Kim Zolciak SLAMS Accusations of Photoshopping Her Kids

Just last month, Kim Zolciak was accused of photoshopping the butt of her 4-year-old daughter. Yikes.

Now, after new photos have surfaced that appear to show her kids before and after being digitally altered, Kim is blasting the accusations.

Kim calls the accusation “sick,” but even some of her own fans are convinced that she’s doing it.

Kim Zolciak kids photoshop accusation

An Instagram accounts called @wigzncigs is dedicated to exposing Kim Zolciak as an alleged fraud.

And they may have hit the jackpot.

They shared what they say are before and after photos of two of Kim Zolciak’s very young children, Kaia and Kane.

Though the differences are almost imperceptible, it does appear that the photos were modified.

If you can’t see the changes to both Kaia and Kane with the side-by-side images, perhaps seeing the contrast like this will help:

Kim Zolciak kids photoshop kaia and kane gif

“Check out the before & after,” the non-fan page writes.

“Kaia’s waist was taken in and her legs were made thinner,” the caption reads. “Kane’s ear was also made smaller.”

It certainly appears that way.

But Kim, who has been accused of doctoring photos of her children in the past, took to social media to express her outrage — and a firm denial.

“People are f–kin SICK!!” Kim exclaims.

She demands in her tweet: “Get the f–k out here!!”

“No post was taken down,” she asserts about the “before” photos.

“And,” Kim continues. “No photo has been nor will ever be edited of my children!”

As for the accusations, Kim writes: “I will no longer stand for this bulls–t!”

This is not Kim’s first time being accused of this.

This Halloween photo of Kaia and Kane brought on accusations that she had digitally manipulated the curve of her daughter’s butt.

Kaia Biermann, for the record, is four years old.

The idea of a mother being so obsessed with appearances that she tries to make her extremely young children look more “perfect” is stomach-turning.

Is this really what’s happening?

Even some of Kim Zolciak’s own alleged fans seem to think so.

“I’d love to believe you,” tweeted one person. “But I’ve seen a video of your IG pic/story, and it’s CLEARLY photoshopped-there are before and after shots. Sad, really.”

Others were less gentle, tweeting: “The photo was 100% photoshopped lol.”

Kim had defenders who sided with her, but her critics encouraged them to look at what they say is evidence of digital manipulation.

“Obviously you people haven’t seen the before and after,” a tweeter wrote to Kim’s defenders. “You can preach happiness and acceptance and joy…but damn girl, actions speak louder than words!”

Other fans spoke openly of their hope that her husband, Kroy, will step in and stop her from tweaking any more photos.

As we mentioned, @wigzncigs is serious about taking down Kim Zolciak.

Their Instagram bio reads: “Exposing Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her family for the liars & frauds they are! Ask, Believe, Deceive.”

The bio also links to, of all things, a change.org petition.

The petition aims to implore Andy Cohen to cancel Don’t Be Tardy, on the grounds that they don’t like Kim Zolciak and think she’s fake.

Our first thought was that someone has way too much time on their hands.

Our second thought was to half-jokingly wonder if NeNe Leakes is somehow behind this.

(She’s not, but it would be so funny if she were using her massive paycheck to bankroll people to roast Kim)

But on a more serious note, if this “evidence” is somehow being faked or simply a misunderstanding, we hope that Kim can clear it up.

If Kim really is rounding out the butt and shrinking the ears of her very young children, though, that is … super f–ked up.

It’s one thing to have body image issues with yourself. It’s another thing altogether to project that onto your own babies.


Kim Zolciak: HUGE Don’t Be Tardy Pay Raise Revealed!

When we went through the list of what The Real Housewives of Atlanta get paid, we mentioned that Kim Zolciak is busy doing her own thing.

Housewives salaries are notoriously hefty, but Kim is making more than most of them for Don’t Be Tardy.

And she just got a major raise. Take a look:

“Kim is now making $ 125,000 per episode,” an insider reveals to RadarOnline.

