Kanye West How to Ollie 101 No Air, But Gettin’ There!

Kanye West definitely ain’t no Lil’ Skateboard P — aka Pharrell Williams, if you’ll recall — but it looks like he’s interested in picking up some tricks of the trade … like ollieing. 

Ye was down in Miami, FL Sunday where he ran into skate videographer and Jenkem Magazine contributor Alex Raspa, who was quick to hop on the opportunity to teach the MC some moves after learning Kanye never learned how to ollie. It’s skateboarding 101, folks.

Alex’s first tip for Kanye — be comfortable, bro! He then shows Ye how to pop it up, slide the front foot up the board … and try to get some air while landing back on the wheels.

Simple enough, right? Eh … maybe not. Mr. West gives it a valiant effort, but he’s no Tony Hawk. Gettin’ close to Weezy status though! Kanye cruises a bit before making another ollie attempt … getting praise from onlookers. But he tells ‘em to hold their props for his “weak ass” tricks. It’s big air or bust around these parts, apparently, for Yeezy.

Self-deprecating humor at its finest. Gotta love it.

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Kanye West & Nicki Minaj Forced to Flee After SHOTS FIRED at Studio!

It would be a massive understatement to say it’s been a frightening 24 hours for the members of the Kardashian-West clan.

As we reported this morning, wildfires forced Kim Kardashian to flee her home last night, and it now looks as though her husband experienced his own brush with death.


Radar Online is reporting that Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Tekashi69 were all forced to flee the set of a music video they were filming together when an unidentified assailant opened fire.

“I can confirm that at 10:25 pm Beverly Hills Police were called to the 900 block of Alpine Drive in Beverly Hills over reports that shots were fired,” a spokesman for the Beverly Hills Police Department tells Radar.

“Once on the scene, officers confirmed that multiple shots were, indeed, fired at a building or residence at the 900 Block of Alpine Drive.

“At this time it is believed to be a drive-by. No one was injured, and the investigation is ongoing.”

The shooting took place at what TMZ calls one of the most “exclusive, expensive streets” in Beverly Hills, and Tekashi’s team had rented out a multimillion-dollar mansion for his video.

So it’s a safe bet that the assailants were targeting the rapper specifically.

Sure, everyone who was there last night has been involved in high-profile feuds:

After all, it wasn’t all that long ago that Cardi B threw a shoe at Nicki Minaj.

And who could forget Kanye’s feud with Taylor Swift?

We bring these beefs up only to point out how unlikely it is that this attack wasn’t orchestrated by Cardi and Taylor.

No, police say it’s clear that Tekashi was the target here, and unfortunately, his list of enemies is so long that it hasn’t been easy to narrow down the suspects.

The good news is, no one was injured in the frightening attack.

“Thank you for everyone’s prayers. Our family is safe and close,” Kanye tweeted today.

The bad news is, gunplay is still an unfortunate party of hip-hop culture, and Tekashi’s would-be assassins are still out there.


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