Samantha Markle to Half-Sister: You’re Basically Killing Our Dad!

Samantha Markle has once again gone on the attack against her famous half-sister.

This statement is not exactly newsworthy, we know.

At this point, considering all Samantha has said about Meghan Markle, it would be more surprising if she did NOT attack the new Royal Family member.

Ever since Markle got engaged to Prince Harry, Samantha has dragged her half-sibling left and right, slamming Meghan for being ungrateful and unloving toward her own family.

(It’s here that we must note how Samantha is 17 years older than and that she didn’t grow up in the same household as Meghan and that she barely knows her.)

But even Samantha may have plummeted to a new low with her latest round of Tweets.

On Tuesday, Samantha blasted her half-sibling on Twitter, calling her out for spending the day paying tribute to Nelson Mandela and his family… yet not taking the time to talk to her very own relatives.

“How about you pay tribute to your own father?!” Samantha wrote in one tweet, actually adding:

“Enough is enough. Act like a humanitarian, act like a woman. If our father dies, it’s on you Meg!”


Well… okay then!

Tell us how you really feel, Samantha.

She made this scathing remark on the heels of Thomas Markle once again babbling to the press about his non-relationship with his famous child.

In the video below, Thomas says he’s being shunned by Meghan and that she clearly terrified of all those around her these days:

Elsewhere, Samantha dissed Meghan for “ignoring” their dad and asked her how she could even look at herself in the mirror.

These Tweets came just after Thomas Markle told TMZ that he wasn’t going to stop to the media and was “unfazed” by reports that Prince Harry and his daughter were “frustrated” with his recent interviews with both The Sun and the British morning show “Good Morning Britain.”

Heck, Thomas even bragged about he’s making the Royal Family speechless.

“Maybe I can get a laugh out of the duchess,” Thomas even told TMZ, clearly misreading the situation as much as anyone possibly can.


Thomas, of course, did not attend Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

He was recovering at the time from a heart attack and from the embarrassment of a scandal in which he admitted to paying the paparazzi for to take flattering photos of himself.

Prior to making headlines for these incidents, Thomas was living a very quiet life in Mexico, far away from the spotlight.

“My father is not an embarassmnt for loving his daughter! The Royals are an embarrassment for being so cold,” Samantha added today.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves @Kensington Royal.”


Markle took the high road and just gave a generic statement after her dad backed out of her wedding, mostly just wishing him the best.

We doubt she’ll respond here to her half-sister’s quotes or her dad’s pleading, either, despite how both have gone viral in recent days.

“I want to be a part of their life. I’d like to put our differences behind us and get together. I miss [her] very much,” Thomas told The Sun when asked over this past weekend if he had any messages for Meghan.

Again, we can’t imagine she’ll have any public message for him in response.

He concluded as follows:

“I don’t care whether she’s pissed off at me – I want to see her.

“I just want to have a father-daughter relationship. I took care of my mother the last five years of her life. My daughter said to me she would take care of me in my declining years.

“I’m not talking about money – I’m talking about taking care of me. That’s important to me.”

Thomas at least comes across as semi-sympathetic in these interviews.

Samantha Markle, conversely, comes across as semi-psychotic.


Miranda Lambert to Evan Felker: Stop Talking to Your Wife or You’re Fired!

It’s been three months since the world learned that Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker are dating, and the situation continues to get more bizarre by the day.

The source of all the weirdness, of course, is the fact that Felker is still married to his estranged wife, Staci Nelson.

Miranda Lambert, Evan Felker Split

Currently, it seems Evan is caught between two worlds, simultaneously enjoying life as the boyfriend of one of the country world’s brightest stars and feeling guilty about the faithful partner he abandoned.

Not surprisingly, Miranda is not entirely cool with this arrangement and would very much prefer that her boyfriend pick a relationship and stick with it.

Of course, Evan’s situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that Miranda is not only his girlfriend —  but also his boss.

