Claire Wineland Dies; Beloved YouTube Star Was 21

Claire Wineland, famous YouTuber and inspiration to countless others living with cystic fibrosis, has passed away at 21 years old.

Last week, she underwent a lung transplant. The transplant itself was successful.

A post from her foundation explains what happened, and Claire’s own final Instagram post from the day she died tells you exactly who she was as a person.

The Claire’s Place Foundation Facebook page broke the difficult, heartbreaking news.

“Last night at 6:00pm,” the page begins. “Claire Wineland our inspirational founder passed away.”

“She was not in any pain,” the post confirms. “And the medical staff said it was the most peaceful passing they had ever witnessed.”

“She was surrounded by love and with her mother Melissa Yeager and father John Wineland;” the post continues. “They saw her into this world for her first breath and were with her for her last.”

“She suffered a massive stroke on August 26th after a successful double lung transplant,” the post shares. “The stroke was caused by a blood clot.”

The post reveals: “After a week of intensive care and various life saving procedures, it became clear that it was Claire’s time to go.”

“Yesterday, Claire’s family and a few very close friends came to say their final farewells and offer their support to the family,” the Facebook post offers.

The post continues: “In Claire fashion, she is an organ donor.”

Some families have a hard time grappling with organ donation. Fortunately, Claire’s did not.

“Claire’s remarkable family were so happy for the other families that were now getting the calls that the organ they had long been waiting for was now available for transplant,” the post explains.

Claire Wineland Hospital Selfie

After all, the post reminds Claire’s fans and followers, “they had been on the receiving end of that call just one short week ago.”

“We know Claire was loved all over the world,” the post continues.

The post affirms: “Your prayers, support, and encouraging words have been a huge source of strength for her and her family.”

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” the post expresses. “For your massive amazing out pouring of love.”

Claire was a thoughtful, intelligent, and friendly person. She shared some final words of her own.

On August 26, the same day that she passed away, Claire took to Instagram to make a post before going into surgery.

“So grateful for everything this month,” Claire wrote. “I’m grateful for all the people who donated to help me get through transplant.”

“I’m grateful for the doctors that’ll be scooping out these lungs and giving me some more life to work with,” she wrote. “I’m grateful for the chance to keep being a person.”

“I’m grateful for my own head and for all the weird things in it,” Claire said. “I’m just really overwhelmingly grateful for all of this.”

Claire concluded what would be her final Instagram post: “There is no passionate rant to be had here I am just happy and thought I would let you all know.”

This is so tragic. It’s one thing to know, intellectually, that Claire was only 21. Somehow, her age becomes much more real when you realize that she was born in 1997.

Claire was intelligent and creative and well-read.

If you really want to hurt your own feelings — and maybe you feel that you owe it to her — check out her YouTube or even just her Instagram.

She will never again get to share her thoughts and experiences with her countless fans, or with her loved ones.

Rest in peace, Claire. Our hearts go out to her family and friends at this time.


McSkillet, Popular YouTube Personality, Dies in High-Speed Crash

McSkillet, one of the more popular personalities on YouTibe, caused a wrong-way car crash on Thursday that killed himself, a woman and her 12-year-old daughter in San Diego.

News about the horrific incident only went public on Saturday afternoon.

McSkillet image

The 18-year-old viral star, born Trevor Heitmann, was reportedly driving his black McLaren 650S at close to 100 miles per hour south into oncoming traffic in the northbound carpool lane near University City on the I-805 highway.

The vehicle struck a 2010 Hyundai SUV, causing it to burst into flames.

An unidentified 43-year old woman and her child died in the accident.

The California Highway Patrol confirmed the fatal crash took place on Thursday around 4:30 p.m. on August 23.

All three victims were pronounced dead at the scene, with The San Diego Medical Examiner reporting that Heitmann died due to “blunt force trauma.”


Heitmann is a wildly beloved presence on YouTube.

He has close to 900,000 subscribers on his channel.

The teenager first rose to popularity as a player of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, a first person video game.

He was later known for trading “skins,” which are digital files used to customize the appearance of the game’s players.

burned car

Incredibly, and very disturbingly, this car accident took place about 30 minutes after Heitmann also crashed his sports car into a gate at Ashley Falls Elementary School, San Diego Police have said.

After crashing through the gate, Heitmann exited his car and smashed a window at the school.

This is a photo from the scene of the deadly crash::

big crash

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, the crash impacted almost a dozen automobiles caught in rush hour traffic, with “multiple vehicles on fire,” CHP Officer Mary Bailey told the newspaper.

One individual was reportedly seriously injured but is expected to survive.

“People were running around … and someone was on the ground,” an eyewitness told this publication of what transpired on the highway, adding:

“They were trying to help him, he was raising his hand, and they were just surrounding him.”

It’s unclear right now whether or not McSkillet intentionally drove the wrong way down this road.


