Jeremy Vuolo Drives Duggar Fans WILD With Tight Pants!

You have to see this “sexy” photo of Jeremy Vuolo that has Duggar fans losing their minds.

But you’ll need to decide for yourself whether he really looks as dreamy as they say …

… Or if all of this thirsting says more about Duggar fans than it does about Jinger’s husband.

Last winter, Jinger Duggar started wearing pants. The Duggars are famous for forcing their women to wear skirts, lest their sinful leg-shapes ensorcell a man to lustful thoughts.

It was with the permission of her lord husband (or whatever), Jeremy Vuolo.

In the particular vein of extreme Christian fundamentalist that runs (and ruins) the lives of the Duggars, women are the property of their fathers until they are married off, when their husbands take the reins.

And Jinger’s gone so far as to wear ripped jeans, sending Duggar fans into a state of shock.

Though the cold weather of Laredo, Texas has been brought up as an “excuse” for her devilish new wardrobe, Jeremy Vuolo’s theological beliefs are what allows it.

“Jesus does not save people to make them wear skirts,” he has stated in the past.

Of course, Jinger isn’t the only one who dresses for the weather in Laredo. And she’s clearly not the only one in her marriage wearing pants.

But it’s Jeremy Vuolo’s “tight” pants that seem to be driving Duggar fans into lustful fits.

Jeremy Vuolo definitely looks stylish here.

We don’t know that we’d call these pants anything similar to skinny jeans, but they look like they actually fit him.

A lot of Duggar men wear “dad jeans” that don’t fit so well or flatter the wearer.

(We guess that dressing in an appealing way is some kind of unforgivable sin — unlike Josh Duggar’s child molestation, which they seem to consider a forgivable slip-up)

While current temperatures in Laredo, Texas are in the 60s and 50s, which is hardly “cold” to most people who aren’t senior citizens and wouldn’t strike everyone as jacket weather, Jeremy looks all dressed for winter.

A normal response is “wow, this guy looks stylish,” possibly mixed in with “too bad he thinks that the Duggars aren’t anti-LGBT enough.”

Duggar fans, however, have been commenting under Jinger and Jeremy’s shared Instagram account (have we mentioned how weird joint marital accounts are? don’t do that, guys) and under this photo.

And they are heaping praise on “sexy” Mr. Vuolo.

The comments range from politely complimentary to thirstily direct. Take a look at some real comments that some real people wrote:

“Jinger got the best catch of all the married sisters.”

“Sexy man, I would I could find a husband like that.”

“That’s a Dapper Dan right there!!”

“Very dapper. Jing is a lucky lady.”

“Great photo of a handsome guy styled perfectly by his sweet wife!”

“Jeremy be stylin”

“Your husband looks like a model. You two are very handsome couple”

“Love the outfit so handsome”

“Your husband is hot”

“Your husband is such a stud”

“Love his style! It’s so classy and handsome! Wish this [were] the ‘norm’ again!”

We’re not sure what that last comment means — this is a normal outfit (for colder weather, anyway), not a throwback to the wardrobe of yesteryear.

But a lot of Duggar fans are the very specific sort of conservatives who like to wax nostalgic about an “idealized” past that never really existed.

We doubt that any of the Duggars set out to be fashion icons, but Jeremy Vuolo is looking stylish here.

That doesn’t mean that we share his values or think that he’s a good person. But hey, credit where credit is due. It’s a good look.

We would love to know what Jim Bob Duggar thinks of such a “flashy” outfit, though.


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