Farrah Abraham: Anal Sex Camshow in the Works!

Say what you will about Farrah Abraham, but you can’t deny that a lot of people want to see her naked. And they’re even willing to shell out the money to make it happen.

Apparently she has plans to do yet another live sex show — and this one’s going to be anal.

Like so many frightening things, this video is scheduled to be just in time for Halloween.

Last month, Farrah Abraham stripped down and masturbated on camera before a live audience.

Her livestreamed sex show wasn’t for free, though.

Despite the paywall, interest was high enough that the more than 80,000 visitors ended up crashing CamSoda’s site.

And this, mind you, was after Farrah Abraham had denied news of a new sex tape. We questioned the wisdom of not promoting your camshow until it’s actually happening (though, not being camgirls ourselves, maybe we don’t know something about the business that CamSoda and Farrah do).

Clearly, the lack of promotion didn’t deter visitors.

In the video, Farrah bared her breasts for the camera and proceeded to masturbate using a sex toy.

And, just a month and a half later, she’ll do it again. With a twist.

TMZ reports that Farrah Abraham’s new livestreamed sex show will come the day before Halloween.

And it will feature Farrah doing anal on camera … again.

This time, she’ll be performing solo, so she’ll be using a toy. Or possibly more than one — it’s unclear.

CamSoda actually expects even more people to tune in to Farrah’s livestream this time around, so they’ve reportedly secured extra help to make sure that their site doesn’t crash.

Honestly, that’s showing more forethought and learning from past mistakes than some major video game companies do, so good for them.

As for whether Farrah’s continuing anal adventures will lure even more than the 80,000 plus visitors that she got in September?

That remains to be seen.

Anal toys come in a lot of varieties and different shapes and sizes, but unless she’s getting some sort of endorsement deal from Bad Dragon or whatever, we imagine that she’ll be using something nondescript.

So, a fairly run-of-the-mill anal toy … or maybe multiple toys. We’ll all find out in a couple of weeks!

Last time, Farrah Abraham’s mother responded with shock at Farrah’s livestreamed masturbation session, so we wonder if she’ll be better prepared for it, this time.

Farrah and she have been reconnecting despite some major strains in their relationships in the past, so maybe Farrah’s brought her up to speed.

Or maybe she’ll find out by reading entertainment news like everybody else. Some things don’t make for easy mother-daughter conversations.

While Farrah Abraham does many things wrong — questionable parenting, overt racism, her apparent constant need for negative attention — we should note that sex work is 100% valid.

There’s plenty of bad stuff to shame Farrah Abraham for. Doing a camshow is not a bad thing, so she does not deserve to be slut-shamed for it.

We do have a concern, and it has nothing to do with her playing with some anal insertables or even with the tens of thousands of people who are apparently willing to watch her do that.

You know how Farrah Abraham keeps getting vaginal rejuvenation in what appears to be the worst product endorsement deal that any clinic has ever made?

It’s allegedly to boost her sexual experiences, even though that doesn’t sound super plausible at her age … and it’s been pointed out that a more likely explanation is that she’s been dealing with some incontinence issues since she gave birth.

It’s her vagina and she can do whatever she wants to it, but if she starts promoting various anal rejuvenation treatments or whatever on social media … we just don’t need that in our lives.


Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo: Spin-Off Series in the Works?!

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo already seem out of love … or, at least, seem to be playing up their affections for the camera.

But that doesn't mean that they're canceling their plans to marry, even if they haven't quite set a date yet.

They are making some plans, though — which leads people to wonder if Rachel and Bryan have a spin-off reality series in the works.

Rachel Lindsay shocked fans to their cores when she dumped Peter Kraus in the season finale of The Bachelorette.

She looked massively torn up about it, and left Peter in a sobbing heap.

It was hard to watch, even for those of us who knew that it was coming.

The fact that she ignored good sense and her own family and choose Bryan Abasolo was hard for a lot of people to process.

Since then, Rachel's choice has been overshadowed by the injustice of Peter Kraus not being the next Bachelor.

Because, ultimately, it's Rachel's life to live and she gets to choose her fiance. She chose Bryan Abasolo.

