Matt Cappotelli, Former WWE Tough Enough Winner, Dead at 38

Matt Cappotelli, the winner of WWE’s Tough Enough Season 3, lost his brave battle with cancer on Friday morning,

He was 38 years old.

This sad piece of news was confirmed a couple hours ago by Cappotelli’s wife, Lindsay, who wrote in a statement:

“Today my love-my strong, sweet, beautiful love-took his last breath at 3:30 a.m. and went Home to be with Jesus exactly one year after his brain surgery.

“You think you can be prepared for this when you know it’s coming, but you just can’t.

“The only person who’s comfort I want right now is the one who can’t give it to me. I miss him so much. I know where he is now is so much better, but it doesn’t change how much I miss him.”

Cappotelli underwent a second surgery to remove a brain tumor about a year ago, in June of 2017.

This procedure took place a decade after he had another one removed and, as a result, was forced to cut his professional wrestling career short.


Tragically, though, this surgery did not solve the health problem.

In December, Cappotelli was told he had a Grade 4 tumor that was too close to his brain to operate.

He knew his days were numbered after this diagnosis.

Tough Enough, meanwhile, was a reality-type show that the WWE owned and operated.

It pitted a number of aspiring grapplers against each other, with the winner each season earning a WWE contract and a shot at true stardom.

Think American Idol, but for the wrestling world.

After winning Season 3, Cappotelli made multiple appearances on Monday Night Raw and went on work with developing talent in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

However, the Louislve resident retired professionally as a wrestler in 2007 due to these health concerns.

In response to his passing, numerous WWE stars and others who knew Matt well paid him tribute on Twitter.

Matt Cappotelli,

WWE star Kassius Ohno wrote:

“Crushed to hear about the passing of Matt Cappotelli. He was talented, passionate & possessed a heart of GOLD.

“Everyone should fight as hard as Matt fought. Condolences to his friends, family & the countless others he touched on his journey. Rest In Peace Capp.”

And then there was this from Bill DeMott:

“I’m heart broken with the news of the passing of Matt Cappotelli. He is an inspiring young man that touched so many with his smile, his heart, and his faith.

“My love and prayers go out to Matts wife Lindsay and the family. #TeamCapp #RIPMAtt.”

Cappotelli’s passing comes just about a week after WWE legend Vader also passed away.

May Matt Cappotelli rest in peace.


Big Brother Spoilers: First Showmance, Viewer Vote Winner Revealed!

Big Brother Season 20 has gotten off to a rather lackluster start. 

With a bunch of new twists thrown in, the show is starting to feel like Big Gimmick instead of the show waste so many hours every summer watching when we should probably be doing other things that are way more productive. 

Julie Chen confirmed on Wednesday’s launch show that viewers would be able to influence the game more than ever this time around. 

Viewers are allowed to vote to give specific houseguests a good power or a dangerous power. Thanks to the lid being lifted on the live feeds on Thursday night, the game is starting to take shape. 

We learned that Faysal Shafaat received “Hamazon Delivery” app, and that’s by no means a good thing. He was gifted with a game-changing twist, and it could come at the expense of his tenure inside the house. 

The more troubling thing here is that Faysal barely got a moment on-screen in the two episodes that have aired so far, so it probably means the others have come across better. 

Will we get to see another side to him on the live feeds? Quite possibly. 

In any case, he is being force-fed meat boxes that are being delivered at a quick pace. It was originally supposed to be ham, but it was swapped out with vegan ham because of his religion. 

We are still awaiting confirmation on which houseguest won the extra dose of power this week, but based on fan reaction; it sounds like Sam could be the lucky victor. 

Ever since entering the game, she has been at a big disadvantage. She lost out in the first competition and was turned into a robot. This means that she is taken out of the house at times, and the houseguests can only communicate with her via a robot. 

This appeared to hurt her game Thursday night when the first HOH competition found the houseguests trying to throw her out of the competition by filling her tank with balls. 

In the end, Tyler emerged as the winner. He had a conversation with Sam and understood that she was having a tough time of it in the house. 

However, he rewarded her by throwing her up on the block alongside Steve, so there’s that. If one thing is becoming clear, it’s that there is no loyalty in the Big Brother house. 

As for the first showmance, that comes in the form of Chris “Swaggy C” Williams and Bayleigh Dayton. Bayliegh was the one who talked Swaggy (yes, the name is ridiculous!) down from his high horse after winning one of the first competitions. 

On Thursday night, the pair were flirting like crazy on the live feeds. Hell, at one point, Bayliegh even said that Swaggy would look good under her tree at Christmas. 

It’s risky getting that close to someone in the house so soon in the game, but we’re sure we will find out whether they have any lasting potential in the coming weeks. 

Okay, Big Brother fans!

We have the veto competition coming up, as well as the winner of good app. 

What are your thoughts on the first round of spoilers?

Hit the comments below. 


Neal Boyd Dies; America’s Got Talent Winner Was 42

Neal Boyd, the popular opera singer who won America’s Got Talent Season 3, was found dead on Sunday in Sikeston, Missouri.

He was 42 years old.

According to the Scott County Coroner, per E! News, Boyd passed away at his mother’s home at 6:26 p.m. yesterday.

His mom reportedly found him unresponsive and call 911.

Paramedics later arrived on the scene and performed their tests, only pronounce him deceased a short while later.

Having delved into the issue of this artist’s health, E! News reports that Boyd had been seeing numerous doctors over the past few months and week.

He was in heart failure, kidney failure, and had liver disease.

E! also writes that has been cremated.

“Neal was on a CPAP machine and when EMS got there, they put the monitor on him and confirmed he was deceased,” the coroner continued told People Magazine, adding that “Neal had some medical issues.”

Born and raised in Sikeston, Boyd developed his surprising passion for opera music when he was in middle school.

He graduated from high school in 1994 and proceeded to earn a degree in speech communications at Southeast Missouri State University, along with a degree in music at the University of Missouri—Columbia.

In 2009, after coming out on top on America’s Got Talent, Boyd released his debut album, “My American Dream.”

The album debuted at number three on the Top Classical Albums chart.

Boyd also ran for an empty seat in the Missouri House of Representatives as a Republican in 2011 and actually sang the national anthem at the 2012 Republican National Convention as well.

The Scott County Coroner told People that given “the history of his medical condition, there was no reason” to perform an autopsy.

“Like I said, he had a number of health issues, and a lot of that would be attributed to Neil’s weight,” the coroner added.

Tweeted former America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan upon learning of Boyd’s fate:

“Very sad to hear that Neal Boyd, Season 3 winner of ⁦@AGT⁩, has died at 42 from heart failure. Lovely guy with a wonderful voice. RIP.”

In an interview with the Southeast Missourian published in February, Boyd described a serious car accident in which he had recently been involved as being “a very, very, very bad wreck,” adding that he “shattered a lot of bones and shattered my hip, which has left me almost unable to use that leg for now.”

But the singer tried to remain hopeful.

In addition to focusing on his “slow” recovery, Boyd told this publication that he was writing “uplifting” music for a new album, which was scheduled to be released in 2019.

May he rest in peace.