XXXTentacion Murder, Suspect’s Grandma’s Cadillac Filled with Incriminating Evidence

The search of a Cadillac owned by the grandma of one of XXXTentacion’s murder suspects revealed crucial pieces of evidence … TMZ has learned. According to a search warrant … cops found 2 dark colored masks in Michael Boatwright’s grandma’s car,…


XXXTentacion: Four Suspects Indicted for Murder

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a month since XXXTentacion was shot dead in Miami.

Earlier this month, police found one of XXXTentacion’s killers. Though police do not yet have all of the suspects in custody, prosecutors are moving forward.

They have already issued indictments. Let’s take a look at the details.

One of the alleged shooters was Michael Boatright, who was arrested earlier this month.

Trayvon Newsome is believed by police to have been the toher trigger man. Newsome is currently wanted by police.

Two other suspects are Dedrick Williams, who is in custody, and Robert Allen, for whom police are still searching.

TMZ reports that all four suspects in XXXTentacion’s murder were indicted by a grand jury 

On top of the obvious murder charge, all four men are also charged with armed robbery using a firearm.

XXXTentacion 4 Alleged Killer Indicted

According tot he Associated Press, Dedrick Williams was spotted on surveillance cameras and identified.

Though fearful of being labeled a snitch in prison for speaking to police, he did tell investigators that he did not know in advance that XXXTentacion would be robbed.

It was apparently Boatright and Newsome who carried out the actual robbery, or so investigators have been told.

Of course, felony murder rules mean that co-conspirators in crimes that result in murder are all indicted for murder, regardless of which individual did the killing.

XXXTentacion had been looking at motorcycles just before he was shot to death in an apparent armed robbery.

The rapper was only 20 years old, and had some very passionate young fans.

He also apparently acted as something of a mentor to younger people in the business.

14-year-old Danielle Bregoli, who launched her record-breaking music career after insulting Dr. Phil on television, felt a very close bond to XXXTentacion.

Their last conversation, just days before his death, was an argument in which she told him that she never wanted to speak with him again.

Danielle will always regret her final words to him, she says.

XXXTentacion was also infamous for an alleged beating of a gay man, and for being accused of horribly abusing his girlfriend Geneva Ayala to the point that she had to have reconstructive surgery on her face due to damage to her skull.

The shocking descriptions of what is said to have done to her during their relationship amount to torture.

Unfortunately, because of this, his ex is reviled by some of his more ardent fans.

Though his abused girlfriend just wants him to rest in peace, some fans objected to her presence at a vigil for him, and kicked her out.

Afterwards, they burned what she had left in his memory.

XXXTentacion continues to be mourned by many of his fans. Some of them are so young that this he is the first celebrity musician whom they’ve lost.

Some say that a video made shortly before the rapper’s passing predicted his own death.

In fact, some sources even say that XXXTentacion talked about wanting to die young like some of the great rappers of the ’90s.

Hopefully, the people who were in his life will get a sense of closure once his murder trial draws to a close.

For now, it is just beginning.


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XXXTentacion Murder: Have Police Found the Gunman?

A second suspect has been arrested in the murder of XXXTentacion.

In a statement released on Wednesday by the Broward Sheriff’s Office, authorities confirmed that 22-year-old Michael Boatwright was arrested on July 5 on drug charges unrelated to the rapper’s death.

However, he was served an arrest warrant five days later for first-degree murder while he was already incarcerated for his previous alleged crime.

Boatwright has been listed by detectives as one of two gunmen believed to have actually pulled the trigger and killed XXXTentacion on the afternoon of June 18 in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

The aforementioned Sheriff’s Office went on to confirm that police are still searching for the second shooter in the artist’s killing, while also noting that a 22-year-old named Robert Allen is a “person of interest” who may have some valuable information on the case.

Per TMZ, Allen was reportedly spotted on the surveillance video at the motorcycle shop where XXXTentacion was shot dead close to a month ago.

Here is a mugshot of Boatman:

He has a lengthy criminal past; it includes a multitude of drug charges, as well as an arrest for battery. 

Boatman also had several mental competency hearings.

According to the arrest report, when he was arrested on July 5, cops discovered there was a DNA warrant out for Boatwright at the same time.

Back on June 21, three days after XXXTentacion was murdered, Dedrick Devonshay Williams was taken into custody in connection with the homicide.

He was booked on the charge of first-degree murder.

XXXTentacion was killed in broad daylight while walking out of a motorcycle shop.

Lawyers for the rising star have tried to argue that the murder was the result of a random robbery attempt gone wrong.

And we may still learn this was the case.

However, most are hesitant to believe such a claim, considering all the public beefs into which XXXTentacion got himself.

No one is saying Drake or Migos, two targets of the rapper’s wrath, were involved in his death.

Just that XXXTentacion seemed very aware at times that his life would come to an end early as a result of his attitude and the lifestyle he chose to live.

Elsewhere, we also learned since this tragedy that XXXTentacion’s girlfriend, pictured above with the artist, was pregnant with his baby at the time of this murder.

Geneva Ayala, spoke out after XXXTentacion’s death, saying that while she did experience severe abuse during their relationship, she still would prefer that fans refrain from criticizing him in the wake of his passing.

The rapper’s mother, meanwhile, is the one who revealed this pregnancy news online.

She shared a picture of the impending baby’s sonogram and wrote as a caption, referring to her son:

“He left us a final gift.”