Currently, Evan and his band, the Turnpike Troubadours, are opening for Miranda on her summer tour.

And according to a source close to the situation, Miranda has made it quite clear that the gig is dependent on Evan’s ability to keep his distance from his wife.

“Evan cannot be with Staci or Miranda will kick him off the tour,” the insider tells Radar Online.

The informant claims that Evan very much wants to give his marriage another chance, but he also doesn’t want to anger his bandmates by bringing an end to the most important gig of their careers.

For now, Staci is reportedly willing to wait him out, but not surprisingly, she’s growing impatient. 

“The ball is in Evan’s court,” the source explains.

“Staci believes there is nothing more she can do to move the process.”

The insider adds:

“Evan is hoping that his wife will still be here when the tour is over.” 

In the meantime, it seems Staci is enjoying sticking it to Miranda by boasting about how desperate Evan is to win her back.

“Is 22 missed calls in 2 days to an estranged wife really the behavior of a happy person?” she wrote on Instagram this week.

Yes, much to Miranda’s chagrin, Staci has become something of a social media celebrity in recent months, with new followers loving her not-so-subtle jabs at Evan and Miranda.

While Lambert and Felker’s relationship only went public in April, Miranda has been hinting about an affair with a fellow singer-songwriter since back in February.

Despite the rumors, Staci was reportedly “blindsided” when Evan told her he’d like to take a break from their marriage.

And not surprisingly, the source says she’s very much enjoying the position of power she now finds herself in.


Derick Dillard Slammed on Father’s Day: You’re the Worst Kind of Dad!

It’s only Monday, but Jill Duggar is already having quite a week on social media.

First, Jill wore a swimsuit in a photo that was posted on her Instagram page.

In order to appreciate why that’s a big deal, you have to understand that Duggar swimwear usually looks like something a silent film star named Myrtle would rock circa 1923.

And here’s Jill wearing a normal 21st-century one-piece like it’s not big deal. Bold, we say!

So that was a rare win for Jill, whose social media posts are usually just an embarrassment for everyone involved.

Unfortunately, the goodwill Jill earned by passive-aggressively standing up to her domineering dad was squandered when she celebrated Father’s Day by heaping praise on her controversial husband, Derick Dillard

As you may know, Derick holds views that are so controversial that they’ve brought him into conflict with even the most conservative (read: bigoted) Duggar fans.

Jill Duggar Screenshot

Derick is one of those Trump supporters who stands by the president even when his policies fly in the face of the Christian values Dillard claims to hold so dear.

So fans took issue when Jill posted the awkward screenshot above, along with a link to a lengthy paean to Derick’s compassionate and godliness:

“Thank you for not always taking the easy path, but following God’s leading in our lives,” Jill wrote on the Dillards’ personal website.

“Thank you for being our protector, both physically and spiritually, as you seek God’s will during your daily devotion time,” she added.

“I see you investing in our children, just like your dad did with you and [Derick’s brother] Dan and it melts my heart!

“He taught you what it means to be a Godly man, and I see you reading the Bible and teaching our children how to pray,” Jill concluded.

Fans were quick to take issue with those sentiments, with many pointing out that Derick has expressed support for the policy of separating children from their families at the US border.

“Just curious why this has to be made public. Can’t you express your gratitude personally?” wrote one follower, adding:

“Think of ALL the children being held in a detention center, separated from their parents. Is that loving? Is it Godly? NOPE!”

Another stated simply, “Any man can be a father but not every man is a dad.”

To her credit, Jill has distanced herself from some of Derick’s most deplorable views, but many fans (and former fans) believe that’s not nearly enough.

“To disagree doesn’t = hate, or judgement … Love doesn’t always = approval,” she once wrote on Instagram, seemingly in reference to Derick.

“Just because I disagree with my child on something doesn’t mean I hate him, and just because I love and forgive him doesn’t mean I approve of everything he does. You can be friends with, love and care for people you don’t agree with 100%.”

