Teen Mom 2: 19 Things You Don’t Know About The Moms!

Let's be real: Teen Mom 2 is one of the best reality shows ever.

It's got endless drama. It's got love, heartbreak, drugs, crime, and so much pregnancy — what's not to love?!

But while we've been following the lives of Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and Jenelle Evans for several years now, there are still plenty of things we don't know about them.

So why not take this opportunity to sit back, relax, and learn all we can about our favorite teen mothers?

1. Chelsea Hates Her 16 and Pregnant Appearance

Chelsea hates her 16 and pregnant appearance
“My eyebrows were like, nonexistant,” she explains, “and my tan was very orange.”

2. Kailyn and Jenelle Used to Be Besties

Kailyn and jenelle used to be besties
Kailyn says that when the show first began, the girls paired off: Chelsea and Leah were really close, and so were she and Jenelle.

3. Jenelle Has Ties to Jenna Jameson

Jenelle opens up
Jenelle once bonded with famed porn star Jenna Jameson on Twitter over the awfulness of cheating partners.

4. Everybody Loves Isaac!

Isaac rivera pic
When asked which Teen Mom 2 kid they’d trade for theirs for a day, both Chelsea and Leah said they’d want Isaac, because he’s so sweet. Agreed!

5. Chelsea is Basically Snooki 2.0

Chelsea houska looking great
When asked which celebrity would play Chelsea in a movie, every other Teen Mom agreed that Snooki would be the obvious choice. It’s the hair!

6. When in a Bathroom, They Want to Be Left Alone

Teen mom 2 cast
All four moms have horror stories of fans accosting them in public bathrooms. Don’t do it, friends. There’s poop in there.

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