We don't have to understand, we just need to realize that it's her life and that maybe she's looking for different traits than most viewers.

And you know, Rachel seems happy enough.

At least, Rachel and Bryan are still together. That's more than we can say for a lot of Bachelor couples.

In this clip below, in which Wendy Williams doesn't appear to be able to keep things straight between Peter Kraus and Bryan Abasolo and mixes up their professions, Rachel has some news.

It's not, like, her big announcement. This is a detail that she slips in, almost as if it's incidental or an afterthought.

Wendy asks Bryan Abasolo (after he joins them on the couch) whether he's going to continue being a chiropractor.

(This is after she jokes about his job, but … that's Wendy Williams, for you)

Bryan mentions that he's taking a break from it at the moment but will get his chiropractor's license to practice in California, which is where they're going next.

Rachel Lindsay mentions that she plans to get her law license in California.

Wendy Williams casts a little doubt on that.

Wendy points out that many people go on reality television for the purpose of finding out if they can be successful television personalities.

Rachel clearly has what it takes, so now that she and Bryan have tested the waters, they might go on reality television again.

Like, say, in a spin-off.

Wendy then asks them, point-blank, if they plan to have their wedding on camera.

They both admit that it's a possibility, that they haven't ruled it out.

(We told you ages ago that Rachel Lindsay is already planning her wedding, right down to who isn't invited, and that cameras might be there)

Other couples from the Bachelor franchise haven't had the most success when cameras follow them around for every moment of their new relationship.

But while Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins broke up because they couldn't communicate honestly with each other and be on camera at the same time … maybe that won't be the case for Rachel and Bryan.

Not because true love conquers all, but … kind of the opposite.

If their engagement is, at this point, a business arrangement so that they can both seek fame and fortune as a reality couple … cameras wouldn't hurt that relationship one bit.

We don't know that this is the case, but since the two were described as acting like business partners except when the cameras are rolling … you have to wonder.

A reality spin-off really does sound like the only explanation for why they'd willingly move to California. 

And they didn't exactly deny it in this video:

Rachel lindsay and bryan abasolo spin off series in the works

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna: Resolution in the Works!

According to a sort of hilarious report, Blac Chyna may be considering a career in music.

We can’t confirm whether or not this is accurate.

But we can say the following…

… Chyna and Rob Kardashian may soon be singing a happy tune together.

The ex-lovers have not spoken to each other in about a month, not since Chyna sent Rob a video on July Fourth of her mouth all over that of another man.

In response, Kardashian flipped the eff out.

He shared three naked photos of Chyna. He called her out for using drugs and drinking a lot and being obsessed with plastic surgery.

Rob got kicked off Instagram for these unwarranted insults and he nearly got arrested for violating California’s revenge porn law.

Chyna, in turn, was granted a temporary restraining order against Rob, who has gone social media silent ever since his viral rant.

The stars, who broke up in December after a year of dating, were scheduled to appear in court in Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 8, for a hearing related to this order… but they have pushed the hearing back until September 18.

And attorney Lisa Bloom now says it may not need to take place at all.

“We are working toward a resolution and wanted a little bit more time to see if we can get there,” says the lawyer, who represents Chyna, adding:

“If we can’t, we are ready willing and able to go forward with the hearing on September 18.”

If a resolution cannot be reached, the result of this hearing could be to extend the restraining order.

This could be a problem for Rob because it would make it harder for him to spend time with adorable daughter Dream.

So far, Chyna has been open to co-parenting the little girl with her ex, despite his short fuse and occasionally inappropriate behavior.

Until this legal matter is settled, though, Kardashian must remain at least 100 yards away from Chyna.

He also must refrain from sharing any photos or videos of her on social media.   

“They coparent pretty well in terms of scheduling,” a source tells Us Weekly, telling the tabloid:

“They split the time pretty equally based on each other’s schedule. They have two nannies that alternate, so that also makes it incredibly easy.

“A nanny is with Dream 100 percent of the time, even when she’s sleeping. It’s 24-hour care for Dream.”

Even with Chyna apparently having found a new man, Rob has not lashed out in weeks. He hasn’t posted anything online at all in weeks.