That is … a lot of money to make at all, let alone for a single episode.

(Though we will acknowledge that it can take days, and dozens of hours of filming, to produce even one episode of a reality show, just as with scripted television)

There are reportedly 12 episodes, but don’t worry, we won’t make you do math.

The source continues: “which comes out to $ 1.5 million for the season.”

The report continues, saying that Kim isn’t the only one who’s making bank.

“And Brielle got a raise too,” the insider announces.

The source says that: “Now she’s making $ 16,000 an episode.”

Again, neither we nor this inside source are going to make you ask your phone to do this math.

All told, Brielle will be “pulling in $ 192,000 for this season.”

Earlier this year, some feared that this season might never be completed.

Kim and Brielle were accused of racism, and that did not go over well at all. They even stopped filming in protest.

But that protest may have been a ploy to increase their salary … and it worked.

“Kim and Brielle negotiated more money,” the insider explains.

Filming resumed, the source adds, “and they got a raise.”

Kim and Brielle aren’t the only ones who are getting paid more.

“While Kroy was playing football, he didn’t want or need to be paid much by the show,” the insider prefaces.

“After he was out of the NFL,” the source continues. “He renegotiated his deal to become an executive producer.”

“And,” the insider shares. “He got the same deal for Kim.”

Well, good for both of them!

“That way,” the source explains. “They can get more money from Bravo and the production company.”

That is good thinking.

Fame can be glamorous. The idea of being a reality star can be extremely appealing to some people on its own merits.

But, at the end of the day, like most jobs — like almost every job — being a reality star is about getting paid.

Kim Zolciak is a big name reality star. She’s raking in money to match.

Though she’s still not making as much as NeNe Leakes.

In her personal life, Kim recently got a breast reduction to reduce her mega-boobs to a more normal-sized large boobs.

Kim turned 40 last spring, and she was really feeling the weight — literally — of her breasts, and decided that they weren’t worth back problems.

That is her choice because it is her body. Also, all boobs are awesome.

We can’t imagine that a simple boob job is going to tank her career.


Kroy Biermann to Kim Zolciak: I’m Gonna Miss Those Big, Floppy Titties!

Months after polling fans on their opinion, Kim Zolciak got a breast reduction.

She’s currently recovering, but has already declared herself part of the esteemed office of the “itty bitty titty committee.”

Now, she’s opening up about her recovery — and her husband Kroy is sharing what he thinks of her new, small boobs.

Speaking on her podcast, House of Kim, Kim Zolciak reiturates why she got her breasts reduced from their previously massive size.

“It’s like you know what, I’m 40, I’m tired,” she explains.

We’re all tired in 2018 no matter our age, but she explains that her boobs were literally weighing her down.

“My back,” she says. “Is a little sore” from carrying the extra burden.

But she shares that her plans for a reduction weren’t universally popular, because “Kroy the whole time has not been that happy about it.”

Kim Zolciak Breast Reduction Recovery Photo

Her husband Kroy Biermann also speaks on the podcast.

“I’m not against it,” he clarifies.

Obviously any person is more than their body, and anyone who is fixated on one physical trait of their spouse instead of who their spouse is as a person shouldn’t be married.

That said … sexual attraction is a huge part of many, though not all, relationships. It’s not surprising for Kim’s husband to have his own thoughts about her boobs.

Kim says that Kroy loved her “big floppy titties” and will miss them. That’s … quite an image. Good or bad, we suppose, depending upon your personal tastes.

Kroy isn’t shy about being head over heels for Kim’s bazongas.

“I loved them,” Kroy admits.

That said, he’s not in a huff about her surgery or feeling disenchanted with Kim because she’s no longer smuggling a pair of fleshy watermelons wherever they go.

“And,” Kroy shares. “I’m sure I’m gonna love these too.”

We do not doubt that he will. Boobs are great, generally speaking. Size is only one facet of their qualities.

Kim explains some hard truths about how boobs change with time.

