Shane Dawson, Wildly Popular YouTube Star, Apologizes for Pedophilia Joke

You know what?

We’re starting to think these YouTube personalities only care about making money…

In the wake of Logan Paul being whacked in the wallet by this platform after he shared a video of a dead body on his account, Shane Dawson has now come out and issued an apology of his own.

Like Paul, Dawson is well known for having a popular YouTube account and for posting basically anything and everything on there.

He has over 11 million subscribers.

On Wednesday evening, however, a YouTube channel named “Pop Blast” posted footage to its 677,000 fans titled “I think Shane Dawson is a pedophile. Here’s my proof.”

Cue a troubling clip in which Dawson is heard making quips about a “sexy” child.

When followers started to voice their outrage at the star’s words, the YouTuber chose to respond with his own video, opening the 14-minute reply by sharing the controversial quotes in question.

“I went to Google and I didn’t want to see child porn,” says Dawson in the scandalous footage.

He continues:

“I just wanted to see, let me pretend I’m a pedophile for a second. So I typed in naked baby. First of all, I don’t understand why anybody would be turned on by that.

“But, they were sexy. I’m kidding.”

Few, though, found this attempt at a joke to be funny.

In his response, Dawson explained why he played it again for everyone.

“I wanted to play that clip in full – that moment especially in full – just for context because that seems to be missing nowadays,” he says in the video below, adding:

“I can’t believe I’m having this make this video. I’m going to start by saying I’m not a f-cking pedophile. I go on record saying I am not a f-cking pedophile. Got it? Great. There’s my statement.

“It’s disgusting that people are saying I’m a f-cking pedophile because of some s—ty ass f-cking jokes from six years ago on a podcast.”

Despite clearly being pissed that he’s in this situation, Dawson did acknowledge the misguided language he chose to use in the original clip.

“I’m going to apologize first. I’m sorry that I used to make really s—ty f–king jokes,” he said on Wednesday, going on as follows:

“I’m sorry that I was so f-cking insecure and playing this character of this guy who’s crazy and will say anything and tries to make people laugh by shocking them. That was my thing. That is what I did on YouTube.

“Back in the day, 2008-2012ish, that was my thing. I loved the feeling of making somebody shocked and laugh because they couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth.

“I wasn’t confident enough to make smarter jokes. I was making the easy jokes…I was doing some f-cked up comedy stuff that I’m not proud of.”

Dawson proceeded to remind fans that he, himself, has been molested and has evolved significantly over the years as a content creator.

He concluded:

“I think that’s why it hurts the most is having my name put next to the word pedophile is actually the most triggering and the most heartbreaking thing I’ve literally ever seen.

“I’ve been called everything. I’ve been on YouTube for a long time.

“I’m so sorry if that triggered you or offended you or hurt your feelings. It triggers me listening to that.”

In the end?

“I’m sorry for making offensive jokes. I’m sorry that these are making people uncomfortable but it’s also very out of context. When you listen to the full thing, it’s still s—ty and creepy and bad jokes but it’s not me being a pedophile.

“This is not proof of me being a pedophile.”

He probably has a point.

But still: perhaps fewer people ought to admire and support these random people who have nothing to offer the world except lots of attention-seeking videos.


Logan Paul: Actually Punished by YouTube!

Give YouTube credit:

The company has not merely talked the talk when it comes to Logan Paul…

… it has also now walked the walk.

And, as a result, this douchebag of a social media presence will soon be a lot lighter in the wallet.

In the wake of Paul’s asinine video stunt late last month, YouTube has announced two punishments for the wildly popular vlogger:

1. He’s been dropped from the YouTube Red Comedy “Foursome.”

2. Google Preferred, which is the home to the top 5% of most-viewed YouTube content, says it will no longer aggregate Paul’s multimillion-subscriber channels for advertisers.

In other words: Paul has been cut off from his top income source as it pertains to this platform.

Said a spokesperson for YouTube on Wednesday evening:

“In light of recent events, we have decided to remove Logan Paul’s channels from Google Preferred.

“Additionally, we will not feature Logan in Season 4 of Foursome and his new originals are on hold.”