For the sake of his child and his future as a father, let’s hope that remains the case.


Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna: Top Secret Custody Deal in the Works

Rob Kardashian has not said a single word in public since going off in a wildly inappropriate and borderline illegal way against Blac Chyna a few weeks ago.

But the reality star’s lawyer has allegedly been doing a lot of talking.

As nearly every celebrity gossip follower must know by now, Kardashian blasted Chyna at the outset of this month for hooking up with other men behind his back.

Actually, he blasted China for hooking up with men directly in front of his back, considering she sent him a video of her kissing some other dude on July Fourth.

After slamming his ex-fiancee as a drug-addicted, plastic surgery-obsessed gold digger, Kardashian shared three nude photos of Chyna and got himself kicked off Instagram.

Thee were questions over whether Rob had violated California’s revenge porn law, while Chyna successfully lobbied a judge for a temporary restraining order against her troubled baby daddy.

To her credit, however, Chyna said in a follow-up interview that she would never take Rob’s daughter away from her, despite the serious tension that exists between Mom and Dad.

And now a subsequent Radar Online report states the same.

“Rob and Chyna’s lawyer are working out the details of their custody situation quietly,” a source tells the aforementioned website.

With Rob and Chyna having split shortly after daughter Dream was born in November, it’s unclear whether or not the stars ever entered into any sort of legal arrangement regarding their child.

It doesn’t sound that way.

It sounds as if the two simply shared custody of the eight-month old at various times, with nothing official in place.

It’s evident at this point, however, that attorneys need to get involved and that an actual custody contract must be signed in order to avoid potential problems down the line.

Chyna and Rob don’t talk to each other at all,” Radar writes, adding:

“Only the lawyers are in communication with each other. They’re doing this so they can get along for the sake of Dream.”

The parents are scheduled for a court hearing on August 7, but their representatives are pushing for a “continuance” in the hope they can arrive at an agreement without the need of a judge.

“The case will be done and closed quietly,” Radar concludes of the custody battle.

Following several months in which the former couple fought endless on television and on social media, we very much hope this turns out to be true.

If one silver lining can come out of Rob’s unwarranted attack against Chyna, it would be for both sides to realize that there’s a little girl at the center of all this drama and that private issues should remain private.

Think whatever you want about Rob or Chyna, but we should all be rooting for them to work out a custody arrangement that guarantees Dream with a healthy environment moving forward.


Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner: Reconciliation in the Works?!?

Over the last few weeks, Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner have said some very mean things about each other.

But money apparently talks louder than any insults these ex-spouses have leveled at each other, which is why a new report claims the two are about to get back together.

In a professional capacity, that is.

The odds of Tiger Woods winning another Major are higher than the odds of Kris and Caitlyn actually getting back into bed together.

However, they may very well be back in business as a tandem because an insider tells Radar Online that Caitlyn really wants to star on another television show.

In the wake of I Am Cait failing to really catch on, she’s allegedly turned to the most famous reality TV manager around to help her resurrect her dying career on the small screen.

“Caitlyn has been encouraged to pitch the [new] show to Bravo and E! and she wants the process to go smoothly,” this source claims to Radar, adding:

“She knows that Kris could be a huge asset and they both have clauses that they will not slander one another.

“Any inclusion of Kris and her family in the show could be very lucrative for both parties.”

That’s true, we suppose.

Caitlyn has fallen out of the spotlight since making endless headlines during her first year as a transgender, although she always claimed that she preferred to live a more private life anyhow.

Ratings for Keeping Up with the Kardashians plummeted throughout Season 13, meanwhile, which is why a previous report alleged Kris was actually the one who wanted to reunite with Caitlyn on screen.

She’s really that desperate to turn the mothership around.

But plenty of water will need to be swept under the bridge in order for the Jenner to reconcile.

In her memoir, Caitlyn slammed sex with Kris as being very odd and uncomfortable during their marriage, while she also continued to insist that Kris knew of her transgender tendencies from the very beginning.

Caitlyn also said Kris was given all the money Caitlyn ever earned, a charge that especially angered the former’s step-children.

During a televised tirade against Caitlyn at one point this spring, Kim even said that Jenner “just literally started three families with three different people and f-cked everyone over.”

