Teen Mom OG: Look Who’s Joining the Cast Now!

That's it, reality TV.

We give up. You win.

Every time we think this genre of entertainment cannot get any more absurd or far-fetched, we fire up the Internet or turn on the small screen and we're proven wrong.

We figured we'd never be shocked again after Bristol Palin was hired to come on board as full-time Teen Mom OG cast member next season.

But now comes word that someone from who past will also appear on upcoming episodes.

Scroll down to see who we mean and prepare for your jaw to hit the floor in 3… 2… 1…

1. Yes, Bristol Palin Really is Joining the Show

Bristol palin looks crazy
This announcement, which we still cannot get over, was made in mid-July, taking all fans by total and complete shock.

2. Is Bristol a Teen Mom?

Bristol and 3 kids
No, but she was easily the most famous pregnant teenager in the country back when her mother ran for Vice President in 2008 and America learned that Palin, at 17 years old, was expecting a child.

3. What About Now?

Bristol palin legs
Palin has three kids: a son named Tripp and two daughters, Sailor and Atlee. She is divorced from the father of her second two children, Dakota Meyer.

4. Who is the Father of Her Firstborn?

Bristol palin and levi johnston
Levi Johnston, to whom Bristol was briefly engaged back during the 2008 Presidential campaign and someone who was rather prominent on the national scene at the time.

5. It’s True!

Levi johnston at rnc
This goes back a decade, so we understand if some readers may not have been following the news closely back then. But, look, here he is ON STAGE at the Republican National Convention.

6. And Here He Is Shaking Hands with Presidential Candidate John McCain

Levi johnstonmccain
It was as surreal as it sounds, partly because we cannot fathom how parts of the country would have responded if one of Barack Obama’s daughters was pregnant out of wedlock at the time and her teenage son was making all of these appearances.

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