Ben Affleck Goes Wild with Shauna Sexton: See the Pics!

Ben Affleck is out of rehab.

But is the actor out of the woods when it comes to potential dangers that could result from an ongoing drinking problem? No.

However, to celebrate his release from his latest stint inside a treatment facility, Affleck just took a trip into the woods with surprisingly serious girlfriend Shauna Sexton.

It’s been a whirlwind several days for Affleck.

The actor has, at last, finalized his divorce from Jenner Garner; and he’s also left rehab for the third time, following an extended stay that some dumb people on the Internet attributed to Sexton herself.

Free from his wife and free from the bottle, Affleck jetted off this weekend to Big Sky, Montana with Sexton.

The pair clearly wanted to get away from it all, spending their time in the wilderness and the water, with Shauna chronicling a lot of the trip on social media.

Affleck drove, for example:

affleck driving

And Sexton hoped to catch dinner:

shauna fishing

And she even succeeded at one point!

Affleck has a personal connection to where he vacationed with Sexton.

The star has spent the past three Christmases in Big Sky with his ex-wife, Garner, and their three kids: daughters Violet, 12, and Seraphina, 9, and son Samuel, 6.

That makes it sort of interesting that he chose to also go there with Shauna, perhaps signifying to the world just how serious this relationship has become.

Most celebrity gossip followers assume at first that Affleck was merely banging a Playboy centerfold because, well… that seemed very on-brand for him when the two were spotted out together this summer.

But then Sexton visited Affleck in rehab, signaling that this relationship was about far more than mere boot-knocking and/or hip-thrusting.

Days after Affleck agreed to receive treatment for his addiction, Sexton shut down rumors that she played a role in her boyfriend’s relapse, writing on Instagram:

“Ben is a grown ass man, baby. He makes his own decisions.”

And he has clearly now decided to take the romantic plunge with Sexton.

He’s also opened up to the public about his rehabilitation and his hopes for the future.

“This week I completed a forty day stay at a treatment center for alcohol addiction and remain in outpatient care,” Affleck said in a statement last week, adding in more gracious detail:

The support I have received from my family, colleagues, and fans means more to me than I can say. It’s given me the strength and support to speak about my illness with others.

Battling any addiction is a lifelong and difficult struggle. Because of that, one is never really in or out of treatment. It is a full-time commitment. I am fighting for myself and my family.

So many people have reached out on social media and spoken about their own journeys with addiction. To those people, I want to say thank you.

Your strength is inspiring and is supporting me in ways I didn’t think was possible. It helps to know I am not alone. As I’ve had to remind myself, if you have a problem, getting help is a sign of courage, not weakness or failure.

With acceptance and humility, I continue to avail myself with the help of so many people and I am grateful to all those who are there for me.

I hope down the road I can offer an example to others who are struggling.


Cardi B Posts Wild PDA Video, Fans Ask if She’s Getting Fingered!

Over the weekend, Offset shared a nude pic of Cardi B that turned heads everywhere. 

But Cardi has raised the stakes with a steamy PDA video of her and Offset.

This video has fans asking — did Cardi record herself while Offset was performing a sex act on her? Take a look …

Cardi b gets naked on instagram

Remember how Cardi B was counting down the days until she can bang Offset again?

After all, she has to heal after childbirth.

Based upon the numbers she gave at the time and our math, that deadline appears to have arrived, and she took to her Instagram stories to brag about it.

Cardi shared some very affectionate PDA with Offset in a video captioned: "When that 6 weeks up."

The PDA is so intense (keep in mind that our .gif here is cropped a little) that fans believed that her freshly healed vagina was getting fingered.

Cardi b and offset pda

Cardi's name trended on Twitter and everyone discussed her. It's a whole thing. But Cardi tweeted to try to clear things up.

"I wasn’t getting fingered," Cardi protests. "I had LEATHER SHORTS ON."

Though Offset's handers were wandering in the video, tey really don't seem to insert themselves anywhere. Cardi wasn't done, though.

Cardi could not resist adding: "…. but i wish i was :/"

"I was very very horny," Cardi admits.

That is a refreshing level of honesty that most of us haven't heard since we were middle schoolers. It's also, you know, pretty hilarious.

Cardi b in lingerie and pink hair

Cardi noticed something about the reaction to her video.

"You wanna know what sooo funny?" Cardi tweeted. "I don’t see my fans complaining about the instasnap."

"All i see is other artists stans mad at it," Cardi points out. "Like why ?"