In a society that’s as patriarchal as the Duggars’, it took guts for Jill to even imply that she doesn’t always agree with her husband.

But it’s not hard to see why so many feel that she needs to be doing much, much more.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Ben Seewald to Derick Dillard: You’re Not a Real Christian, Bruh!

Talk of feuds between various factions of the extended Duggar family is not uncommon.

The rumors often have to do with discord between Jill and Jessa Duggar, who allegedly went from besties to rivals at some point in the past few years.

Now, fans are under the impression that a new tweet from Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, has shone a light on the cause of that dispute.

It now looks as though the conflict started with a spat between Ben and Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, that’s only gotten worse in recent months.

As you may recall, Derick was fired by TLC last year after he launched a transphobic tirade against fellow network star Jazz Jennings.

Jill quit the show in a gesture of solidarity, and the couple has not shot a scene for Counting On in the months since.

Unfortunately, rather than learning a lesson from the incident, Derick has doubled down in his bigotry.

Last week, Derick attacked Nate Berkus, a designer who stars in a TLC show alongside his husband and daughter.

Dillard derided Berkus and his family as “a travesty” in another bizarre Twitter rant.

Just two days later, Ben — who is rarely active on Twitter — posted a retweet that many are interpreting as a shot at Ben:

“If you say you ‘love your neighbor’ while really just loving the people that look like you, live like you & think like you, it is not your neighbor that you are loving…it is yourself,” the tweet reads.

It ends with the hashtag “#reallylovethyneighbor”

This is not the first time that Seewald has proven himself to be more liberal than his in-laws, but never before has he so publicly attacked a family member’s bigoted beliefs.

It’s also not the first indication that members of the Duggars’ inner circle are fed up with Derick.

Earlier this month, Ben unfollowed Derick on Instagram, as did members of the Bates family, another massive fundamentalist clan that’s often regarded as some of the Duggars’ closest friends.

The situation has many wondering if Jill and Derick have cut off contact with her family entirely.

That seems unlikely, but it’s clear that there’s some tension between the Dillards and the Seewalds.

Will they work it out, or Derick eventually be exiled, a la Josh Duggar.

Unfortunately, the situation won’t play out on television, but you can still watch Counting On online to relive the days before Derck got kicked to the curb.


Angelina Pivarnick to JWoww: You’re Just a Jersey Whore!

As we reported earlier, last night’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation would’ve been a total snoozefest were it not for the surprise return of the Rob Kardashian of Staten Island herself, Angelina Pivarnick.

“Jolie” isn’t exactly a fan favorite, but she certainly livened up last night’s proceedings, which otherwise would’ve been highlighted by Snooki helping her kids with a school project.

At first, the kinder, gentler, slightly soberer Jersey Shore was a nice change of pace, but if we’re being honest, the last couple episodes have dragged a bit.

The show could use a bit of the petty conflict that helped to make its first iteration so memorable, and fans are hoping that’s where Angelina comes in.

Based on Pivarnick’s recent Instagram activity, we’re guessing viewers won’t have to wait long for her to deliver the goods.

On Thursday, Pivarnick touted her return with a photo of a rather combative coffee mug.

“TOMORROW IS MY RETURN ON @jerseyshore!!!!! Can’t wait for you all to see. I will be sipping my TEA out of my amazing cup I dedicate to @jwoww,” she captioned the pic below.

Amidst a jumble of hashtags and emojis, Pivarnick added, “Keep hating.”

Jersey Shore Mug

Needless to say, Jenni “JWoww” Farley was less than thrilled when she laid eyes on the post.

“Who’s following who?! Jealous of what? Your third engagement or third chance in the house?” Farley commented.

“You want me to show u the door … again #statenislanddump.”


“Rather be sleeping than regret looking like you on national TV.” Jenni shot back.

It wasn’t long before Deena Nicole-Cortese jumped into the fray, writing:

“Omg you left the house wanting to make amends with everyone.”

