Miranda Lambert: Totes Called Out by Woman Whose Home She Wrecked!

According to multiple recent reports, there’s only one thing Miranda Lambert is better at than singing:

Stealing husbands from other women.

It’s scandalous, but it’s allegedly true.

The country music superstar split from husband Blake Shelton in early 2015.

She did so amid rumors that she cheated on her fellow artist; multiple times with multiple women, according to at least one magazine cover story.

Shortly after her marriage to Shelton ended, Lambert started dating some guy named Anderson East.

But that relationship ended several weeks ago… and it was immediately followed by Lambert jumping into bed with country singer Evan Felker.

On the surface, this isn’t a big deal.

It makes sense: Felker is the frontman for the band currently opening for Lambert on her current tour.

HOWEVER, there’s a lot more to this…

Radar Online obtained Felker’s divorce documents from February, a set of legal documents that were filed by his wife, Staci.

And these documents made it clear that Felker cheated on Staci, almost definitely with Lambert, when you consider the timing of everything.

This is what Staci wrote in her divorce petition:

Petitioner alleges that a state of complete and irreconcilable incompatibility has arisen between the parties, by virtue of Respondent’s abandonment of Petitioner, which has completely destroyed the legitimate aims of the marriage and rendered its continuation impossible.

Shortly this information went public, Shelton hurled some major shade at his ex-wife on Twitter, writing:

Been taking the high road for a long time.. I almost gave up.  But I can finally see something on the horizon up there!! Wait!! Could it be?! Yep!! It’s karma!!

Blake Shelton tweet

And the insults keep flying in Lambert’s direction!

Following the reports this week that her estranged husband is dating the star singer, Staci Nelson/Felker shared a selfie and a “public service announcement” with her social media followers.

“PSA: If Staci Felker can make it through this week, so can you,” she wrote as a caption to the image.

Yup, even this previously-unknown woman is getting in on the anti-Lambert bandwagon.

And so is the rest of the Internet.

Now that Lambert has earned this sort of reputation, social media users are piling on.

Wrote one critic: Miranda Lambert sucks so bad. 

And another: Miranda Lambert knows what married means, right?

hate on miranda

Lambert herself is yet to comment on this scandal.

The divorce from Shelton has not affected her career in any way, but it will be interesting to whether these new accusations damage future album sales.

In early March, Miranda performed in Tennessee and did seem to address her East break-up at least, telling attendees:

“I want you to feel sad, mad, happy and nostalgic and really pissed sometimes. That’s my favorite. And part of feelings is also heartbreak, unfortunately.

“But fortunately for me, I can use it for my art or whatever. I like to write sad songs. I like to listen to sad songs, so I want to sing y’all one.”


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