out of your cruel mouth.

From there, Williams shifted her focus to O’Day.

The singer herself has not said a word about her alleged affair with Donald Trump Jr., which supposedly took place for 10 months back in 2011 and 2012.

O’Day hasn’t sold her story to any tabloids or tried to make a name of the relationship at all.

But whatever! She was still the target of Wendy’s wrath today!

“Alright Aubrey, you have to look at this as your glass is half full,” Wendy began, dripping with sarcasm and continuing:

“You haven’t done anything since you got fired on Celebrity Apprentice, you didn’t do much before that. You were in Danity Kane and various carnations of your look, but I can still recognize you, though…

“… even though you’re 47.

A producer then corrected Williams and said that O’Day is actually 35.

“I don’t mean that in a bad way, she looks better than Stormy Daniels!” Wendy added as a punchline.

“Sorry Aubrey, but you could pass for a woman in her 40s.”

Concluded Williams in her random rant:

“Aubrey says she doesn’t want to take financial advantage of the situation, that they really did have a thing for each other.

“But, guess what Aubrey, and I do believe you, even when this guy divorces his wife, he’s not going to come back and be with you, even for a one night stand.

“You are going to be the most watched person, if you’re not right now, on the face of the earth, in terms of staying away from the son… This guy is never going to marry you anyway.”

Honestly, what the heck is wrong with Wendy Williams?!?

And/or all the people who tune in to her show each morning?

All she does is insult the appearances of other woman.

She’s just a really awful human being.


Wendy Williams Addresses Health Concerns: My Body Was a “Mess”

Wendy Williams doesn’t want your sympathy.

But she does want your attention.

The controversial talk show announced on February 21 that she would be taking a three-week leave of absence due to a diagnosis of Graves Disease.

This is an autoimmune disease that leads to a generalized overactivity of the thyroid gland and is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism in the United States.

It’s a pretty serious illness.

We aren’t very big fans of Williams because he entire career is predicated on tossing out one uneducated and cruel hot take after another…

… but we don’t wish any physical hard on her or anything.

We were glad to hear on Good Morning America today that she’s set to return to the air and is feeling better these days.

Being able to recuperate for those three weeks was the “best prescription ever,” Williams explained to Amy Roach, admitting that were “levels were way off” before this break and she could feel it.

This doesn’t mean Williams was thrilled to learn she had to take almost a month off of work, however.

“I cried and then I laughed,” she recalled of being informed of this news. “[I told the doctor,] ‘Are you out of your mind? It’s sweeps.'”

She quickly learned, though, that she was “very deficient of vitamin D,” the worst her physicians had even seen in fact, and really had no choice in the matter.

“There’s was just a mess going on inside my body,” she explained.

Armed with a renewed focus on her health, Williams also says she has learned some valuable lessons from this ordeal; both for her gender and for herself, personally:

“We, as women, particularly if we have families, you know, we’re taking care of children, we’re taking care of our home, our husbands, we take care of everybody but ourselves.

“I’m not doing that anymore, Amy. Wendy first!”

And despite appearing on national television to discuss her disease, Williams does NOT want anyone feeling sorry for her.

Not at all.

Not even a little bit.

“When I see you in the streets, the grocery store, don’t ask me with the woo-woo-woo and the the puppy eyes,” she said, making it clear she’s not here to host any pity parties and adding:

“Then I’m going to snap.”

Jerry O’Connell has been filling in as a guest host on Wendy’s absence, but Williams admits she’s only tuned him to see him in action on two occasions.

She says it was simply too painful because she wanted to be the one in the purple chair so badly.

“Wendy is a true champion and has never missed a day of work. But her health and well-being must be put before all else,” a rep for the show said via statement last month, adding:

“Wendy has been openly dealing with her Graves’ disease for many years in addition to hyperthyroidism.

“Yesterday, Wendy’s doctor prescribed a necessary three weeks of rest to get her levels and medication in sync.”

Now that time is over, however, and Williams can go back to saying really dumb and mean things.


Wendy Williams: When Will She Return to the Air?!?

Wendy Williams has some bad news for Chris Brown:

She’s returning to the small screen.

Following Williams announcement that she needed to take a filming hiatus due to a diagnosis of Graves’ Disease, which apparently caused Brown to celebrate, the talk show host has now provided fans with a pair of updates:

FIRST, she will sit in her purple chair again for new episode starting on March 19.

SECOND, actor Jerry O’Connell will serve as the show’s guest host until then.

“Jerry has been such a good friend to me and to the show,” said Williams in a statement this afternoon, adding:

“We’re happy to welcome him as a guest host while I’m out getting much needed rest. Can’t wait to get back in my purple chair!”

The program’s producers indicated that O’Connell will fill in for all five new installments next week, prior to Wendy’s big comeback.

Said the veteran actor in a statement:

“I am so excited to help out and fill in. We all know nobody can fill the purple chair like Wendy, but I am honored to sit with her co-hosts and to bring the many fans all the Hot Topics they love.

