Shawn Mendes Performs “Youth” With Marjory Stoneman Douglas Choir

The Billboard Music Awards were Sunday night, and the evening was riddled with powerful performances. Ariana Grande's evocative opening act set the tone for the evening.

But Shawn Mendes put on "Youth" as a tribute to the victims and survivors of tragic school shootings.

As you can see in the video that we have included, he had help — from fellow singer Khalid, and from surviving students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Shawn mendes performs youth

Shawn Mendes is 19 years old, so he doesn't just have to relate to teenagers — he is one.

Though he also performed "In My Blood," which was much more upbeat and designed to please the crowd, when he and Khalid got up and sang "Youth," it was a clear tribute to both survivors and victims of school shootings.

And many read it as an indictment of the numerous politicians and special interests who are fighting gun reform efforts that could save countless innocent lives.

But in case it was not perfectly clear, Mendes had survivors of the Parkland shooting up on stage with him.

They weren't there as props — they were singing.

These were Marjory Stoneman Douglas choir students.

Khalid and shawn mendes

Though surely this particular performance had been planned for a while, the timing was tragically appropriate.

Just last week, the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas claimed even more innocent lives.

Once again, the murderer was a disaffected young male with a lot of anger … and with access to an AK-47.

Some are tentatively hopeful that November's midterm elections will see new politicians in office who are willing to actually take action, as so many countries have done, to prevent these tragedies.

Mendes' music isn't going to make that happen, but it can be a rallying cry for the voters who can make that dream a reality.

Shawn mendes at the bmas

Shawn Mendes has plenty of stans who were in attendance in the audience.

Kpop fans were delighted to spot Jungkook bobbing his head and dancing along with "In My Blood."

There was actually a hilarious moment in the audience during that song.

Notably, Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello were standing and dancing in the crowd during "in My Blood."

Seated just a couple of rows behind them, Darren Criss used his phone to record himself entertained and pretending to be frustrated by Taylor and Camila obstructing his view.

The stars are "just like us" in many ways — they can be moved by each other's music.

But they can also get annoyed with each other over it.

Shawn mendes at the billboard music awards

As you'll see in the video, Hailey Baldwin was also in the audience.

Last November, rumors began to swirl that Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin were dating.

Reports claimed that they were intensely cozy, and they've gone out and about together. They even attended the MET Gala together.

However, Hailey has claimed that the two are merely very good friends.

That claim of friendship has done nothing to help Shawn dodge the persistent gay rumors that have followed him for years.

Believing that someone is gay or bi and closeted is fine, whether you're correct or not. Calling them out as such on social media is unkind.

Sexuality is about as personal as it gets.

Shawn mendes in blue

It was so good of Shawn Mendes to use his platform and the Billboard Music Awards for such a good message.

It was also good of Khalid, who is a newer name in the music world and whose name seems to be forgotten by many talking about this performance, to lend his voice and talents to the song.

We all hope to see a better tomorrow in which children are safe from death and horror.

Billboard music awards all the red carpet fashion

Shawn mendes performs with majory stoneman douglas choir

Britney Spears Throwback Pic Shows Surprising Friendships, Eternal Youth

Britney Spears is famous for her songs, her performances, her life’s ups and downs, for being a mom, and for reigning over pop with benevolence and grace.

But Britney also starred in a movie, Crossroads. This throwback photo from the set really takes you back.

Actress Taryn Manning shared a major throwback photo of herself with Britney Spears from the set of the 2002 film, Crossroads.

Sharing the pic on Instagram, Manning captioned: “Thank you for this picture again. Someone took it off a disposable camera I had lol. Always makes me smile:) #crossroads.”

Most of us know Taryn Manning from Orange is the New Black.

Like, even if you don’t watch OITNB, you’ve probably seen a gif of her saying “that’s lesbian activity.”

That’s the power of memes.

And the third woman in the photograph shouldn’t need an introduction.

Even if you don’t think that the Star Trek reboot films properly embody the spirit of the franchise, Zoe Saldana’s naked body is hard to forget.

If you don’t remember Crossroads … let’s refresh your memory.

In the 2002 film, Britney plays a girl named Lucy who reunites with her former best friends, played by Saldana and Manning, and goes on a post-high school road trip that they’d planned when they were younger — before they drifted apart.

Britney’s character is academically driven and a bit of a nerd and also a virgin at that point … so it was something a little different for her image.

The most memorable moments in the film, for me, were:

-karaoke night

-Britney and Justin Long’s characters had made plans to bang but they didn’t, which was devastating to 2002-era me (it was something about having sex for the wrong reasons or something)

-Britney’s character ended up banging Anson Mount, the guy who’s going to play Black Bolt on Marvel’s Inhumans. (but he looked different at the time and is kind of a silver fox these days)

-her character’s dad was a Ghostbuster (well, played by one)

It’s worth noting that Britney and Anson were nominated for a Razzie for “Worst Screen Combo” but also for a Teen Choice Award for “Best Chemistry.”

So … the coming-of-age flick wasn’t exactly controversial, but opinions were clearly divided.

What we love about the throwback pic is that, even though Britney’s looking so young in it, she really doesn’t look that much older now.

And that photo was taken on the set of a movie that came out 15 years ago.

Sure, she’s a little less baby-faced these days, but not all 35-year-olds look so unmoved by the ravages of time.

But then, not all 35-year-olds are Britney.

Also … even though she doesn’t look it, Britney’s old enough to run for President.

Just putting that out there.

We’re glad that neither of Britney’s female costars have faded into obscurity.

Zoe Saldana has the Star Trek movies and Guardians of the Galaxy and is, you know, super well-known.

It was even Britney who told the world when Zoe Saldana was expecting twins.

Taryn Manning’s less, you know, headline-making famous, but she’s starring on one of the most popular shows on the world’s most popular streaming TV platform, so she’s doing pretty well for herself.

Neither of their careers hold a candle to Britney’s, but that’s not a fair comparison for literally anyone.

This wasn’t the only Britney throwback that we’ve come across lately… or did you forget the raw audio of Britney singing “Toxic” that recently leaked?

We sure as hell didn’t.

With everything going for her these days, right down to Britney’s unnecessarily hot boyfriend Sam Asghari, she’s probably happiest in the present.

But it’s always nice to be reminded of fun things from your past, you know?