Sister Wives Season 9 Episode 2 Recap: Groomzilla

The drama is never far away from the Brown family. 

On Sister Wives Season 9 Episode 2, Mykelti went dress shopping, and Tony went along for the ride, and Meri was shocked when she let the other sister wives view the B&B she wanted to purchase in Utah. 

When the episode got underway, Christine and Mykelti were getting ready to look at some wedding dresses. The date was fast approaching, so they needed to try and get ahead of things. 

However, Christine took issue with the fact that Tony was joining them, and it’s understandable why. It’s not exactly traditional for the husband-to-be to go along for the process, but Tony seemed dead set on doing the opposite of what everyone wanted. 

While Mykelti and Anna were looking for the dresses, Christine made sure Tony was proving his worth. She wanted to know whether he had sorted the pinatas out. 

He admitted that he wanted life-sized pinatas of himself and Mykelti, and he wanted his new wife to break his open. 

Yes, that did not go down well. 

The conversation quickly turned to the dress Mykelti brought out, and not everyone was impressed with it. The negative comments put a dampener on the whole day. 

Then, Tony went one step further and started to make comments about the way he wanted Mykelti to wear her hair on the big day. Again, the mothers disagreed with him. 

After that, Christine went to a voice lesson to somehow improve her voice before the big day. Yes, she was still making it known that she was singing at the wedding. 

Elsewhere, Meri continued to get over-enthusiastic about the whole running a bed and breakfast. If you watch Sister Wives online, you will already know that Meri is one of the most out there wives, so it makes sense that she’s not giving up on her plans.

The house she wanted to purchase to run the business was her great-grand parent’s house. The house did go down a treat with the other wives, but it became clear Meri wanted to keep it in her family. 

Kody continued to be cynical about it, and he may have a point. There were only four rooms to rent out, so it’s difficult to imagine the place turning in much of a profit. 

Then, they found out that one of the rooms is haunted, and the wives seemed to get on board when they heard about it. The reason? More money. 

But things did not go down well when Meri said she planned on having an apartment there in case she was in town. The other wives thought this would mean Meri would be away from them for good. 

Meri said that it would make her happy to have the business, but reiterated that she would not leave the family. Meri made her best point yet: She had no kids at home, so she wanted to challenge herself. 

Finally, Maddie returned home with Caleb and dropped a bomb of epic proportions:

She was pregnant! 

This represented a milestone because it would be the first grandchild in the family.  It’s hard to believe, we know. 

What did you think of the episode?

Hit the comments!

Sister Wives continues Sundays on TLC. 


Meri Brown: 19 Shocking Facts About the Sister Wives Star!

Meri Brown has been a key cast member on Sister Wives ever since the premiere of this controversial reality show.

But just because she's been in the spotlight for a number of years, that doesn't mean she's a known commodity.

Far from it, in fact.

Scroll down for a list of Meri Brown facts and figures that may come as a shock, even to those who watch Sister Wives online (or on television) each and every week…

1. She Was HOW Old When She Married Kody Brown?

She was how old when she married kody brown
Only 19, way back in 1990. Meri was studying to be a psychologist at one point, but gave it up once the reality show became a hit after its 2010 premiere.

2. For How Long Did She Know Kody Before They Got Married?

Meri brown poses with a chair
Just four months. They got engaged after just two months.

3. She Has HOW Many Siblings?!?

She has how many siblings
Six in total: four sisters (Teresa Barber, Rebekah Barber, Elaine Barber, Deborah Barber) and two brothers (Adam Barber and Marc William Barber).

4. Meri and Kody Struggled with Infertility for Years

Meri and kody struggled with infertility for years
They tried to have kids from the very beginning, but it took them nearly a half decade. Finally, Meri and Kody welcomed their first child, a daughter named Mariah Brown, on July 29,1995.

5. When Did Meri and Kody Get Divorced?

Meri brown sister wives star geting emotional
In 2014, after almost 25 years of marriage. But she has remained on the show and by Kody’s side ever since.

6. Wait… What? Why and How?

Meri brown and kody brown
She only agreed to the divorce so that Kody could adopt Robyn’s three children from another marriage, which is something which Meri hinted at during an episode of Sister Wives, saying: “If ever I’m having an emotional moment about what I’ve lost, I just think, it’s not about me, it’s about the kids.”

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Sister Wives Season 8 Episode 1 Recap: They’re Back!

It’s hard to imagine it’s been a year since Sister Wives last graced our television sets. 

But here we are. 

It wouldn’t be an episode of Sister Wives without Kody Brown freaking the hell out about the latest wedding in the family he has to foot the bill for. 

When Sister Wives Season 8 Episode 1 got underway, Kody and his wives were the ones who went venue hunting for Mykelti’s wedding. 