The ACE Family: Did YouTube Vloggers Fake Their Own Burglary?!

The ACE Family is a successful YouTube channel with over 10,800,000 subscribers.

A few days ago, they reported that their home had been broken into while they were at Disneyland. They even uploaded a lengthy video about the aftermath, showing broken glass and a police presence.

But some believe that they may have staged the entire thing, right down to fake police. And the evidence is mounting. …

The ACE Family isn’t actually named ACE — it’s an acronym of their names.

Austin McBroom is a former basketball player. Catharine Paiz is his very pregnant wife. Elle McBroom is their adorable toddler daughter.

On August 16, they shared a half-hour video on their YouTube channel featuring their home, broken glass, and police. The story is that their home was burglarized while they were at Disneyland.

Burglaries can happen anywhere and to anyone, but they are an all-too-common danger in affluent L.A. neighborhoods.

But an array of cyber sleuths says that, despite the video evidence, they don’t think that this really happened.

They think that the family faked a break-in for views.

The ACE Family Gif 01

Now, vloggers are famous for drama and hyperbole. Nobody — nobody — does clickbait like a YouTuber whose clicks pay the bills.

A book fell over? I’M BEING HAUNTED. Someone bumped into you at the mall? I WAS ATTACKED

But a lot of folks on social media think that this wasn’t exaggerated — that it was totally staged. Some even asked what kind of family would pose for a YouTube thumbnail photo after a burglary.

While a robbery on that street was reported to the LAPD, no one can confirm if it took place at their address.

People nioted that the super friendly police officer’s interactions with the camera looked odd, and wondered if he was even really with the LAPD.

@YouTubeShadeRooms shared a literal receipt after a fan of the page dug up evidence that Top Cop Shop LA rented out fake police and fake police cars on August 16.

The ACE Family Gif 02

Catherine took to Twitter to decry these theories as a “smear campaign” that aim to deligitimize their family and also the LAPD. That last part seems like a stretch.

But Starcasm has a different theory — that the ACE Family was burglarized, but then had to remake part or all of the video the next evening.

In this scenario, what may have happened was the family suffered a break-in, but what they recorded wasn’t enough or wasn’t good enough to be a nice dramatic YouTube video.

So it is possible that they then rented out reenactors, which is not uncommon on reality shows, to recreate everything the next day to make a video that they could market on YouTube.

That would be a lot of work … but is it true? We don’t know.

Ace Family Break-In Thumbnail

(Seriously, they posed for a YouTube thumbnail photo)

Some would ask why anyone would go to such elaborate lengths and possibly spend thousands of dollars to either fabricate a break-in or recreate the aftermath for the camera.

The answer may be simple: either the sympathy story or, if they’re caught, the scandal, would be a welcome distraction from their last bit of press.

Because they had a very different scandal just a couple of weeks ago.

The ACE Family, Elle

See, some of Austin McBroom’s old tweets surfaced earlier this month — not two weeks before the alleged break-in.

In these tweets, Austin, who is biracial, says a lot of disparaging things about black women, and seems to pick on black women in St. Louis in particular while claiming that he is attracted to blue-eyed white women.

After the controversy of those haunting, regrettable tweets, a burglary of their home must have seemed like an act of divine providence to give them a new narrative.


Trio of YouTube Vloggers Die in Tragic Waterfall Accident

We have tragic news to pass along.

Three popular Canadian YouTubers – Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh and Megan Scraper – all died on Tuesday in a tragic accident that took place at Shannon Falls in British Columbia.

dead vloggers

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Squamish RCMP wrote the following about this awful incident:

“On July 3rd, 2018, at 11:55 am Squamish RCMP received a call from BC Ambulance regarding three people who were swimming in one of the pools at the top of Shannon Falls.”

Continued the police in this statement:

“The individuals were with a group of friends when they slipped and fell into a pool 30 metres below.”

All three corpses have since been recovered and the case is being referred to the British Columbia Coroners Service.

(Shannon Falls, it should be noted, is the third highest waterfall in British Columbia. it reaches a a height of 1,009 feet.)

According to The Vancouver Sun, the fatal accident occurred after Scraper slipped and fell off the waterfall.

Gamble (pictured below) and Lyakh reportedly then got swept away by the water while attempting to save her.

The British Columbia Coroners Service has told People Magazine that it cannot confirm or release the identities of the victims, but that they are “in their late 20s – one female and two males.”

In a YouTube video shared on July 6, members of the group High on Life – which posts travel videos online – published a tearful memorial for the three deceased vloggers.

This is what was said on it:

On July 3rd, 2018, we lost three very dear friends of ours: Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh and Megan Scraper.

There are truly no words that can be said to ease the pain and the devastation we are all going through right now.

They were three of the warmest, kindest, most driven and outgoing people that you could ever meet and the world has lost a good deal of light with their passing.

insta couple

From what we can gather via Facebook, High on Life was started in 2012 after Gamble, Lyakh and another friend named Parker Heuser gave up the lease on their apartment and chose to start traveling the world together.

