Miranda Lambert to Evan Felker: Stop Talking to Your Wife or You’re Fired!

It’s been three months since the world learned that Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker are dating, and the situation continues to get more bizarre by the day.

The source of all the weirdness, of course, is the fact that Felker is still married to his estranged wife, Staci Nelson.

Miranda Lambert, Evan Felker Split

Currently, it seems Evan is caught between two worlds, simultaneously enjoying life as the boyfriend of one of the country world’s brightest stars and feeling guilty about the faithful partner he abandoned.

Not surprisingly, Miranda is not entirely cool with this arrangement and would very much prefer that her boyfriend pick a relationship and stick with it.

Of course, Evan’s situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that Miranda is not only his girlfriend —  but also his boss.

Currently, Evan and his band, the Turnpike Troubadours, are opening for Miranda on her summer tour.

And according to a source close to the situation, Miranda has made it quite clear that the gig is dependent on Evan’s ability to keep his distance from his wife.

“Evan cannot be with Staci or Miranda will kick him off the tour,” the insider tells Radar Online.

The informant claims that Evan very much wants to give his marriage another chance, but he also doesn’t want to anger his bandmates by bringing an end to the most important gig of their careers.

For now, Staci is reportedly willing to wait him out, but not surprisingly, she’s growing impatient. 

“The ball is in Evan’s court,” the source explains.

“Staci believes there is nothing more she can do to move the process.”

The insider adds:

“Evan is hoping that his wife will still be here when the tour is over.” 

In the meantime, it seems Staci is enjoying sticking it to Miranda by boasting about how desperate Evan is to win her back.

“Is 22 missed calls in 2 days to an estranged wife really the behavior of a happy person?” she wrote on Instagram this week.

Yes, much to Miranda’s chagrin, Staci has become something of a social media celebrity in recent months, with new followers loving her not-so-subtle jabs at Evan and Miranda.

While Lambert and Felker’s relationship only went public in April, Miranda has been hinting about an affair with a fellow singer-songwriter since back in February.

Despite the rumors, Staci was reportedly “blindsided” when Evan told her he’d like to take a break from their marriage.

And not surprisingly, the source says she’s very much enjoying the position of power she now finds herself in.