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DJ Paul on MLK Day It’s Cool to Be Black Now, But Racism Won’t End Until …


DJ Paul says African-Americans have a lot to be happy about as the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day … because being black is in right now.

We asked the Three 6 Mafia rapper how he felt about the state of race relations heading into the holiday — and he was totally optimistic … probably more so than most people would be.

DJP, who’s from Memphis — the city where Dr. King was assassinated — called 2018 a great year for black people, and he named some milestones to back up his claim.

Bottom line for Paul, this year’s a big W for Dr. King.

As for the “I Have a Dream” speech — Paul says we’re almost there, and Drake will be the ultimate barometer of when racism is dead. Puzzled? Just watch his take.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez If Mitch Won’t End Shutdown … Cardi B and I Will!!!


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still desperately seeking the one man who can end the government shutdown today … and says Cardi B‘s verbal smackdown of President Trump is on point.

We got the freshman congresswoman Thursday on the Hill, and she continued calling out Sen. Mitch McConnell. She says he’s nowhere to be found, and places blame on him — more than Trump — for the fact government employees still aren’t getting paid … 27 days into the shutdown.

AOC’s first speech from the House floor on Wednesday topped 1 million views — a record for C-Span’s Twitter feed — so, it’s clear people are paying attention when she speaks. Still, she admits she can’t smoke out McConnell.

She also weighed in on fellow New Yorker Cardi B’s rant about the gov’t shutdown.

If ya missed it, the MC blasted Trump, saying “our country is in a hellhole right now, all for a f***ing wall.”

Not shockingly, Cortez gives Cardi her stamp of approval, and says they might have to do what Sen. McConnell won’t do.

Doug Flutie Kyler Murray’s Short … But It Won’t Matter In NFL!!!


Think Kyler Murray is too damn short to be a successful QB in the NFL?

YOU’RE WRONG … so says fellow short guy Doug Flutie, who’s telling TMZ Sports he’s living proof that the vertically challenged can THRIVE in the pros! 

Flutie is 5’10” — which is a good height among normies but short by NFL quarterback standards. 

Murray is also 5’10” — and the knock on the Heisman Trophy winner is that he just doesn’t have the height to make the tough throws over those gigantic NFL linemen. 

Enter Flutie, who’s really going to bat for Murray … explaining, “The biggest problem with a lot of short quarterbacks is they don’t have the arm strength. [Murray] does. He can make all the throws.”

Flutie also says the implementation of spread offenses throughout the NFL will help Murray find passing lanes … and says it shouldn’t be hard for him to replicate the success he had at Oklahoma.

“He can throw from all kinds of angles. We see that with [Patrick] Mahomes and you’ll have the same thing with Kyler Murray.”

Best news for Kyler?? If Flutie’s wrong … there’s always baseball!!

Super Bowl 53 Gov’t Shutdown Won’t Affect Security … Says FBI, Atlanta PD, DHS

Exclusive Details

NFL fans planning on going to the Super Bowl in Atlanta have no reason to fear — the security there’s going to be as strong as ever … government shutdown be damned.

According to law enforcement sources … the FBI had a meeting with city and state officials Tuesday to lock down the final details of the overall security plan for SB 53 — which will be held February 3 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

We’re told the Atlanta PD is the lead law enforcement agency responsible for safety at the event, but — like at prior Super Bowls — it will team up with FBI agents and the Department of Homeland Security to make it happen.

FBI Specialist Kevin Rowson tells us the agency’s role is twofold — it coordinates the collection and dissemination of all operational intelligence … but it also steps up to take over in the case of an act of terrorism or if any crime rises to a federal level.

In the past, the FBI’s role in security has included conducting the background checks for ALL of the event day staff who will be credentialed … including security guards, food vendors, media and volunteers. That can mean as many as 30,000 individuals.

Rowson says … “Our plans for the Super Bowl security have not changed despite the shutdown.”

DHS Press Secretary Tyler Q. Houlton adds, “The Department takes the security of high risk events like the Super Bowl extremely seriously … the current lapse in government funding will have no effect on our commitment to assuring a safe and secure event.”

ATL PD’s Public Affairs Director agrees, telling us … “We’re confident our federal law enforcement partners will continue to assist us every step of the way and anticipate no impact from the shutdown.”

As you’ll recall … security for last year’s SB in Minneapolis resembled a militarized zone, with armed police officers and Humvees on the scene.

Seems like this year will be no different … as long as everyone doesn’t call in sick.

Steph Curry College Jersey Won’t Be Retired … Until He Graduates


Steph Curry is the most famous person to EVER play basketball at Davidson College (by far!) … so, why hasn’t his jersey been retired?!

Simple — Steph’s gotta get his degree first. Seriously. 

Remember, Steph is a LEGEND at Davidson, where he was a consensus 1st Team All-American and famously led the Wildcats to the Elite 8 in the 2008 NCAA Tournament. 

So, when we spotted Steph’s old college coach, Bob McKillop out in D.C., we had to get an explanation for why Steph’s old #30 jersey ain’t hangin’ in the rafters. 

“I think he’s in the process of completing his degree,” McKillop told us after heaping TONS of praise on his old player. 

We followed up with the school and athletic director Chris Clunie told us that Steph is still actively working on his degree … and as soon as he completes his education, boom — the jersey gets retired. 

Clunie says the school is extremely proud of all that Steph has accomplished on and off the court. They love the guy. 

By the way, during his college days, Steph listed his major as sociology. Unclear if he’s still pursuing that major or if he’s changed it like a ton of other kids. 

Colton Underwood Virginity Won’t Define Me Forever … It Will Be Something Else


Colton Underwood is carrying himself like a man who just released a huge weight from his shoulders — or maybe from somewhere else — because he says the conversation surrounding his virginity will soon shift. 

We got the ‘Bachelor star Wednesday at LAX, and you gotta see his reaction when our camera guy asks if he’s fed up with the endless virgin talk surrounding him. Safe to say Colton is an expert in being coy.

It’s easy to see why Colton might be tired of getting his sexual purity constantly shoved in his face … as you know, the virgin jokes quickly became a tired gag during this week’s season premiere. 

Check out the clip … Colton doesn’t explicitly tell us he’s finally swiped his v-card, but you gotta hear his explanation for the spring in his step.

Kinda makes ya wonder, doesn’t it?