She has a point — a lot of people who were condemning Cardi were Nicki Minaj stans in particular. (Stans, of course, are particularly diehard fans)

"Why ya so worried?" Cardi asks. "Worry about your fav artists don’t worry about Cardi!"

Cardi b instagram stories view stats

Cardi also shared the stats on her Instagram stories as a callout.

"Ya nasty," Cardi playfully accuses on Twitter. "Ya say ya don’t want to see it but ya really wanna see it."

She shows that millions of people checked out her Instagram stories.

We are meant to conclude that this is more people than usual, and that the promise of seeing her PDA video drew in people.

We don't doubt that for a moment.

Cardi b and offset image

Believe it or not, this is not the first tim that what fans believe to be a Cardi B sex tape has shown up on Instagram.

Just like last time, she says that she was clothed and that Offset was not slipping anything to her.

But can you blame fans for jumping to conclusions when they see her salacious content?

Other rappers like Boonk Gang have posted sex tapes to Instagram, sex tapes that the viewers can never, ever unsee, so it's not like it's unprecedented.

Is Cardi just so sexy that people can't resist imagining that her life is a little sexier than she is? Or is she trolling her fans?

Cardi b posts wild pda video fans ask if shes getting fingered

Tyler Baltierra Flaunts WILD Weight Loss in New Thirst Trap!

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra has shown off his insane weight loss in recent weeks, but he’s been working to do more than just shed some pounds.

He’s working hard to tone his body and regain his abs. And, as you can see below, it is clearly working.

There’s a fine line between sharing your body transformation progress and posting a thirst trap, and Tyler may have just crossed it.

It’s not #TransformationThursday yet, but clearly Tyler Baltierra was happy to share his extraordinary progress with his fans and followers.

“Five months ago, I was 208” pounds, Tyler Baltierra shares in the caption of the photo that he shared with Snapchat followers.

208 can be a lot or a little, depending upon your height and build. At only 5-foot-11, he was feeling a little to large at that size.

“… Today?” he continues. “163! #BOOM.”

That’s a 45 pound weight loss in only 5 months. That’s 9 pounds a month! And just look at the results:

Like we said, he isn’t just walking the line between a fitness pic and a thirst trap. He crossed it.

But why shouldn’t he? He’s really transformed his look this year.

His pecs and abs are looking top notch. His hard work is obviously paying off, and he has every right to flaunt the results to the world.

This is a great reminder that all of this is about more than just shedding some unwanted pounds.

Tyler has detailed his mental health struggles online. He’s also sharing his efforts to improve his physical health.

Beside the side-by-side ab pics below, Tyler writes: “1 month before (LEFT) & after! (RIGHT)”

“Finally making some progress on this goal of mine,” he proudly shares with his fans and followers.

“I think It’s important to document your journey,” Tyler says. “Even if you don’t ever decide to share it.”

For some people pursuing weight loss, the photos at the start of their efforts aren’t the sort that they would ever want to share. That’s fine.

But Tyler explains why it’s important to keep a personal photo journal.

What he’s describing here is what fitness folks refer to as personal accountability photos. Some share them daily.

“Because the days you don’t feel like putting in the work because either you don’t feel like you’re seeing results or you’re just feeling lazy as hell,” Tyler explains. 

He continues, saying that: “those are the days those pics come in handy to motivate & prove to yourself what you are doing & why!”

“40lbs down & only 2 months of consistently working out…BOOM!” he announces.

And that’s up to 45, now.

“For once in my life,” Tyler says. “I’m actually pumped & pretty proud of myself!”

He has a lot of reason to be proud!

Unfortunately, some naysayers are already claiming that all of this body-sculpting is going to lead Tyler Baltierra to leave Catelynn Lowell.

They say that Catelynn might enjoy Tyler’s new body now, but that we’re only a few months away from news of a separation.

Though working out can be a red flag for an affair or an impending breakup, it can also just mean that someone wants to improve their health or self esteem.

And while it’s true that one partner suddenly changing their lifestyle can lead to a split, that doesn’t mean that it always happens.

Tyler and Catelynn have been together since they were twelve years old. It’s hard to imagine that some abs, however nice, are going to break them up.

Besides, as we said, Catelynn really likes what Tyler’s done with himself.


Floyd Mayweather Blocked By ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Model at Celeb Basketball Game

Floyd Mayweather learned the hard way … you drive on Brittney Elena, you WILL get blocked!! The boxer was playing the “$ 50k Charity Challenge” celebrity basketball game at UCLA on Tuesday — when he got posted up by the smokin’ hot “Wild N Out”…