YouTube received a lot of flak for its delayed response to Paul’s video scandal, waiting 11 days to address what happened.

As a result, about six million views were recorded of the controversial footage – which featured Logan zooming in on a dead body in Japan, while also cracking wise about the corpse – before it was taken down.

Two days after this stunt went viral, Logan issued a lame apology.

It made a reference to his popularity online and said:

This is a first for me. I’ve never faced criticism like this before, because I’ve never made a mistake like this before. I’m surrounded by good people and believe I make good decisions, but I’m still a human being. I can be wrong.

I didn’t do it for views. I get views. I did it because I thought I could make a positive ripple on the Internet, not cause a monsoon of negativity. That’s never the intention.

I was misguided by shock and awe, as portrayed in the video. I still am.

Paul then made another attempt at a mea culpa, posting a video (which he monetized) on January 2 and saying into the camera:

Suicide is not a joke. Depression and mental illness are not a joke. We came here with an intent to focus on the haunted aspect of the forest.

This obviously just became very real, and obviously a lot of people are going through a lot of s— in their lives…

“From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry.”

From there, Paul said he was going to reflect on life and take a break from video posting.

He’s actually lived up to that vow, but Paul’s father left the following message on Instagram today:

paul, logan

LOGAN WILL BE BACK! SUPER FANS!! BUS UPDATES! MISTAKES!! We all screw up. It’s a part of life. Do I agree with everything my boys do. NO!

Do I agree with some of the things my friends do? NO! Do they disagree with some things I do? YES!

Face it folks……. we all f-ck up at one time or another. That’s life!! What we do with those mistakes, bad judgement or whatever term you give it , is what matters.

I love my boys and I am sooo proud of them.

The YouTube star has more than 15 million subscribers on his account.

His page has not been suspended or deleted yet.


Lil Peep Dies; Singer and YouTube Star Was 21 Years Old

Lil Peep, an emerging singer and popular presence on YouTube, died this week from an alleged drug overdose.

He was only 21 years old.

Born Gustav Ahr, the artist’s death has been confirmed by a representative for the artist to the Guardian.

The cause of death, it should be noted, has not actually been made official.

But Chase Ortega – who Billboard has cited as Peep’s manager – Tweeted a cryptic message on Wednesday night, writing on his social media page:

“I’ve been expecting this call for a year. Mother f-ck.” 

Lil Peep had just released his debut album, Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1, three months ago.

The singer’s girlfriend, Arzaylea Rodriguez, took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message about her the artist in light of his passing.

“I can’t believe i’m writing this. you’re in my heart. i’m always yours. i don’t have words to express what you’ve done for me in such little time,” she wroet, adding:

“i love you so much. you live forever in me. i don’t know how to do any of this without you now… i love you so much i want to wake up from this nightmare.”

Lil Peep grew up on Long Island.

He took it upon himself to break int the music industry, recording his own songs on a $ 200 microphone that he plugged into his laptop.

Most of his tracks were about drugs, suicide and failed relationships.

Considered an artist on the rise, Peep was referred to as the “future of emo” in a Pitchfork article this past January.

He had a sizable following on YouTube (over 367,000 subscribers) and on Instagram (over 967,000 followers), often posting about his drug use on the latter platform.

In an eerie message shared to his Instagram account on Tuesday, for example, Lil Peep captioned a photo of his shirtless body:

“When I die You’ll love me.”

In response to this sad news, many stars and collaborators expressed their shock and grief online.

Wrote Mikey Cortez:

“I’m completely heart broken and lost right now. I can’t even feel it’s not real. I love you and I’ll miss you always. One of the realest. Please someone tell me this isn’t real.”

And Diplo: 

“Peep had so much more to do man he was constantly inspiring me. I dont feel good man.”

And Pete Wentz:

“No. Not lil peep. There’s something about this that hurts a little bit more… I mean @DCD2records went to his show last week- when I talked to him on ig I felt so connected. Tough to process.”

And Sam Smith:

“Seeing the news of Lil Peep is so desperately sad.”

peep tributes

We want to emphasize that no cause of death has been confirmed.