As you can see from the photo above, and has been confirmed by various outlets, Scraper was dating Lyakh at the time of their deaths.

Shortly before his passing, Gamble wrote a long message on Instagram about finding his “purpose” in life.

“When life is on purpose and I feel clear with my direction, all my other decisions seem to get easier,” he wrote, adding that “it took me 29 years to understand this” and continuing as follows:

“So if you have a strong masculine core, and find yourself drained of energy, attention, and power, check in with this notion of your ‘purpose’ and see what comes up.

“Make purpose the focus above everything else in your life and watch how the rest will fall into place.”

a pic

Elsewhere, a GoFundMe page/account has been created by High on Life to help pay for a memorial “to commemorate the beautiful lives and legacies that these 3 friends left behind.”

Any additional funds raised will go towards travel arrangements and expenses for the families of the deceased.

Our thoughts go out to all affected by these deaths.

May Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh and Megan Scraper rest in peace.


John Bain: YouTube Star and Game Critic Known as TotalBiscuit Dies at 33

John Bain, the man known as TotalBrit and CynicalBiscuit within the YouTube and gaming communities, passed away on Thursday.

The beloved game critic and reviewer was 33 years old.

He is survived by his wife, Genna Bain, and his stepson, Orion.

John Bain 01

Bain was an award-winning critic who got his start in 2010. Soon after, he partnered with HuskyStarcraft and later with Sony Entertainment for E3 in 2013.

Despite his 2.2 million followers on YouTube and his popularity on the video game livestreaming platform, Twitch, Bain announced his retirement in April.

He reached this decision after the bowel cancer that he had been battling metastasized to his liver.

At the beginning of May, Bain took to reddit to share the difficult news with his fans and followers in a lengthy but informative post.

John Bain 02

Bain wrote:

“When I went into hospital a week or so ago, it was accompanied by the news that conventional chemotherapys effectiveness had been exhausted.”

There are no good cancers, but bowel cancer is one of the worst.

“My body has become resistant to all forms of it according to my oncologist. 46 chemo treatments, 138 days plugged into a pump.”

Tragically, when it rains, it pours.

“Let nobody ever say I wasn’t stubborn. Unfortunately this was followed up a couple of days later with some more bad news. My liver is failing and its effectiveness has lowered past the point where the clinical trials I had been offered would take me on.”

He makes a joke out of it.

“Yes apparently there are things that are too dangerous for even the terminal.”

John Bain 03

“Obviously we’re going to keep looking for other trials but I’m currently coming to terms with the fact that I don’t have long left and right now.”

He was heartbreakingly correct.

“At any rate, there is literally nothing I can do about it other than try to manage the pain as best as possible and stay as hydrated as possible to ease the pressure on the liver.”

He’s not talking about a cure. Just seeking relief.

“There are quite a few pain management options left to try and the ones that I am using can be increased in dosage quite significantly if need be.”

That’s good. No one should have to suffer in pain.

“The majority of the pain is being caused by pressure on the spine from hardened nodules in the liver and lung as well as fluid.”

What he’s talking about here is what they call palliative care.

“Even though you don’t really have any treatments to fight with any more, I firmly believe that the will to live is a very strong asset and that is much easier to maintain when you’re not in crippling pain all the time.”

John Bain 04

“That will most likely be my last health update, unless some miracle happens or we do indeed find a trial that can do something despite the damage to my liver.”

He then asks his fans, who are naturally curious, to please be tasteful when discussing his health.

“I’d ask people not to speculate about how long I might have left. I’ve deliberately left out some details to try and reduce the behavior, though it might very well have the opposite effect.”

He’s thinking of other viewers with more delicate constitutions.

“All I do know is that kind of thing is upsetting to some of my viewers that read it and I’d rather not encourage it.”

He says that he has already beaten the odds.

“I’ve already exceeded the ‘usual’ lifespan of someone with my condition so whatever numbers people come up with are just that.”

He didn’t want this terrible news to catch his viewers unawares.

“Why am I telling you? Because if you’re a viewer of my content, its relevant to you.”

John Bain 05

His wife posted a beautiful but very sad tribute to him to mark his passing.

Bain’s notice to his fans mentioned her, of course.

“When I leave this world I want to leave something my family can use to help them earn. Not only would I be ok with Genna taking over my channels and assets once I’m gone,”

In other words, he is encouraging his fans to watch his wife’s gameplay videos on YouTube and Twitch in his memory. This could be a powerful revenue stream for her.

“I’d be delighted if she did. I’ve been encouraging her for years to create more content for Youtube, hopefully as we make a bunch of fun videos together over the next however-long, that confidence will grow.”

That would be wonderful.

“It’s been a privilege, thank you all for letting me into your life and do something so important as to have an impact on how you spend your hard-earned money.”

He is sorely missed.