Bear Jumps for Joy with Boy in Cutest Video You’ll See Today

Who says bears are big and scary animals who you should avoid at all costs if you see out in the wild?

Okay, fair enough:

A significant majority of bears are big and scary animals who you should avoid at all costs if you see out in the wild?

Heck, the bear featured in the following piece of amazing footage should probably even be avoided at all costs if you were to encounter him outside the safe confines of a zoo.

Fair warning uttered, however, allow us to now state something else…

… this bear is so gosh darn cute and precious and hilarious!

In a video first shared to Facebook by a man named Patrick Parker, the user's five-year old son Ian is at the Nashville Zoo.

Specifically, he's standing in front of the very thick glass that separates human patrons from four-legged display animals.

And when Ian starts jumping up and down in excitement?

The bear does the very same thing!

According to Ian's dad, the two enjoyed a "10-minute jump session."

We're not talking about some pure coincidence here, where the bear just happened to leap up at the same time as his short new friend.

We're talking about a coordinated jumping game, one that took all onlookers by total and complete surprise.

The footage has thus far been Liked millions of times on Facebook…

… and it's easy to see why!

Click PLAY to find out for yourself:

Bear jumps for joy with tiny zoo patron in cutest video youll se

Jenelle Evans to Nathan Griffith: You’ll Never See Our Son Again!

It's hard to imagine how Jenelle Evans could possibly have time for all of her feuds.

She must wake up in the morning and immediately get to feuding.

She must cancel plans so that she can stay home and post Instagram videos defending David Eason for bullying 8-year-old girls on social media.

The whole thing would be impressive if it weren't an obvious indicator of dangerous psychosis.

The latest target of Jenelle's wrath is Nathan Griffith, the ex-fiancee with whom she's still locked in an ugly custody battle over son Kaiser.

Jenelle thought she finally had Nathan beat over the weekend, and we all got to watch as the hilarity unfolded.

1. Happier Times

Nathan griffith jenelle evans selfie pic
Jenelle and Nathan didn’t last very long as a couple, and thankfully, they never made it to the altar. But they’re forever linked as a result of their 3-year-old son, Kaiser.

2. A Bitter Split

Jenelle evans and nathan griffith
The breakup between Jenelle and Nathan was an ugly one, and the two of them have proven chronically inept when it comes to working out a civil co-parenting relationship for the sake of their son.

3. Simultaneous Battles

Jenelle evans mother
Currently, Jenelle is waging a war on two fronts: She’s fighting her mother for custody of her oldest son, Jace, and she’s fighting Nathan for custody of Kaiser. Neither battle is going in her favor.

4. The Upper Hand

Nathan griffith shirtless
Conventional wisdom as of late has been that Nathan is certain to emerge victorious thanks to Jenelle’s controversial marriage to David Eason and her increasingly erratic behavior. Perhaps that’s why Evans attempted to sieze an opportunity this week.

5. Crashing the Party

Nathan griffith with ashley lanhardt
Over the weekend, Nathan helped celebrate the birthday of his girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt. He also had custody of Kaiser, so when Jenelle saw party pics on Instagram, she flipped.

6. Jumping to Conclusions

Jenelle evans cracked out
Jenelle decided to interrupt the celebration by contacting David and his mother, Doris Davidson, in order to check on Kaiser’s safety and ensure that Davidson was supervising the visit. Of course, many believe Evans had an ulterior motive…

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Wendy Williams to Cardi B: You’ll Be Raising That Kid Alone!

Upon learning that Cardi B is pregnant, most people reacted with a mixture of surprise and happiness.

The popular artist made this reveal by rocking a tight white dress while performing on Saturday Night Live this weekend, making her sizable baby bump noticeable to all.

Here. See for yourself:

But while those with a heart gladly sent their best wishes to Cardi B and her fiance, Offset, Wendy Williams did the exact opposite.

She chose the occasion of this pregnancy announcement to hurl cruel and ignorant shade in the direction of the famous couple instead.

She did what she does best and most frequently, in other words.