Ouch. It doesn’t get much more personal or sensitive than that.

As a form of revenge against her ex-husband, there’s been talk that Kris Jenner may write her own biography, one specifically aimed at taking Caitlyn down.

And this may very well still end up happening.

But if Kris thinks she can make more money by making up with Caitlyn on screen, even if it’s merely for show, well…

… we all know which direction she’d go in, don’t we?

Would you want to see a reality show that features both Kris and Caitlyn Jenner?

Or are you sort of over this family and its scripted drama?


Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears & Paris Hilton: Epic Reunion in the Works?!

Back in 2007 — which we’re told wasn’t 3 years ago but in fact 10, somehow — Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan had some outrageous misadventures that were impossible to ignore.

Well now it sounds like the dream team is coming back together!

Lindsay Lohan’s birthday party is coming up, and yesterday, she tweeted out this invite with some very recognizable Twitter handles:

“#nicegirls @britneyspears @parishilton come to #mykonos for my birthday this weekend @Beyonce you too”

Beyonce being thrown in there is adorable, but you know what? We’d invite Beyonce to our parties, too.

Keep in mind that this is the same wonderful, terrible trio that brought us Britney’s infamous crotch shot photo and so many more.

This was all, of course, before Britney shaved her head and went through the “descent to the underworld” portion of the archetypal hero’s journey, suffering for the world’s transgressions and then being reborn, more powerful than ever.

It was also before Lindsay Lohan started getting help for her issues. Since then she’s taken a lot of strides herself.

And we’re honestly so proud of her for that.

Paris is and always has been herself, though we’re not sure that she’s ever been truly out-of-control, you know?

The more that you read about Paris Hilton, the more carefully crafted her public image and persona begins to seem.

Plenty of us regular folks invite friends to events over Twitter.

Realistically, though, most celebrities — especially on the level of Britney, Beyonce, Lindsay, and Paris — aren’t going to be making serious plans over a very public social media platform.

Sincere invites are over text messaging or even through assistants, depending on a bunch of factors.

Maybe Lindsay decided to make some sincere invited public, we don’t know.

(Though the grim reality is that Beyonce is too busy with baby twins to go out partying)

(And we somehow don’t picture her calling Becky With The Good Hair to babysit)

So … it’s entirely possible that none of these ladies will show up.


It’s entirely possible that Lindsay doesn’t expect any of them to.

Beyonce is busy being a mom.

Britney’s also a mom, and hey, isn’t she still touring in Asia?

(That’s rhetorical; Britney is absolutely still touring in Asia)

Though Paris Hilton might always attend. You know, for some reason.

That’s kind of her brand.

No, but for realsies, Paris HIlton has always had a great sense of humor and is way smarter than you might think.

Remember in the 2008 election (remember when that seemed contentious?) when the McCain campaign ran an ad comparing Obama’s popularity with Britney and Paris?

Paris responded with a sarcastic video and then a full music video titled “Paris for President.”

It was kind of the best.

She also played herself — well, a shapeshifted deity that had assumed her form — on Supernatural, back when that show was watchable.

And as far as we know, she’s never raised any objections to the bag merchant NPC in World of Warcraft named Haris Pilton.

Accepting parodies and participating in self-parodies is a clear sign that someone has a great sense of humor and probably isn’t that uptight about people insulting their public persona.

So we super, super hope that she takes Lindsay up on her offer.

Come on, Paris. Do it.

For old times’ sake.

We’re sure that it’ll be a blast, even if we don’t know if Lindsay will have any alcohol on the premises for obvious reasons.

Oh, do you think that Paris will bring her dreamy boyfriend Chris Zylka?

The world’s been kind of obsessed ever since back when he was wearing V-necks on The Secret Circle (making them both CW stars in their own ways), but we wonder if he knows Paris’ old crew at all.

Honestly, you have to love these three ladies.

Through all of their ups and downs, they’ve never stopped being entertainers.

They’ve given us so much.

And they really have suffered for that.

Here’s hoping that, no matter the guest list, Lindsay’s party is a blast.

(But not in a way that threatens, um, anyone’s sobriety)