A few initial reports suggest that it may have been due to a drug overdose after the 21-year-old rapper took fake Xanax that was laced with Fentanyl, a powerful opioid.

Lil Peep was booked to next perform in Tucson, Arizona this week.

May he rest in peace.


YouTube Star: Yes, I Breastfeed WHILE I Make Love!

YouTube star Tasha Maile is one of many celebrities who want to normalize breastfeeding, believing that new mothers should feel no shame.

However, Maile stands apart from others who share this belief. …

… because she also believes new mothers should readily provide this same sustenance to their children in the most private of settings.

That is, when they’re making love to their husbands.

About two years ago, this vlogger shared a controversial video titled “Do I Have Sex While Breastfeeding?”

(SPOILER ALERT: The answer was yes.)

In the clip, which has been viewed nearly four million times since it was published in September of 2015, she discusses this in detail. 

The San Diego native remembered how she did the naked deed with her husband on at least one occasion while nursing her newborn.

“We are pleasure beings, we are meant to enjoy sex and pleasure and all things can be orgasmic,” Maile explained in the video, adding:

“I’ve had a lot people ask me if it’s okay to breastfeed and have sex.”

“I remember sleeping with my ex-husband and my son was on me breastfeeding and we would have sex from behind or something.”

That’s better than if the two were doing it … in other positions, we suppose. 

“There’s nothing bad about making love at all, ever,” said the mother of three boys at the time.

Not long after this unusual viewpoint was expressed, Maile (who is known online sometimes as “Spiritual Tasha Mama”) came under fire.

Some critics slammed her for inappropriate bedroom actions, others even referred to sex-while-breastfeeding as being incestuous … somehow.

Malie isn’t having it, though. In a follow-up defense this past May, she both defended and elaborated on her stance.

She also explained what actually went down between herself, her baby and her husband turning that sexy moment.

Maile recalled of that complicated phase of her life:

“My 3-month-old would not allow me to put him down at all. So he was attached to me 24/7. And he was always using me as a binky at night.”

That didn’t leave her a whole lot of sexy options.

“So we did it while he was sleeping next to me or on me. It had nothing to do with my child,” she insisted, reiterating: 

“My child was not in the act of what we were doing.”

Fast forward to July 3 and Maile’s recent appeared on the UK show This Morning, causing the story to go viral a second time.

“I think many other parents have had sex in the same room that their children are sleeping in,” Maile said in her defense.

When host Holly Willoughby quizzed Maile about whether she has intercourse while her son was awake, she responded:

“Even if the baby is awake and off to the side,” that would be fine, because “if the baby is OK, they’re not judging you.”

No, this is true: the baby is not judging you.

But someday the baby may grow up and be Googling you, and those search results could yield some interesting articles.

Better stash away some money for therapy.


Aspiring YouTube Star Shoots and Kills Boyfriend in Stunt Gone Horribly Wrong

Monalisa Perez, an aspiring YouTube star from Minnesota, has been arrested after shooting her boyfriend in the chest and killing him.

But Perez says she did not intend to kill, or even injure, Pedro Ruiz III. 

The fatality was the result of a stunt for horribly, terribly wrong.

According to court documents, Perez shot Ruiz with a gold Desert Eagle .50 caliber handgun, which is considered one of the most powerful pistols on the planet.

The incident took place on the grass outside of their home while he held up a hardcover encyclopedia to block the bullet.

The criminal complaint detailed how the shooting came about because Ruiz wanted to make a YouTube video in order to increase the pair’s following on their YouTube channel.

In a Twitter message posted not long before this tragedy transpired, Perez told followers what the couple had planned to to do:

Monalisa Perez tweet

To do so, Perez and Ruiz set up GoPro camera on the back of a car, placing another camera on a nearby ladder.

Once these were in place and the items were turned on, Perez picked up the aforementioned Desert Eagle and took aim at the encyclopedia Ruiz held in front of his chest.

The goal was for the book to block the bullet and for the couple to share the footage online.

However, the bullet instead traveled through the book and struck Ruiz in the chest.

