Kylie Jenner Claims She Was “Bullied” by the Whole World

A strange, haunting fan video has surfaced of Kylie Jenner discussing being a victim of bullying.

The 21-year-old near-billionaire did not make or share the video, but after a fan made it, both Kendall and Khloe took notice on social media.

The video is more than a little odd, but it has a powerful message and clearly had a profound impact on Kylie's fans.

Kylie jenner gets deep

In a haunting voice that has been slowed down, Kylie's voice talks to her followers about perception and bullying.

"Half of you guys think that I’m weird," Kylie says. "And the other half think I’m funny."

"But," Kylie continues. "I’ve been bullied since I’ve been nine from the whole world, it feels like sometimes."

Most of Kylie's siblings were adults when Keeping Up With The Kardashians began to air. Kylie was just a kid.

"And I think that I’ve done a really great job in handling all of this," Kylie boasts.

Kylie jenner while pregnant

"There are bullies everywhere," Kylie laments.

That is more or less true.

"So," Kylie says. "This is just a little Snapchat to tell whoever with their own bullies that the only opinion that really matters is yours."

So Kylie is encouraging her followers to be confident "and to never change."

That is good advice for anyone who faces bullying.

Kylie jenner rose hair

Before anyone can reply to Kylie's words that her life is better than almost every other human's, now and also throughout all of history, she cuts them off.

"This isn't a pity party, though," Kylie insists. "Don't get it twisted."

“This is for others with bullies out there to know that you’re not alone,” Kylie makes clear.

She then signs off of her Snapchat message, the audio of which is preserved in this fan video.

"Now, goodnight," Kylie says. "Spread love."

Kylie jenner white bathrobe

This video's origins are ultimately unknown, but it has resurfaced due to a Kylie Jenner fan account on Instagram.

"Ok, this video is so beautiful," the KylieEdits fan account captioned the video.

"i think Kylie’s voice make this so emotional…" the captions continue.

The captions include an admission: "(I couldn’t find the creator)."

"Kendall liked and reposted," the captions updated. "Khloe liked."

Kylie jenner sneak peek silhouette

Kendall did repost the video on Twitter, with a red heart emoji to convey her emotional support for her sister.

People may rightly point out that the "bullying" that a celebrity may experience from cruel "fans" is bad, but cannot compare to the bullying that non-celebrities face on a daily basis.

No one should bully a child, even a famous one.

But a wealthy 9-year-old reality star is not going to have the same experience as a non-famous 9-year-old facing bullying at school or at home.

Kylie jenner glows in sunlight

That said, it's clear that Kylie's words on Snapchat had a powerful effect on her fans. One of them was so moved that they created this video.

Kylie's young fans clearly took her words to heart and found comfort in her message.

Ultimately, that probably matters a whole lot more than a debate over whether or not Kylie's experiences truly amount to "bullying."

Kylie is an influencer, and her messages of comfort mean so much to so many of her fans — even now that she's a makeup mogul and a mom.

Kylie jenner claims she was bullied by the whole world

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Kendall Jenner Makes Dumb Comment, Pisses Off Entire Modeling World

Remember the great Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad debacle of 2017?

Well, this isn’t quite as bad as that, but it’s still evidence that you can spend your entire life in the spotlight and still grow up to be totally ignorant of how to interact with the general public.

As you’re probably aware, Kendall is a model — and quite a successful one, at that.

But from the start, there have been rumors that she’s had trouble earning the respect of her fellow models.

Reports of Kendall being snubbed by her colleagues were rampant after her first Victoria’s Secret show, but it seems she’s managed to win some of the skeptics over in the years since.

Now, however, she may have squandered all that hard-earned goodwill with a single awkward interview.

“Since the beginning we’ve been super selective about what shows I would do,” Kendall recently told Love magazine.

“I was never one of those girls who would do like 30 shows a season or whatever the f-ck those girls do. More power to ‘em. But I had a million jobs, not only catwalks but everything else,” she added.

“The whole combination was very overwhelming and I started to freak out a little bit and needed to take a step back.”