“I felt like as I kind of got older, my boobs went from being down under my throat to being by my belly button,” Kim admits.

Throat is an odd term. maybe she means her chest or sternum? When she says “throat,” we’re getting a very upsetting image that resembles Mitch McConnell.

“So now,” she says, she’s had the surgery and “they’re back up at my throat.”

“I’m good,” Kim reveals. “And they are so cute girl, and so perky!”

Kim shares that she’s had some recovery time, but not nearly as much as someone might expect.

“I was only on the [pain] meds for three days,” she reveals.

“Then,” Kim continues. “I was on Advil for two days and I haven’t taken anything for a day and a half,”

It sounds like she’s having a very easy recovery! Good for her.

We hope that she — and Kroy — get a lot of enjoyment out of her brand new D-cups.

Though, for the record, in no universe is a D-cup “itty” or “bitty.”


Kim Zolciak: Photoshopping Her Four-Year-Old Daughter’s BUTT?!

It feels pretty safe to say that Kim Zolciak cares about her appearance.

And that’s fine, if that’s what you’re into.

She’s typically in a full face of makeup with her hair done, and we all know she’s very, very serious about her lip injections.

She also had a breast reduction recently — but remember, she’s always insisted she’s never gotten any plastic surgery on her face.

(Sure, Kim Zolciak of 2018 barely resembles Kim Zolciak of 2008, but that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.)

There have even been some more controversial moments that have highlighted the importance she places on appearances — for example, she’s publicly encouraged her oldest daughter, Brielle Biermann, to get lip injections.

And a boob job, too, because why not?

All of her talk about Brielle’s body has been a little uncomfortable, but honestly, it doesn’t even touch this new thing.

Because if you can even believe it, a lot of people think that Kim edited a photo of her four-year-old daughter, Kaia.

Here’s the picture of Kaia with her twin, Kane:

“Have you ever seen a cuter duo?” Kim asked in her caption.

And it’s true, they are pretty cute, but that’s not the only thing people are noticing about the photo.

If you look at Kaia specifically here, you may be able to see some telltale signs of poor Photoshopping.

Or you could just check out another version of the photo that Brielle shared in her Instagram story:

Kaia Biermann unedited photo

If you look back and forth between the two images, you can see that in Kim’s photo, Kaia’s nose is smaller.

But — and this is honestly, truly wild — her butt is bigger.

It just is, guys.

You can even see the background all altered in Kim’s photo where she enlarged her kid’s backside.

And, as you may have guessed, Kim’s Instagram followers were not having this, not one bit.

“You’re genuinely sick to edit your daughter’s body,” one person told her. “You obviously have issues with body image, don’t perpetuate them on your baby girl.”

Someone else pointed out “You can see the bend in the wall from where you were EDITING a photo of your children who are perfect on their own. Your daughter is going to be so messed up in the head because of you.”

So, so many people said that Kim is “disgusting” for this, and many thought the editing was very clear.

One of her followers wrote that she has “serious, deep seated issues,” and another advised that she shouldn’t “edit your insecurities onto children.”

A particularly disturbed Instagram user told Kim that her daughter “is a beautiful little girl just the way she is,” and that “it’s disturbing to see what you altered in this photo vs. the original.”

“What kind of message are you trying to send? It’s very concerning behavior.”

And honestly, it really is.

Because whatever you want to say about Kim, whether you love her or hate her or are perhaps just indifferent to her, it’s obvious that her photo of her children is edited.

Maybe it was some kind of mistake, maybe she was trying to do some different kind of editing and this just happened.

But that’s the thing — this happened.

Whether it was intentional or not, Kim’s four-year-old daughter’s butt got edited to look bigger in this photo.

And that is simply not OK.


Kim Zolciak Shows Off INSANE New Lip Fillers!

OK, so Kim Zolciak loves to mess with her face, right?

You know it, we know it, everybody knows it.

