Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: Somehow We’ve Been Married 12 Years!

It looks like there’s hope for those fans who hope that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are actually fixing their marriage.

Despite their recent troubles — which have included 911 calls and serious concerns — the two are making the effort to reconnect.

And what better time for that than while on a vacation for your 12 year wedding anniversary?

Sharing this photo to Instagram, Tori Spelling announces:

“Paradise is upon us!”:

And yes, this is a vacation that she and Dean are taking without their brood.

“As a mom of 5 I don’t know life without my kiddos.”

However, she keeps things in perspective.

“But, sometimes it’s important to take time and remember the whole reason those 5 little blessings are in our lives…”

Quite simply, it’s love.

“And that is a mad love that started with my soulmate @imdeanmcdermott.”

Tori Spelling Anniversary Post 1

She then asks fans and followers:

“When is the last time you traveled to a sunny vacation locale without your kiddos?”

If you’re thinking that you’ve never done that — not since having kids, anyway — know that you’re not alone.

“We’ve never!”

Which means that it’s been over a decade for her and Dean.

“Last time was almost 12 years ago when we got married in Fiji.”


She confesses that she hesitated at first.

“This #mamabear was anxious leaving the kiddos but enjoying reconnecting with my love.”

She sings the praises of alone time for any healthy couple.

“So important!”

She then finishes her post with a number of hashtags.

#hawaii #soulmates #paradise #nuskinteamelite #bossbabe #workingmom #workingmomlife #bossmom #teamtori #team90210 #momsofinstagram #successtrip #leadership #empowerment”

We’re concerned that she didn’t use enough hashtags.

Tori Spelling also shared this (hilarious!) sweet throwback photo of the two of them in a separate post.

“12 years ago today… a girl and a boy came together all alone on a tropical island to proclaim their love for each other as they were pronounced husband and wife…”

Well … they were already in their thirties at the time, but sure.

“I was finally the princess in my own fairytale. Fiji will always be a magical place for us.”

That’s very sweet.

“Today I celebrate the love and passion I share with @imdeanmcdermott and the 5 blessings that we’ve created together.”

She is referring, of course, to their five wonderful children.

Tori Spelling Anniversary Post 2

Tori ends this message by referring to Dean as something arguably more special than a husband.

“Some people search their entire lives to find a soulmate. I’m one lucky woman because I have 6!”

She included her children in it, of course.

That is so sweet!

“I love [love] you babe…”

Well, that is a very sweet message. 

Earlier reports said that essentially the only thing keeping Tori and Dean from getting divorced was that the process would be too darn expensive.

We hope that this anniversary trip helps them to reconnect as intended and lets them live out the rest of their lives in happiness.

For their sakes, of course, but especially for the happiness and well-being of their children.


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We’ve Found the Ugliest Passport Photo Ever Taken

Almost no one likes his or her passport photo.

Almost everyone thinks this image is especially ugly or, at the very least, unflattering.

But we can't really say anything negative ever again about our portraits, not after Chelsey Ramos applied for a passport because she was planning a trip to Germany with her boyfriend….

… and, as you're about to discover below, she was then sent the most skewed picture in the history of these important documents.

1. She’s Cute, Right?

Shes cute right
We’re not trying to be judgmental in any way, shape or form. We’re just saying: This isn’t the face of someone you’d expect to go viral for having an ugly photo.

2. This Was Chelsey’s Original Passport Photo

This was chelseys original passport photo
Again… pretty, right? Normal? Nothing to get passed around the Internet or anything.

3. And This Was the Version She Got Send in the Mail

And this was the version she got send in the mail
It looks a bit different, doesn’t it? Also: YIKES!!!!!!

4. A Side-By-Side Comparison

A side by side comparison
Shared by Chelsey’s boyfriend on Reddit for all to enjoy.

5. Reddit Reacts

Reddit reacts
Because how could it not, right?

6. And Reacts Some More

And reacts some more
It was all in good fun. Chelsey says she gave her boyfriend permission to share the snapshot.

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Chelsea Houska Opens Up About Baby Name: It’s One We’ve Never Heard Before!

When we think of the Teen Mom franchise, we often think of the attention-grabbing trainwrecks like Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham.

But we like to think it’s the more stable, less psychotic moms who have kept fans coming back all these years.

At the moment, it’s hard to think of a more beloved TM couple than Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer.

Chelsea and Cole got married back in October, and their first child together is due in February.

There’s been the usual amount of fan scrutiny surrounding Chelsea’s pregnancy, but for the most part, and for the most part, Chelsea has been game to offer regular social media updates to her many fans.

We know the baby’s gender (It’s a boy!); we’ve seen Chelsea’s baby bump photos, and we even know the exact due date (February 14).

But there’s one detail Chelsea refuses to divulge:

Fans have been clamoring for the kid’s name, but the Housk won’t go any further than revealing that it’s something truly original.

“We do have a name picked out but we’re not going to announce it until he’s born but yeah, it’s been pretty funny to see the names people come up with,” Chelsea WetPaint during a recent interview.

She added that she’s had a good laugh at fans’ attempts to try and guess the mysterious moniker: 

“Cole Jr., Randall – that’s not even my dad’s name, it’s Randy, it’s not Randall!”

Chelsea has no problem offering fans a couple hints, but she seems confident that no one will guess her future bundle of joy’s name ahead of the big day:

“Last names as first names are my favorite!” Chelsea wrote on Twitter. 

“The name we picked is actually a fairly common last name that we’ve seen but rarely [heard as] a first name…We want something that we don’t hear much.”

She stated on Twitter that she and Cole both love the name they’ve chosen, but the selection process wasn’t always smooth sailing.

She revealed that at one point, she was pushing for the name Knox, but Cole was having none of it.


Amber Rose: Biggest Boobs We’ve Ever SEEN!

Amber Rose, bustier than ever, shared a pic on Instagram that’s got everybody talking. 

Check out the pic and you’ll see what we mean – each boob is at least 30% larger than her actual head. 

If that doesn’t say something about the state of Amber Rose’s boobs, then your tongue fell out somewhere along the way. 

Damn, right? Amber’s always been pretty buxom, but she either lost weight everywhere – including in her head, and except for her chest …

Or we’ve never actually seen the finer nuances of Amber’s gigantor, city-crushing breasts before. 

Rose previously reported that her breasts were a 36H.  

She once considered getting implants, but was undecided, and never revealed her decision – publicly. 

“I don’t know if I want to get an implant because my boobs are kind of really nice,” she told Dr. Terry Dubrow of Botched

Her boobs previously appeared to be smaller, so we don’t know if she’s pulling what the Kardashians allegedly pull – sucking the fat out of one area of their bodies in order to put it into another area – but one thing is certain: we are afraid of those things. 

There is, in this case, a point where the boobs get too big or the body gets too small, and Amber Rose is teetering right on the brink of that edge. 

If we’re lucky, the weight of those things will pull her down to one side or the other, and we’ll really find out what she’s made of – both literally and figuratively.  

The only other time she was this busty was when Amber was pregnant with her son, Sebastian. 

Those things were large and in charge, then, too, but we have a sneaking suspicion that Rose isn’t pregnant this time around. 

…Unless you count being pregnant with silicone a thing.  

Did Amber Rose go under the knife and get her boobs done? Did she just lose weight? Or is it just a really flattering (or unflattering, depending on your perspective) pose?  

Only one thing is certain – any man who wants to mess with that better be wearing some kind of serious headgear to prevent spinal injury. 

Hell’s bells.