“Like Wendy tells us, I am going to Say It Like I Mean It.”

Oh God, no.

Please, Jerry. You seem like a nice guy.

Please don’t go out there and say you’re sick of the #MeToo movement or call Oprah fat or any such headline-generating nonsense.

On February 21, Williams announced she would be taking some time off due to Graves disease, which is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid, in addition to other thyroid issues of which she was previously aware.

“I’ll be back in two [weeks],” she half-joked at the time, adding in poor taste:

“I’m not an heiress – who is going to pay my bills? Are you serious? I’m just saying, I come from working class.”

Yeah. And you make seven figures a year now. Shut the heck up, Wendy.

The co-presidents of the production company behind The Wendy Williams Show also released a statement.

They said “our first priority is Wendy’s health and we – along with her millions of viewers – are eager to see her honest and authentically opinionated voice return to the air very soon.

“While no one can duplicate what Wendy can do, we are excited to have Jerry answering Wendy’s call and revving up the audience for a week leading up to her homecoming.”

Are you equally psyched to have O’Connell on board?

Heck, do you wish he’d replace Williams permanently?


Chris Brown: Wendy Williams Deserves to Be Sick!

When controversial talk show host Wendy Williams announced her illness and leave of absence, a number of people couldn’t help but take a little satisfaction.

That might be unfair — even though Wendy Williams makes her living by gleefully relishing in the misfortunes of others. And she’s made a number of enemies along the way.

But … does Chris Brown, of all people, have any room to talk?

It was with a heavy heart (given the circumstances, we’ll withhold jokes about Wendy Williams not having a heart) that Wendy Williams broke the news to her fans.

“My doctor has prescribed — are you ready? — three weeks of vacation.”

Plenty of folks would love a three-week break from work, but when a doctor is ordering that, you know that it’s serious.

She makes a joke about coming back after only two weeks because, thanks to her humble origins, she’s concerned over who will pay her bills.

(Wendy Williams’ net worth is estimated to be about $ 60 million. We sincerely hope that she’ll be able to use those meager funds to keep the lights on for a few weeks)

The reason for this doctor-instructed break from making cruel jabs at suffering celebrities and concocting wild theories about the motives behind new romances and breakups?

She suffers from both Graves Disease and hyperthyroidism. (Graves Disease being the most frequent cause for hyperthyroidism)

Symptoms can include nervousness, irritability, increased perspiration, a racing heartrate, hand tremors, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, thinning of the skin, fine brittle hair, and muscular weakness.

Wendy has experienced pressure behind her eyes and irritability along with trouble sleeping. Naturally, she may not have divulged all of her symptoms.

Some can’t help but wonder if this condition played a roll in her scary collapse on live television.

Obviously, we wish Wendy Williams the best.

As inexcusable as some of Wendy’s statements have been — she’s declared that she’s sick of the #MeToo movement, among many other things — there are much worse celebrities out there.

Speaking of whom … Chris Brown has some thoughts on Wendy Williams’ health condition, according to HollywoodLife‘s source.

“Chris feels bad Wendy is suffering an illness, but he can’t help but think bad karma is to blame for her poor health.”

Of all of the people in this world to believe that a person’s bad actions lead to cosmic consequences … you’d think that Chris Brown would not be among them.

You know, because of the very famous domestic violence thing. Upon Rihanna. Upon Kerrueche Tran. And, let’s face it, many believe that Chris Brown may have a long list of victims.

Yet he reportedly believes that Wendy has earned this illness flair-up by, get this, judging him.

“Chris has been the target of Wendy’s criticism and judgment many times over the years so he has a hard time feeling too bad that she will be off the air for a few weeks.”

“Chris is a big believer in the energy in the universe and he thinks cosmic karma may be partly to blame for Wendy’s problems.”

Many people have beliefs like that. We’d imagine that most of them might mold their actions accordingly.

“Chris feels that it’s because Wendy spends so much time dissing him, and others, that she has gotten so sick.”

Victim complex much?

“Chris thinks that when she recovers, Wendy will think twice before she continues to bully people on her TV show.”

That’s her whole brand, though.

“Chris is hoping her struggles with her health will make her a nicer person on the other side.”

Honestly? The idea of Chris Brown so totally lacking moral clarity and self-awareness shouldn’t surprise me, but it’s kind of blowing my mind right now.

If he believes that people who say unkind things on television deserve illness, what does he think that Wendy Williams would deserve if she, to picka  random example, made a habit of beating the crap out of young women she claimed to love?

We joke, but it may be that he truly doesn’t believe that he’s done anything “that bad.” That’s a standard attitude for domestic abusers and other monsters.

Wendy Williams is not kind, but she’s not a monster.

She doesn’t deserve her illness. Criticism, sure. Not a chronic ailment.

And Chris Brown, who has never gotten what he deserves in his life, has no high ground against Wendy Williams or anyone else.