Turns out boasting about how in-demand you are doesn’t exactly endear you to people struggling to make a living in your field, especially when you were born with advantages they can only dream of.

The backlash against Kendall was immediate — and intense.

“This makes me so angry,” Victoria’s Secret model Jac Jagaciak tweeted in response to the interview.

“So disrespectful to literally 99% of people in the industry — yes, they had to work their way up. Please get in touch with the real world!”

Model Vita Sidorkina also chimed in, tweeting:

“Maybe ‘those girls’ need to pay their bills that’s why they are doing 30 shows? No words…”

Kendall quickly got in front of the situation and apologized in a lengthy statement posted on several social media platforms:

“I was misrepresented in a recent interview over the weekend and it’s important to clarify the meaning. It was intended to be entirely complimentary but unfortunately, my words were twisted and taken out of context,” she wrote.

“I want to be clear. The respect I have for my peers is immeasurable!”

Kendall added:

“I get to experience first hand their tireless commitment, their work ethic, the endless days, the lack of sleep, separation from family and friends, stress of traveling, the toll on physical and mental health, yet they still make it all look effortless and beautiful.

“I’m so inspired by so many of these people I have had the good fortune to work alongside! There’s no way I could EVER hate on that. I want everyone to win. SLAY ALWAYS.” 

Hmm … we’re willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because much of the meaning of Kendall’s original statement would depend on the tone in which it was expressed.

Of course, we’re not the ones Kendall is apologizing to.

Her fellow models are obviously pissed — and her apology, no matter how well-intentioned, may be too little, too late.


Audrey Roloff: Is THIS Why She Quit Little People, Big World?

You can always trust Audrey Roloff to keep it real.

The now-former Little People, Big World has talked at length in the past about her early breastfeeding challenge, her bouts of postpartum depression and how she relies on her faith in all aspects of her life.

But what about the filming of the show itself?

What has it been like to have a cameraman essentially follow you around at all times?

In the wake of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff announcing they will not be returning to Little People, Big World, Audrey recently spoke to Jenna Kutcher on the Goal Digger podcast and perhaps shed some light on why the couple decided to walk away.

Scroll down and then click around for the revealing details…

1. Audrey and Jeremy Confirmed in July 2018 That They Are Leaving LPBW

Happy mommy and daughter
This is what Audrey wrote on Instagram after her husband first broke the news: “This past season was our last season of filming for Little People Big World. I know it’s been a shorter run for me(for Jeremy it’s been 14 years!), but I’ve shared some pretty big life moments on #LPBW – getting engaged, our wedding day, the launch of @beating50, 3 moves, a remodel, finding out we were having a baby girl, and becoming a new mom! I and so thankful for the encouragement, kindness, and support that each of you have shown to our family. We are forever grateful for the run we’ve had, but excited to focus on what we feel the Lord is calling us too! You guys are the most loyal fans. Thank you for respecting our decision. And thanks to TLC for putting up with us.”

2. She Concluded:

Roloffs and daughter
“Mostly, I am so proud of my husband who has grown up in the public eye and yet remained grounded, wise, and steadfast in his faith. This decision is one that I respect him for immensely. ‘Here’s hail to the rest of the road!’ I love you Farmer. Psalm 20:7.”

3. But Why?!?

Loving daughter time
Jeremy had said the decision to depart was made about a year ago, but neither he nor Audrey delved into the reasons WHY the couple had arrived at this major decision.

4. It’s Been a Big Change So Far

Roloffs near church
“Segueing away from the cameras [has] been a big shift for us,” Audrey admitted on the podcast. “But we are really excited about just being able to really press into writing and speaking and creating and just devoting all of our efforts in the things that we feel the Lord has called us to, and also raising a family away from the cameras.”

5. Audrey Met Jeremy on a Blind Date

Pure joy
She confesses here that she didn’t really understand what she was getting into when she first met her husband. And the whole reality show thing didn’t really affect her at first.

