Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Erica Herman: Is She Angry and Controlling?!

Last October, Tiger Woods’ new girlfriend was revealed. The golfing legend and Erica Herman then went public in November.

The two of them are still together and have been spotted being affectionate in public recently.

But a report says that things aren’t as happy behind closed doors.

According to RadarOnlineTiger and Erica’s relationship is not as healthy as it appears on the outside.

“Erica controls Tiger,” an insider reveals, shedding light on a troubling relationship dynamic.

On the surface, Tiger is the wealthier and more famous member of the couple, while she is the general manager of a restaurant that he owns.

But it sounds like, within their relationship, there’s a bit of a role reversal.

‘And,” the source shares, Erica “gets rid of people around him because she is threatened and jealous.”

Oh dear. That’s not what you want to hear. (Though there may be a less scary explanation for that — we’ll talk about that below)

The insider describes their relationship as “toxic.”

And they are not referring to the excellent Britney Spears song.

“She has a temper,” the source claims.

This, they say, results in a lot of heated disagreements.

The insider reports: “They fight and argue.”

You might be thinking that, if this is true, Tiger must really be over the moon if he stays with her.

Not so, says the source.

In fact, the source claims that Tiger “seems unhappy with her.”

And yet his reported reason for staying with her is crushingly sad.

The insider offers some insight into Tiger’s mindest, saying that the legendary golfer “doesn’t want to be alone.”

Aside from what we’ll gently refer to as “relationship problems” that Tiger has experienced in the past, he has had some other troubles.

Last year, Tiger Woods got a DUI, though he would later go on to claim that he was not drunk.

That may be, but the toxicology report did come back showing five different drugs in his system.

Take whatever medicines you need, folks, but please do not drive while impaired. Meds won’t do you any good if you die on the road.

Tiger also failed to qualify for the 2018 US Open. That is not really what you’d expect from the most famous golfer of the past few decades.

As usual, we’re inclined to take reports from unidentified sources with a grain of salt.

It is so incredibly easy for someone — say, a bitter former employee or even a friend — to prove that they were closely associated with a celebrity and then just claim whatever they like.

And we should point out that the line about getting rid of people in Woods’ orbit sounds a lot like something that a disgruntled former employee might say.

So we’ll keep this in mind and be on the lookout for signs of relationship trouble … but we’ll also remember that maybe Erica just fired a waitress who was too flirty with Woods.

After all, the man she’s dating has a bit of a reputation.


Ryan Edwards: STILL Cheating on Mackenzie Standifer With Shelby Woods?!

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Edwards has a lengthy history of infidelity, but even the professional baby daddy's most ardent critics thought he'd stop screwing around after Mackenzie stuck by his side during the year from hell.

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