If Kody is the one handing over the cash, he wants to make sure he can get things for the best price possible, and that’s a good thing. 

Far too often, reality TV stars squander all of the money they make from appearances and wind up in a horrible position when the cameras stop rolling. We’re looking at you, Speidi!

Mykelti and Tony were going for a whole different theme for their wedding.

“The theme of our wedding is going to be Mexican vintage because I think it sounds cool and what I’m trying to do is bring two cultures together,” Mykelti said to the cameras. 

“Mexican is Tony, vintage is me. We don’t want to serve a $ 50 plate for everybody. We’re going to do something simple, inexpensive: a taco buffet.”

But Tony thought that came with some big drawbacks: The Brown family are not good at making tacos. 

“When you go to Mykelti’s house, and you want a taco, a really white taco comes out… we want street tacos with like, real steak,” Tony admitted. 

This was music to Kody’s ears because he likes to keep spending to a minimum, but the venue then dropped the bomb that inside caterers absolutely had to be used. 

“We want to give Mykelti this awesome wedding, but 400 people is a lot. She has to realize somewhere in her mind that that’s really expensive. We don’t want to feel like we’re being taken advantage of,” Christine tells the camera.

“We want to give her the nice awesome wedding that she and Tony want, but 400 people is a lot.”

The inside caterer also charged $ 30 per plate so 400 guests would amount to an astronomical figure. 

“We’re just starting out here, but I’m standing here in a bit of shock thinking that we could deal with the reality of 400 people,” Kody says as though he is getting ready to use GoFundMe to pay for the event. 

Meanwhile, Meri was still trying to move on from the whole catfish scandal and decided it was time to make some changes.

She wanted to open an inn at her family home in Utah, and she seemed ecstatic at the prospect of it. 

As expected, Kody was less than enthusiastic about all of it. He wanted to know the ins and outs of it before agreeing that it would be a good idea. 

“Going through this process, this is my first reaction, and I’m very sorry for this–what value is this to us, even to Meri?” Kody said in a confessional. 

“It’s three hours away. How is she going to manage it, how is she going to run it? The reason my concern is there is because every bed and breakfast I’ve ever known of is family-run…It doesn’t have affordability to have employees.

“You have to do the work yourselves.”

Will Meri’s business venture get off the ground running? Will the wedding live up to Mykelti’s expectations?

Hit the comments below!

Sister Wives continues Sundays on TLC!


‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams Says Her Ex is Stalking, Harassing Her

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‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams Accused of Slashing Ex’s Tires

Ex-“Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams allegedly has it out for her ex-boyfriend, who claims she tried to run him down with her car once. James Norman filed for a restraining order against Jennifer, and in the docs says she’s taken rage out…


Sister Wives: A New Season (And New Drama) Coming Soon!

It’s been a very, very, very long time since we’ve been blessed with a new episode of Sister Wives.

How have we even survived without seeing the Brown family and all their wild and crazy polygamy drama?

It’s a mystery for the ages.

Believe it or not, the last new episode of Sister Wives aired all the way back in January. Yep, it’s almost been a whole entire year since we saw anything new from these people.

We’ve barely heard anything about them, either — sure, there have been plenty of rumors, and of course the big things like Maddie’s new baby and Mariah’s new girlfriend are going to go public.

But besides those few stories and the odd report that Meri, Janelle, Christina, and/or Robyn have finally come to their senses and plan on leaving Kody

Well, it’s been a dark year for Mormon gossip, we’ll say that.

Thankfully though, 2018 is really looking up!

After months and months of cancelation rumors — and no real word one way or the other from the Browns — TLC went and dropped a trailer for the new season yesterday!

The premiere will be on January 7th — less than a month away!

The trailer opens with footage of Mykelti’s wedding, which happened nearly a year ago to the day. We see Kody walking her down the aisle, and it really does look like a beautiful ceremony.

Next, we see Mariah work up the courage to introduce her girlfriend to her parents!

“Yep, Mariah has a girlfriend,” Christine acknowledges in an interview — and she doesn’t really seem too happy about it.

Which is kind of hard to understand, because in the brief bit of footage we see of Mariah with her girlfriend, they look pretty happy and adorable together.

Next, Maddie gathers the whole family — or most of them, anyway, it’s kind of hard to do a quick headcount when five spouses share 18 kids — to tell them she’s pregnant!

She unzips her hoodie to reveal a little “Baby on Board” sign she slapped on her stomach, and everyone is very excited.

All of that is great and wonderful and lovely for sure, but where’s the drama? Where’s that good ol’ Sister Wives strife that makes the show worth watching?

Don’t worry, Meri is about to bring it!