“Now I don’t know if you know this, but Cardi’s engagement ring wasn’t on while she was performing [on SNL],” Williams said on air this morning, providing expert in-depth analysis and adding:

“You would think that a baby and an engagement ring would go hand in hand, especially at a time like this, you’re about to do the big reveal!”

Wendy is clearly on to something here.

There’s no reason at all why a woman would not wear an engagement ring while at her job, other than her having questions about the long-term prospects of her engagement.

Williams then went on speculate wildly, just as she did upon saying Travis Scott would leave Kylie Jenner.

“If she’s happy, fine,” Williams said about Cardi B, who she doesn’t know at all of course.

“I don’t think she and Offset will get married,” the terrible talk show host continued. “I think it’s what hip hop/rock and roll people do these days, they just have babies and move along with their lives.”

Got any examples of this, Wendy?

None at all? Okay then!

Williams also pointed out that while this will be Cardi’s first child, it’s Offset’s “fourth baby with four [different] moms.”

She even cited an unverified gossip item and added:

“There might be an alleged 5th on the way, as we speak.”

Sheesh, Wendy!

Yes, it’s true that a woman named Celina Powell came forward to claim that Offset is the father of her child in late December of 2017.

We even wrote about how Offset is supposedly avoiding taking paternity tests to prove whether he is, indeed, this young person’s biological dad.

But we aren’t going on national television to talk about and/or to make baseless accusations!

Especially not when Cardi B has acknowledged her fiance’s infidelity, while also saying she doesn’t exactly have a clean record in this department herself.

We’re pretty sure the status of Cardi B and Offset’s relationship is none of our business.

We’re pretty sure a new life is about to enter the world and we’re definitely sure Cardi is excited about it.

Oh, and we’re even more sure that Wendy Williams is an awful person.


Presenting… The Cutest and Funniest Video You’ll See All Week!

Say hello below to Missy and Bryan Lanning.

They are the parents to a baby son named Finn and an infant son named Oliver and they run a daily video blog called "The Daily Bumps" in which they document life as parents of two cute boys.

Earlier this week, the family received extra attention when the camera they set up in Finn's bedroom captured a truly amazing and hilarious scene.

As you're about to see in the following footage, Oliver really wanted to play with his little brother one recent night.

So he snuck into Finn's room and encouraged his younger sibling to escape from his crib.

Actually, he did more than merely encourage little Finn.

Oliver actually grabs a chair and places it in Finn's crib. He then crawls in there with his sibling and shows him what Finn must do in order to break free.

"You can do it!" Oliver adorably says at one point, waiting on the floor outside the crib for his brother to join him and for the two go off and play in secret.

"Jump to me!" Oliver adds.

Eventually, Finn manages to stand on the chair Oliver has placed inside the crib, leading to a positively precious scene in which Oliver takes hold of the baby and assists him in taking the final few steps.

The video has been viewed over 68 million times on Facebook, and for good reason:

It's adorable and hilarious!

(And for those about to criticize the parents and/or wonder how they could let their kids get into such a dangerous situation, don't bother: Missy and Bryan were watching closely on the monitor.

They were prepared to immediately intervene in case anything happened.)

Check out the viral footage now!

Toddler executes genius plan to free baby brother from crib

This is the Most Inspiring Video You’ll Watch All Month

We recently joked that kids are the worst.

And it's true; they can certainly be a handful.

But kids can also be the absolute best, surprising us in the most heartwarming and important of ways, such as evidenced by the video below.

It features a seven-year old girl named Anu. She lives in Birmingham, England and she sadly had her left leg amputated shortly after birth.

Her favorite colors are violet and pink… and she’s about to make your day.

With the help of some friends, that is.

You see, Anu recently received a special blade prosthetic, which allows her to run and participate in activities in ways that she simply could not before.

And when she debuted this incredible piece of technology at school, her pals gathered around in amazement, pride, joy and celebration.

"Is that your new pink leg?" one of them asks, while another exclaims "wow!"

These precious children then take turns giving Anu a hug, prior to skipping around the play area with her and putting the new leg to exciting use.

The footage has gone viral and you should not be ashamed if you need to reach for a box of tissues as you view it. You certainly won't be alone in doing so.


7 year old surprises friends with prosthetic leg receives heros