She’s been getting lip fillers for several years now, and even though she looks like a completely different person than she did back in the day, she denies getting any other surgeries on her face.

Your nose just changes its entire shape as you age, apparently.

We don’t know why Kim’s always been so adament with her plastic surgery denials, but at least she’s always been open about pumping up her lips.

And it’s a good thing, because there’s simply no denying whatever it is that’s happening now.

We present Kim’s latest selfie:


The photo also features one of her children, precious little Kaia, and Kim tried to make the whole post about her.

“My heart hurts just thinking about this nugget starting Pre-K next week!!” she wrote in her caption.

She also tagged Kaia’s own Instagram account, because of course this four-year-old has her own account, and wrote “you light up our world!! Big Big Personality and lots of Sass.”

Which is sweet and all, but still … those lips.

Here’s another photo of them, just for good measure:

It’s too much, isn’t it?

Way, way too much.

And Kim’s followers agreed.

Many of them tried to be sweet about it, telling her things like “Kim you’re such a gorgeous woman you don’t need the lip fillers!!”

Others started off sweet before taking a turn, like the person that wrote “Kim, You are beautiful. But your top lip is not even looking human anymore.”

“Kim!!!! I love you!!” another person commented. “For the love of GAWD, quit with the mouth!!!!!!”

But some people just got straight to the point.

“It’s a caricature at this point,” one of those people said, and another asked “OMG! What have you done to your face.”

Now you look like you could belong on the E! show ‘Botched,'” someone pointed out. “You are overdoing it sis!”

For some extra real talk, one of Kim’s followers said “My lip hurts just looking at it. She’s so pretty she is, it looks like it’s about to burst.”

And it really does, doesn’t it?

One person commented on her lips in relation to her parenting, writing “You are deforming your face and what message does that send to your daughters.”

And one even called out her doctor, saying that he “should be ashamed” of himself for doing this to her.

But before you start to feel too bad for Kim over all this, don’t.

She’s been checking the comments and her feelings aren’t hurt!

When someone told her that she didn’t need that much filler in her lips, she replied “I love them for now.”

And when someone else said that looking like Kim does in these photos would be her “nightmare,” Kim responded with “don’t worry sweetie you don’t stand a chance to be as beautiful as me.”

It’s good she still has her confidence, at least!

Look, Kim really is gorgeous, and she always has been. No one’s ever denied that.

Up until now, she’s even worked the lip fillers, though they may have been a tad too much for some people’s tastes.

But this look she has going on now?

It’s just … it’s not good. It really, truly is not.


Kim Zolciak Wants You to Vote on Her Next Boob Job: How Big Should They Be?

Georgia MILF Kim Zolciak is now 40, but she hasn’t lost her edge. And by edge, we mean her figure.

However, the reality star has grown dissatisfied with her breasts and, worried that they’re too big, has decided that it’s time for a change.

She’s undecided about how big her boobs should be — and is asking fans for advice.

“I obviously have implants,” Kim shared on her podcast, House of Kim.

“I have the largest implants they actually make,” Kim says.

That’s kind of a boasty thing to say, but some could read it as a self-own.

Kim has massive implants, she says, “but it doesn’t look that big on my body because of just the way I’m built.”

“But,” Kim announces. “I’m thinking about actually getting my boobs reduced.”

Kim Zolciak Boob job poll

“I already called Dr. Hochstein,” Kim continues. “Who did my boobs and tummy a few years ago.”

“He did my hernia repair and my tummy tuck,” Kim says, explaining: “After that, you might as well!”

By that, she means that her tummy tuck is “excused” (not that it needs one) because she was already getting surgery in that area.

Kim reveals: “And I said, ‘You know, I feel like I should get my boobs reduced.”

“They’re heavy,” Kim complains. “My posture is terrible, I’m getting older.'”

Boobs, whether amplified with implants or not, can be heavy (and way too hot) and be much more of a burden than a lot of admirers like to imagine.