In the next little section of the trailer, Meri tells Robyn that she plans on opening a bed and breakfast back in Utah (remember, the family moved to Las Vegas a few years ago).

She seems really excited about it, but later we see Christine tell her “You’ve been struggling to find your place in the family. Do you think that having something like this … it’s not going to make you more connected, and you haven’t really been connected.”

She sure hasn’t, and for good reason.

All the way back in 2015, she and Kody, the only ones who were legally married, divorced so that he could legally marry Robyn. That was the only way he could adopt her three children from her previous marriage.

They made it clear that it wasn’t a traditional divorce — they’d still be spiritually married, it’s just that Robyn needed that legal marriage more than Meri did.

But you could still tell that it hurt her feelings.

Even before that though, she seemed to be pulling away from Kody and the rest of the family. Part of the issue was likely the fact that she was only ever able to have one child, Mariah, and she’s all grown up and out of the house now.

So while the other wives had their houses full of children and Kody’s attention on their little ones, Meri lived all alone except for the couple of days a week she was able to spend with her husband.

It’s no wonder she ended up getting catfished.

It’s been over two years now since Meri admitted that she’d been in an emotional relationship with someone online, and that that person turned out to be a woman who’d been lying to her.

And, as we’re seeing now, that relationship is still causing issues for Meri, and also for her relationship with Kody.

Elsewhere in the trailer that keeps on giving, Kody reveals that “Meri’s ready to go back into a deep and intimate relationship, and I’m not.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Meri says later. “And I feel like I’m just kind of walking in the dark.”

It’s all very sad, but in a sweet moment, her sister wives pull her aside to tell her that “No matter what is happening with you and Kody, we still love you.”

And then finally we see Maddie giving birth in a bathtub at one of the Brown family homes.

It’s … it sure is something.

Can you even wait to see this family back on TV?!


Wives Bonding Over Husbands’ Gay Affair: A Play-by-Play

When a Twitter user named BJ Colangelo sat down at an airport bar recently, she expected to sit quietly and enjoy a drink prior to boarding a flight.

She did NOT expect to overhear a pair of women discussing how their husbands are having an affair… WITH EACH OTHER!

Thankfully, Colangelo live-Tweeted nearly everything she eavesdropped, sharing the stunning and hilarious conversation with all of the Internet below:

1. For Real?!?

For real
How could she not listen in, right?

2. Love at First Sight?

Love at first sight
Something like that for these two.

3. A Helpful Life Lesson

A helpful life lesson
But we digress.

4. You Care a Little That They’re Gay, Right?

You care a little that theyre gay right
Be honest.

5. A Shot? Really?!?

A shot really
Desperate times and all, I guess.

6. Forget Reviving Sitcoms!

Forget reviving sitcoms
Just base a new one on these women.

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Janelle Brown: Sister Wives Star Debuts Dramatic Weight Loss!

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives, along with her husband, Kody, was in Las Vegas over the weekend, even the night before the Las Vegas shooting that claimed the lives of 59 people and injured 527.

Janelle updated her Instagram to make sure that everyone knew that she and the whole Brown family are okay. So don’t panic.

But Janelle had also shared a photo, below, and it is striking how much weight she has lost. You might not recognize her.

Sister Wives gets a lot of criticism, but it tends to have much less to do with the titular wives and a lot more to do with the family’s husband, Kody Brown.

Kody just comes across as unlikable and more than a little creepy.

The Browns agreed to do the show because they wanted to help normalize polygamy and to push for legalization.

A lot of people who are totally in support of legalizing the marriages of more than two consenting adults are disappointed, because Sister Wives does not really show a great example of healthy polyamory.

Instead, we get Kody. Off-putting and obnoxious Kody.

On the plus side, we’ve gotten to know the wives themselves by watching the series. And their children, and their children’s loved ones.

While Meri Brown had a disappointing reaction to learning that her daughter was gay, other moms have had more positive reactions to their children’s love lives.

Like Janelle, whose son Logan Brown recently got engaged.

But anyway, this is about Janelle, specifically.

So, as we said, Kody and Janelle were in Vegas over the weekend.

On Sunday, Janelle shared the (below) photo with the caption:

“Kody and I may really regret the second night in a row LOL. But we couldn’t pass up Depeche Mode! I love the concert opportunities Las Vegas . #wemaybecrazy @kodywinnbrown”

Like we said, they’re totally okay, unlike hundreds of victims of the terrorist shooting.

But one very striking thing about the photo is how much trimmer Janelle’s face looks.

Take a look:

She really does look dramatically thinner.

Sometimes, people’s faces are the last parts of them that lose weight.

In a video fro TLC, Janelle has spoken about her weight loss journey.