She added:

“I’m confused with this post.. why start silly drama over insta?”

What we have here is Mayweather-McGregor caliber trash talk, but will it translate to the sort of on-air drama fans are hoping for?

Yes, says Pivarnick:

“I didn’t really wanna have that altercation with her,” says Angelina, adding that she and Jenni very nearly came to blows,” she recently told Us Weekly.

“If it comes down to it, I’m gonna have to do it, but I literally wanted to be classy. I wanted to just make my amends without having to throw fists this season.”

Watch Jersey Shore online to get caught up in time for what will hopefully be a drama-packed remainder of the season.


Wendy Williams to Britney Spears: You’re an Awful Mother!

Has Wendy Williams finally done it, folks?

Has she finally sunk to the lowest point to which a human being can sink?

This is a bold statement, we know.

It seems hard to fathom how Williams could sink any lower than the time she slammed the #MeToo movement.

Or the time she called Kylie Jenner’s baby ugly.

Or the time she called Oprah Winfrey fat.

But Williams sat down on her dumb purple chair on Thursday morning and hurled the most personal shade possible at Britney Spears in response to ex-husband Kevin Federline asking for more child support.

As detailed yesterday, Federline is already receiving $ 20,000 a month from Britney because he often cares for the former couple’s two sons.

But he doesn’t think this is enough.

Federline now wants $ 60,000 per month (yes, PER MONTH!) in child support because he says he’s less famous now than he was when the stars split and, therefore, in less demand as a DJ.

Britney is fighting this request because… what the heck, K. Fed? You can’t reasonably support two children on $ 244,000 per year? Which is designated solely for their well-being?!?)

(Yes, Federline has six kids total. But Spears, obviously, is only legally responsible for the two that came out of her womb.)

Most folks rolled their eyes upon reading Federline’s demand.

But Wendy Williams is not most people.

“Britney’s got deal after deal on the table and reportedly she’s making 33 million dollars a year and I’m not counting her money and I don’t want to count her money,” Williams said to open her critical statement today, addressing the singer and adding:

“Britney, not for nothing, but what kind of woman is not taking care of her own two kids as a full time mother, just asking?”

Ummm… many kinds of mothers who have gone through a divorce?

We can’t claim to know the details of Britney and Kevin’s custody agreement, and it’s no secret that Britney has battled a few personal demons in the past.

Her dad actually remains in charge of her money as her official conservator.

This arrangement has apparently been working well and, most importantly here, is no one’s business at all.


“Why is your father still in charge of all your money?” Williams asked in her segment. “Kevin’s in charge of your boys, your father is in charge of your money, what are you in charge of Britney, at 36 years old?”

Her mental health?

So she can be a strong mother to those boys, perhaps?

“I get it, she’s got her career and the whole bit, but you’re the one who laid down and had two kids, now take care of your kids,” Wendy actually added, in extreme and ridiculous judgment.

(Spears “laid down and had two kids?!?” What is there to even say about someone who talks about other people this way?)

“How about you fight for custody from Kevin?… Very disgusted,” continued Williams.

For the record, it’s not clear whether Federline really has full custody of Sean Preston, 12, and Jayden James, 11.

But even if he does…WHO CARES?!?

Plenty of dads have custody of their children and Federline is being very well compensated already in this deal.

Concluded Williams, sounding like a cruel moron as always:

“I like Britney Spears and I believe people can get better with the proper guidance and doctors and stuff, but that was Kevin Federline who stayed with you when you were attacking cars with umbrellas and shaving your head and going off the rails of life.

“I’m just telling Britney, you want to deny this man, just remember this is the same man who can write the book and tell the stories…

“He’s held your secrets, he’s the sole custody caretaker of your 11 and 12-year old.”

Yes. That’s it, Brit.

You should pay Federline in exchange for his silence, all these years later.

Wendy Williams continues to be the worst.