“I’m thinking like a C, a full C,” Kim says. “I have to have all my clothes altered.”

“I have to buy a size 6 in everything when I could wear a size 2 in tops,” Kim grumbles. “Because of my boobs and then have everything altered.”

A lot of people could buy clothes of a different size if just one little thing — from shoulders to torso length to, yes, boob size — were a little less.

“So it’d be nice,” Kim says. “To just be able to wear something.”

But Kim wants to be absolutely clear that her desire for a reduction is not because her boobs are sagging.

“They’re perky because I had a lift,” Kim clarifies.

It’s the weight on her, not the toll exacted by gravity, Kim says, “so it’s not really that.”

It’s a matter of constant discomfort, Kim explains, saying: “It’s just the weight of them.”

The fact that she asked for the opinions of fans is hilarious.

There are plenty of people on the internet — most of them trolls — who love to tell women exactly what they should do with their bodies.

We can only imagine that they grew bored when she asked them if she should get a full C cup or DD sized implants next.

As you can imagine, purists who think that she shouldn’t have implants at all and size kings who think that there’s no such thing as a boob too large had plenty to say.

Ultimately, this is Kim’s decision. Not a choice on the part of her fans, her doctor, or her husband.

She should go with whichever boob size she’ll like the most.


Kim Zolciak Turns 40, Wants You to Know She’s Still a MILF

Marlon Wayans is going to eat his hurtful White Chicks joke.

Kim Zolciak, reality star and mother of six, turned 40 years old over the weekend. That is a major milestone.

But in case anyone has any doubts about her enduring hotness, she and Kroy snapped some bikini selfies that should put your fears at ease.

Saturday, May 19, was Kim Zolciak’s birthday, and she shared her celebrations with a post to Instagram.

“It’s my 40th Birthday.”

She follows that line with a pink cake emoji and a red heart emoji.

“Last night was a dream. I am so grateful, blessed and humbled.”

Friends and family turned out to see the Don’t Be Tardy star turn “over the hill” as she ushers in a major life milestone.

“There are no words to truly describe how loved I felt and feel.”

But she’ll try anyway.

“Thank you to everyone that came I truly appreciate you,”

Naturally, though we’re sure that she sent plenty of private, direct thank-yous, she wants to show her appreciation in a public manner.

“I love you all from the core of my being.”

Awwww! That’s sweet.

“A huge thank you to my INCREDIBLE husband who put his heart and soul into making everything perfect for me.”

Kroy Biermann sure knows how to treat a lady.

“I love you @kroybiermann to the moon and back a gazillion trillion times always!”

She shareda  series of photos from her oceanic adventures with Kroy, captioning them:

“Walking on Sunshine”

Kroy wrote his own tribute to Kim, just recently, honoring her for Mother’s Day.

“This woman right here!!! Where do I even start!?”

He did, in fact, figure out where to begin.

“I am so proud that she is the mother of our children and my wife!!”

Please hold your Borat impressions until the end.

“Every single day she wakes up and gives her ALL to us as a mother, wife, caregiver, and provider.”

He credits her to the amazing successes and amazing little people that their six children are.

“Our children are filled with confidence, compassion, happiness, joy, and LOVE because of you @kimzolciakbiermann.”

He talks about why honoring her on Mother’s Day is so important.

“We celebrate you today and all you have accomplished in your time.”

She has six kids, so there’s a lot to honor.

“You have built incredible things and have touched so many lives in amazing ways.”

He even credits her with making him a better person.

“We are all better people because of you!! I love you so much!!”

This is so touching.


Kim and Kroy are one hot couple, and this set of steamy beach selfies show that Kim turning 40 really has not changed that.

Perhaps part of that is that the two of them cut out some unneeded stress, as Kim is not returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Allegedly.

Whatever the source of enduring hotness, fans clearly appreciated the photoset.

Though one fan did sort of complain by commenting with a request, writing: “Show kroy in that speedo.”

Social media is a wonder.

Happy birthday, Kim!