6. Why Was This the Case?

Roloffs say cheese
Because, Roloff explains, “during our long distance relationships, I sort of was around the cameras but not too much.” It wasn’t until her wedding day that Audrey got “thrust into it” all.

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Jenelle Evans’ Drug Dealer Introduces Himself to the World

Many reality stars have prompted the question, is this person on drugs?

So in that respect, Jenelle Evans has a lot of company.

But in one important way, the Carolina Hurricane is in a class of her own:

Not only do we know for a fact that she's on drugs, we know her substance abuse is so severe that many who know her best are amazed she's not dead or in prison.

Jenelle has admitted to smoking pot while pregnant; she's been imprisoned for possession on countless occasions; and she's nearly lost her life to overdoses.

Needless to say, Jenelle's drug dealer is one of the most important people in her life, and now, for the first time, we get to meet this elusive figure.


1. The Substance Lover

Jenelle and her pills
Pills, pot, other drugs normalk people have never even heard of that also start with “p” … you name it,m Jenelle’s done it.

2. Partners In Crime

Jenelle eason and david eason pic
Jenelle and David both seem to enjoy getting faded, which is one of the very few things that makes their marriage “work.”

3. Life on the Land

David and jenelle eason photo
Jenelle and David live in the middle of freakin’ nowhere, which can create problems for people who enjoy illicit substances.

4. Making It Work

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
But the Easons have apparently discovered a solution. It seems their neighborhood features a drug delivery system.

5. Eco-Friendly

Jenelle evans eye roll
As a bonus, the friendly neighborhood dopeman even gets around via bicycle. No carbon footprint here!

6. The Stranger in the Woods

Jenelle dave eason
But like all mythical creatures, Jenelle and David’s is seldom seen by mere mortals — which is why it’s so exciting that two locals recently caught a glimpse of the elusive beast …

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Jeremy Roloff Reveals Why He Left Little People, Big World

Jeremy Roloff has finally come clean.

The long-time reality star took fans by surprise last month when he announced that he and wife Audrey Roloff would NOT be returning for future episodes of Little People, Big World.

And why not?

Jeremy didn’t really cite a reason at the time.

He merely said the following:

After 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons, the time has come.

A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last. It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride…

We will still be supporting the family as they carry the #LPBW torch onward. This is a decision concerning Audrey and me specifically – the show must go on!

As Roloff himself said in this statement, he basically grew up in front of TLC cameras and decided awhile back that it was time for a change.

Perfectly understandable, right?

And Audrey, of course, backed her husband up in a message of her own.

Now, however, as part of an interview with People Magazine, Jeremy has elaborated a bit on his reason for wanting to spread his wings beyond reality TV.

“I think when anyone has done something for 15 years, they reach a point where they kind of ask themselves, ‘How much longer do I want to be doing this?’ And so two years ago I asked myself that question,” Roloff told the publication.

Jeremy went on to say he prayed on the issue and received the full support of his loved ones and has no regrets about the decision.

“It just felt boring almost, you know?” he adds.

“At some point you [need to] build something that you’re proud of. I didn’t build the show, and I’m not saying you need to build something to be proud, I’m just saying it ran its course.

“I feel like now is a great time to leave.”

And Jeremy and Audrey have plenty to keep them busy.

The couple has a book coming out next spring, along with something they did build: blog/company Beating 50 Percent, which defines itself as “a marriage ministry on [a] mission to revive covenant marriages.”

It also sells merchandise.

So it’s not as though these Roloffs will be disappearing entirely; far from it, in fact.

About two years ago, Jeremy’s brother, Jacob Roloff, also quit Little People, Big World.

But he did it in far more dramatic and scandalous fashion, blasting the series and his family members and fake.

Molly Roloff, meanwhile, never really showed any interest in being a cast member.

Back to Audrey and Jeremy, though:

Besides growing their family at some point, the stars also want to purchase land or the family farm.

As for their careers, Jeremy explains that their biggest goal is “to continue sharing our life with people.” He explains:

“We’re trying to inspire love stories.”


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