“You know, I’ve been making some big changes in my life — trying to get myself healthier and my kids healthier — and part of that is what I’ve been fixing for dinner and that I’ve been fixing dinner.”

She’s been combining diet and exercise, which really is the best path to changing your figure and, often, one’s health.

“So I’m a big bargain shopper and a coupon shopper — so I have a pantry, and I stock it full of things when they are on sale, they’re cheap. But really, not a lot of processed foods; I don’t keep a lot of pastries, or even a lot of pasta.”

Pasta is delicious, but we’ll grudgingly admit that it’s usually not conducive to weight loss and should therefore be eaten sparingly if you’re looking to change your habits.

“I used to be a person that would order out or drive-thru somewhere two or three nights a week.”

For some people, that’s the healthiest choice. Depending on how much time you have in the day, ordering delivery might be your only way to be sure that you make healthy choices.

If you don’t have much time, something like curry with all of its vegetables could be a much better option than heating up some frozen enchiladas. Not everyone has time to prepare a full meal.

But if she does, that’s great. It’s clearly working for her.

“And i’ve come back to really making the base of our meals — meat, or protein, fish, or chicken, whatever it is that I have — and then fruits and vegetables, and then adding potatoes or whatever it is that I have around the same for the children.”

Really thinking about what you’re putting into your meals and therefore into your body is a smart choice.

“I’ve seen our overall health improve, I’ve seen our grocery budget go down, and I think it’s pretty much changed the way that we’re eating at home. And that’s really led to great success in my fitness journey as well — to improve the way that I’m eating.”

That’s so great!

Now, if Janelle could only lose … however much Kody weighs. You know, like the classic divorcee quote: “I just lost 200 pounds!” Or, you know, whatever the ex-husband weighs.

Actually, we’ve heard repeatedly that Kody Brown might lose all four sister-wives, but they never seem to part ways.

Is it just wishful thinking on our part that they’ll start living their own lives and stop living under Kody’s thumb?

Could it be that Kody has qualities that make him an admirable husband and the camera has just failed to capture those?

Probably not.


Logan Brown and Michelle Petty: Eldest Sister Wives Son Engaged to Long-Time Girlfriend!

Kody Brown may be at risk of losing all four of his wives, but creepiness isn’t always passed down to your children.

Logan Brown, the eldest son of the Sister Wives family, has been in a relationship with Michelle Petty for years 

Now those two are taking things to the next level with a long-anticipated engagement!

Sister Wives is controversial for good reason.

Now, relationships involving multiple consenting partners isn’t a good reason for controversy.

Male-centered relationships where it’s just one man with multiple wives who have only one husband … that’s a little different.

And Kody Brown comes across as a creep.

Sister Wives from the outset was supposed to help normalize polygamy in the eyes of viewers.

There’s a decent change that it’s backfired, and the dislike that many viewers feel for Kody Brown may have reflected poorly upon people in healthy polyamorous relationships.

But nobody dislikes the kids on Sister Wives.

They didn’t sign up for any part of that. They were just born. And they’re good kids.

Which is why everyone is so excited that Logan and Michelle are taking this next step.

Logan took to Instagram to share this wonderful news.

“I did a thing…the best thing I have ever done. #engaged.”

Michelle tweeted out this photo with an engagement ring emoji and the words:

“Promoting him to fiance!”

That’s such wonderful news!

Fans and viewers don’t have to follow Logan or Michelle on social media to be familiar with Michelle or the two of them as a couple.

Michelle has appeared on Sister Wives many times.

Fans are familiar with her and with their relationship.

Those who follow either of them on Instagram and Twitter know them even better.

(Also, can we just say that Logan is way more buff than most people would assume!)

Unlike some relationships that crop up involving the children of non-traditional reality show families, Logan doesn’t seem to just be jumping into an engagement before he’s ready.

(Looking at you, Duggars)

Logan and Michelle have been dating for about three years.

They’ve discussed the idea of an engagement in the past, but had previously stated that they were going to wait until they had both finished with college, at least.

Well, guess what — Logan finished his bachelor’s degree in May of this year, and Michelle had already wrapped up her college education.

So it was time.

Logan Brown told TLC about his engagement.

And apparently his initial plans for the proposal had a few hiccups.

“Unfortunately nothing in my elaborate plan had successfully gone through.”

That is so often how things work out.

“So in desperation I found the prettiest view of the Colorado River, Congress Bridge. We walked out to the middle of the bridge and then I popped the question!”

Logan’s mother, Janelle Brown, tweeted her approval after Logan and Michelle made their engagement public.

“We are thrilled!”

We should note — because surely some people are wondering — that Logan does not plan to practice polygamy as his parents do.

In fact, all of the Brown family’s adult children are in agreement on that.