Right away, Perez dialed 911 (around 6:30 p.m. local time on Monday) to report the she had accidentally shot her boyfriend in the chest, according to court documents.

But paramedics could not save him and Ruiz was pronounced dead at the scene.

Before going through with this stunt, Ruiz had practiced shooting books in similar fashion, showing his girlfriend how the bullets in these warm-up sessions did not penetrate the tomes.

Perez, who shot Ruiz from about a foot away, was charged with second-degree manslaughter.

She faces up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of $ 20,000.

“The case remains under investigation by the Norman County Sheriff’s Office and the Minnesota BCA,” Norman County Sheriff Jeremy Thornton said in a statement.

perez and bf

According to the couple’s YouTube channel, they have a three-year-old daughter and Perez is pregnant with their second.

This story may seem funny at first, but it’s a pretty major tragedy.

The two have been making YouTube videos together since May, typically filling their page with stunts, challenges, pranks and fails in an attempt to build traffic, go viral and make lots of money.

“Imagine when we have 300,000 subscribers,” Perez told Ruiz in the last video they made together and shared with followers. “They’ll be like, ‘Oh my god, hi!’”

Officials say the video of this fatal shooting will not be made public.


Austin Jones, Popular YouTube Star, Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Austin Jones, a YouTube star with over 500,000 subscribers to his online channel, was arrested Monday night on child pornography charges.

Known for his a capella covers of pop songs, the 24-year old was charged this week with two counts of production of child pornography.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, which broke this disturbing piece of news, Jones is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for a detention hearing.

He must remain in federal custody until then because, according to prosecutors, the singer is a “risk to the community and there’s a danger he’ll flee.”


If convicted, Jones could spend 15 years behind bars.

Court documents obtained by the aforementioned newspaper outline how Jones was allegedly in communication with a pair of underage females in August of 2016 and May of this year.

The exchanges took place via Facebook.

In one instance, a 14-year old told Austin that she was his biggest fan and he asked her to “prove” it by sending him sexually explicit videos.

A resident of Bloomingdale, Illinois, Jones was taken into custody at O’Hare Airport by Customs and Border Patrol and Homeland Security agents.

He reportedly gave a recorded interview at the scene in which he confessed to the charges against him.

In May of 2015, Jones issued a lengthy statement/apology in regard allegations that he lied about his age to solicit “twerking” videos from underage girls.

“I’m embarrassed,” Jones said on Facebook, adding at the time:

“I’d have conversations online with girls that would involve me asking them to create a video of themselves twerking. Sometimes I’d make videos of myself doing some twerk moves in return.

Here’s the truth: I NEVER asked them to do anything more than send a twerking video. Nothing EVER went beyond that.”

Continued Jones by way of explanation two years ago:

“I’ve been in therapy, seeking help to discover why I communicated with my fans in a way that I have come to fully realize was not appropriate…

“To anyone that I have made feel uncomfortable or awkward, I am deeply sorry for the hurt and shame I may have caused you.”

He concluded:

“To those who have and will continue to support me, please know I never meant to let you down and I am doing everything I can – with the help of my family and friends – to pick myself back up and be a better person.

“Thanks for believing in me. Please be good to each other and we’ll see each other soon.”

Austin has achieved viral fame by covering artists such as Justin Bieber, Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy; his videos have garnered over 25 million views since he started his YouTube page in 2007.

In 2014, he released an EP titled “We’ll Fall Together.”

According to his Instagram, which boasts more than 300,000 followers, Jones was previously on tour and recently performed in Poland.

According to this criminal complaint, he asked one 14-year old girl to send him 10 videos of herself exposing her body, telling her what to wear and how to dance in them.

In a conversation last August with another victim, Jones allegedly acknowledged the girl was 14 and that he was 23 at the time.

He supposedly said to her that if she was “lucky,” she would get to perform a sex act on him.

Federal agents say this girl sent him 25 videos, including eight of her exposing her genitals.

After his arrest, Jones admitted requesting and receiving videos from the victims, and he admitted it was for sexual pleasure, based on the complaint.